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Trend Is Your Friend Review

Trend Is Your Friend is the latest offering from Betfan. It is a horse racing tipster service that offers a mixture of different types of bets.

What does the product offer?

Trend Is Your Friend is a horse racing tipster service provided by an unnamed tipster through under the Betfan umbrella. Tips are sent out daily and will be for either back, place or each way bets. Trend Is Your Friend has so far produced an average strike rate of 27.13%. Staking for Trend Is Your Friend is advised by the tipster with stakes varying from 1 point to as high as 10 points which means that a large betting bank will be needed.

How does the product work?

According to Betfan the tipster behind Trend Is Your Friend uses a number of micro systems that are constantly under review. The systems are presumably based around statistical and form analysis although this is somewhat speculative. Betfan say that the Trend Is Your Friend tipster believes some of his micro systems to be particularly innovative although no further information is provided.

What is the initial investment?

At the time of writing Trend Is Your Friend is available on a free 28 day trial although this service will be going live as a paid service at the end. If you have signed up for the free trial you can expect to get a discounted rate when Trend Is Your Friend goes live.

What is the rate of return?

Trend Is Your Friend has produced 150.79 points of profit in just 80 days with May generating 106.68 of those.


Betfan recommend paper trading this over the trial period and I can see why. Trend Is Your Friend seems to be something of a risky proposition with a low strike rate and 10 points stakes. This can see large chunks taken out of your bank very quickly. If you look at the month by month breakdown as well March and April were both rather up and down, it is only really in this month that Trend Is Your Friend has found its feet.

With a free trial in place it is definitely worth following, if only to paper trade but I would remain cautious before investing big money at this point.



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From: Simon Roberts