Trends Expert Review

Trends Expert is a new product to market which is operated by one David Leslie. He claims that the service claims to have produced some very strong results since January 2018.

Introduction to Trends Expert

There are a lot of services on the market that make a lot of claims about their results. When somebody says that they were able to find winners (that’s right, plural!) of up to 100/1 with “many very high priced places (at up to 100/1)”, it is hard to not sit up and pay a little bit of attention.

trends-expert-reviewWith David Leslie referring to the service as “backing in carefully selected races with 10 years of data, for punters who mean business”, it is even harder to ignore. It is clear to me that Trends Expert is very much being portrayed as a very legitimate service here and God knows, there aren’t enough of those on the market at the moment.

In my experience with these products though, anybody can portray almost anything as exactly what they want. With that in mind, do I think that Trends Expert is genuine? Can David Leslie deliver? Let’s have a look at the service and see how it comes out.

What Does Trends Expert Offer?

As a service, Trends Expert is quite unlike most things that I have looked at before now and as such, I am quite excited. First of all, because of how the service works (a topic I want to come to), David Leslie does not issue selections on a daily basis. Nor even a weekly one in many respects. Around 10-12 times per month, you can expect to receive advice on what to bet on for certain races.

These usually cover races on Saturday however Trends Expert also tips other major races which aren’t ran on a Saturday. When selections are made available, they are sent directly to Trends Expert subscribers, usually the evening before racing.

In terms of the bets themselves, Trends Expert is seemingly straight forward in so much as you will be backing horses on a win or each way basis. You will however be backing multiple horses in a single race if you follow David Leslie’s advice.

Typically speaking, liability is limited here however it is important to keep in mind that with some of the bigger events will involve you backing 10 horses in one race. The odds that you back horses at with Trends Expert are all typically much longer odds, something that is critical to the success of the service.

There is a staking plan in place or Trends Expert however it is somewhat unique. From what I have seen, you are advised on how much to bet on a given race by David Leslie when you receive your selections.

What is important to note here is that there doesn’t appear to be to much in the way of a plan that I can discern. Whilst I don’t see this as being make and break for Trends Expert, it is important to keep in mind that a betting bank of just 50 points is recommended. Under the right (or perhaps wrong?) circumstances, this can quickly be ate into.

Finally I want to talk about the strike rate for Trends Expert. David Leslie says that the strike rate for the service stands at around 50% and in the right light, I can see how that is true. This claim certainly fits in with what the proofing shows. It is worth keeping in mind however that because you are backing multiple horses per race, your effective number of losses will always be quite significant.

How Does Trends Expert Work?

There are two main factors in terms of “how” Trends Expert works. The first of these is David Leslie’s strategy behind the service. This essentially involves backing multiple horses with longer odds with a view to just one of them coming in. That way, the winnings from that one horse, more than cover the outlay of your losing bets.

There is a very good example of the service in action on the website for Trends Expert that demonstrates this principle. Those who note a similarity to Dutching are not wrong, and in fact, David Leslie provides a guide to doing this with his selections.

In terms of the selection process itself, there is some information provided, although I would have liked to have seen more in this regard. In the sales material for Trends Expert, it is said that David Leslie usually takes 4-5 hours looking at each race.

During this time he “takes into account 20 to 30 different criteria and hundreds, sometimes thousands of pieces of data”. This is all impressive sounding. We are also told that David Leslie has analysed 10 years looking at the trends of each race.

What is the Initial Investment?

There ae two options if you want to subscribe to Trends Expert. The first of these is a monthly subscription which is priced at £29.99 per month. Alternatively, there is better value to be had by signing up to Trends Expert for a full year at a cost of £249.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be any form of money back guarantee in place for Trends Expert. There is nothing stated and whilst payment is ultimately processed via Paypal, I wouldn’t anticipate getting your money back here.

What is the Rate of Return?

Since January 2018, David Leslie says that Trends Expert has produced an overall profit of £7,840. This is a very strong number however there are a few points that I want to make here. First of all, that number is to £20 stakes.

Here is what the website claims:

trends-expert-profitsThat means that if we want to convert it into a points profit, you are looking at 342 points which is still a pretty immense number. The other thing that I want to talk about is in the proofing for Trends Expert which are two anomalous results. I am not saying that they were entirely flukes, but it is important to keep in mind that almost 300 of these points are of just two bets.

Conclusion on Trends Expert

There are a number of different things to consider with Trends Expert, and in some ways, I find it hard to know where to begin. Do I think that this is a bad product? The short answer to that is no.

But whilst I don’t necessarily think that Trends Expert isn’t bad (the fact of the matter is that the profits are more than sufficient that it is difficult to be overly dismissive in this regard), I do however feel that there is perhaps more risk involved here than David Leslie suggests in the sales material.

First of all, I want to address the risk that I mentioned. There are a lot of different ways that risk can be measured and one of them that I consider is how much of your betting bank is exposed, and to a lesser degree, how quickly it is exposed.

In the case of Trends Expert, by and large this isn’t too great, but every now and then, David Leslie recommends higher staking in one bet. A few of these losing on the bounce and your betting bank can be gone in no time. For example, August saw losses of 10 points, 16 points, 11.25 points and another 10 points.

Not quite your entire bank admittedly, but that is a large loss to absorb and recover from.

I am going to make a broad and sweeping generalised statement now that will really feel like a cop out, but when Trends Expert works, it works very well. The strategy is a pretty sound one and big wins are quite evident and even, dare I say, relatively consistent. One of the reasons I am so keen to hammer home the risk element here is that David Leslie makes very little mention of it.

In fact, to look at the sales material for Trends Expert, you would think that you were on to a dead cert.

This only really leaves one question in my book and that is whether or not Trends Expert represents value for money. I am very conflicted about this as ultimately, there is no denying the fact that Trends Expert has produced a profit. It also isn’t that badly priced at £30 per month.

Ultimately, I think that this is a service that is worth considering. I also believe that it is very much a niche product and won’t serve everybody well. For those who have perhaps been looking for something like this, then I think that you can do much worse.

For everyone else, particularly those that are looking for something less eclectic, you should probably look elsewhere.

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From: Simon Roberts