Trend Betting Review

Trend Betting is a new horse racing tipster service from the Terry Jones arm of the Betfan group with selections coming courtesy of Terry Jones. It has posted some very high profits in a very short space of time.

What does the product offer?

More recent releases from the Betfan group have been a little more dialled back in terms of the claims and headlines, as have their products and services. Whilst I will look at Trend Betting as a whole over the course of this review, I can say that the headlines are a spectacular return to form. “Suck in the winnings like a cyclone on steroids” Terry Jones confidently proclaim about Trend Betting. This is immediately followed up by what are quite clearly very select winners from the service.

The sales material definitely keeps this highly baroque style of marketing with a number of flourishes all of which seem just beyond the realm of realism. Of course being a Betfan product I am quite certain that within a very specific context the results and claims are correct, however this doesn’t necessarily translate well to a wider picture. With this in mind, is Trend Betting actually  a service worth following or is it shaping up to be yet another name on the floor of the Betfan group?

In terms of what you can expect upon signing up for Trend Betting, it is a pretty typical experience. Selections are issued on a near daily basis to subscribers and are sent out via email as well as being uploaded to a member’s area on the Terry Jones website. Terry Jones talks about how weather is a factor in his opinion and as such, he is more reticent when there is a forecast for unusual weather. I find the fact that this kind of thing is discussed quite reassuring as it goes some way to demonstrating that Trend Betting is a service which is operated by somebody who understands the sport of horse racing well.

In terms of the bets, Trend Betting is actually a very straightforward affair. Almost all selections are advised as each way bets with Terry Jones going into considerable detail about his reasoning for this (something I will get to a little later on). What you might not be prepared for however is the variety in terms of volume of bets. Terry Jones say that there will be an average of 3-5 tips per day although in theory there could be as many as 10.

According to the proofing, the staking plan for Trend Betting has been the historic Betfan approach of staking 5 points on each bet. Since the start of February however, Terry Jones appears to be much more varied. Whilst there are still 5 point bets, they tend to stand out amongst the much more common 2 point and 3 point stakes. This is probably for the best overall with Trend Betting.

In terms of the strike rate, Terry Jones talks about that the fact that service is reliant on this being high to keep people interested. Whilst the sales material from Terry Jones often refers to a strike rate of 30.56%, at the time of writing, this number is only slightly lower at 29.26%. Frankly, given the odds that are involved with Trend Betting, this is a very strong result.

How does the product work?

At the centre of everything with Trend Betting is value. This is a term that I have almost grown to hate for a number of reasons. Key amongst them is that value seems to be a catch all term for any tipster who seems to like backing longer odds. This is very rarely backed up with anything tangible which suggests that there is an actual system or process behind the service. Unfortunately, Trend Betting does also fall into that trap to a degree.

Truthfully though, I also think that in talking about his history with horse racing, as well as bringing up how things like the weather impact racing Terry Jones does demonstrate knowledge. This is a big step in the right direction and whilst I will almost always want more information to be provided, I accept that in some cases this simply isn’t going to happen. The fact of the matter is this, Terry Jones has demonstrated to me that he isn’t simply choosing long odds and waiting for them to come in.

What is the initial investment?

There are just two options if you want to subscribe to Trend Betting. Terry Jones are offering a monthly subscription (which is actually offered every 28 days) and a quarterly subscription. These are priced at £40 and £80 respectively meaning clear value in subscribing for longer (as well as only being £26.67 per month instead of £40, you will only effectively pay this 12 times rather than 13). It is interesting to note that Terry Jones say that these prices are only available for limited numbers and that the costs of Trend Betting will rise once the first 100 members have signed up.

As is typical for products from within the Betfan group, there is no real money back guarantee in place for Trend Betting. They say that they will review refund requests however these are not typically provided.

What is the rate of return?

I mentioned way back at the start of this article that Trend Betting has made a lot of money in a relatively short space of time. That is clearly the appeal here and with a profit showing of 603.4 points since pretty much start of September, the results are clearly strong. What is interesting to measure however is how Trend Betting would have performed without the typical Betfan staking plan in place. Going to the end of January, Trend Betting had made 143.99 points to 1 point stakes. Compare this with the 630.76 that was earned to advised stakes and there is a massive gulf. In both cases however, the ROI stands at around 25% which is a better measure of the results in this case.


Value is far from a dirty word when it comes to betting however I always find myself being slightly wary of services that rely on it too heavily. To date, I don’t believe that Trend Betting has only encountered one particularly rough period however this took place over a 7 day period which saw 31 losses. There were also 4 wins including one which went a long way to minimising the impact, but Trend Betting still lost over 100 points to advised stakes. Coming off the back of overall results, this isn’t bad, but it has to be viewed for what it is.

I also feel that it is important whilst we have touched upon the stakes that the results that Terry Jones have chosen to use are, at least in my opinion, inflated for purposes of marketing. This is a shame really as simple 1 point stakes would have shown a profit of about 28.8 points per month. This is still a solid result and is much more attainable. I don’t know about you, but I would be happy at even £5 per point and making an extra £100 per month after monthly subs.

With that out of the way, I want to try and focus on some of the positives about Trend Betting because I do believe that they are there. The first thing is the pricing. Now Trend Betting isn’t cheap, but if you are willing to invest on a quarterly basis there is strong potential for value to be had from this service. If you are paying monthly, I am less convinced, although as touched on, you should still be able to comfortably cover costs.

It is also clear to me that Terry Jones has a good idea what he is talking about. There are a lot of tipsters out there who will hide behind a lot of bluff talk and veiled hints about how impressive their knowledge is. In some of the finer details given about himself, the tipster shows this without having to really tell us. This is a very strong positive and gives me some hope for the future.

Coming back to the results, I do have to highlight my biggest concern. A lot of the profit for Trend Betting was generated in the first month. In fact, between the 31st of August and the 6th of October, Trend Betting had generated 540 points of profit. Since then it lost out in the week I have already mentioned and has then spent 4 and a half months making 156.34 points of profit with peaks of 734 points. This means that Trend Betting has not just reached something of a plateau, there is a slight downward trend if anything.

So is Trend Betting worth a look? If you are willing to have a lot of patience, possibly. This is by no means a clear winner and there is a large degree of risk involved. This brings me back to my problem with value based products. When the wins come, they can be huge. Trend Betting made 540 points in just over a month. Since then, effectively, it has made about 60 points. If you can bank roll Trend Betting till the next big winning streak and you have the patience, it is worth considering. For most punters though I just think there is too much risk involved.

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