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Trendsignal Review Forex Training

Trendsignal is a Forex trading training programme from Jerry Miller with additional work carried out by Adrian Buthee. It claims to be able to generate significant income through trading.

What does Trendsignal offer?

Trendsignal is advertised as a complete trading package in which Jerry Miller and Adrian Buthee will show you everything that you need to know to trade successfully. This includes, amongst other things, a complete training course including seminars and one on one training, a tailored mentoring plan, various workshops and live and interactive support. Trendsignal also comes with various proprietary indicators and stop loss plans to help you to minimise your losses whilst maximising profits. Throughout the training, Jerry Miller and Adrian Buthee say that Trendsignal will show users various trading strategies, money management techniques as well as the psychology required to be a successful trader. Trendsignal is designed with both beginners and experienced traders in mind and so is sold as being “for anyone”.

How does Trendsignal work?

Jerry Miller and Adrian Buthee say that between them they have a considerable amount of experience in trading (approaching 50 years) and this is key to the training that they offer. In terms of using Trendsignal, the training that you receive will show you everything that you need to know about how to trade whilst the indicators will tell you when to trade. On top of this, you will also receive a personalised trading plan courtesy of Trendsignal. This means that everybody will ultimately trade a little differently.

What is the initial investment?

There is no pricing listed on the Trendsignal website (you have to apply to be contacted by a representative first) however I have carried out some research and it seems that the cost for Trendsignal is £3,600 however this information is a few years old so it is conceivable that the price has gone up. Fortunately, any purchase of Trendsignal does come with a 14 day money back guarantee however you must have followed the instructions and made at least 5 trades.

What is the rate of return?

Jerry Miller and Adrian Buthee do not make any claims directly and due to the nature of Trendsignal, the results will vary from person to person however there are various testimonials that do discuss their income. These range from over 500 pips in a few months to 1443 pips in 6 weeks to an astonishing 2,800 pips in one month.

Conclusion on Trendsignal

As a product, Trendsignal is fundamentally sound however I am not entirely convinced by the claimed profits, none of which have any evidence and frankly seem to be very much in the minority when compared to what most traders earn. There is also the cost aspect of Trendsignal. Whilst there is no current price available, it stands to reason that the cost is unlikely to have fallen. This makes Trendsignal a question of value for money.

Even assuming a £3,600 figure, I am not entirely sure that it is. As I say, there is no disparaging the product and the training seems to be of a high standard, but similar raining is available elsewhere for less than 4 figures. Unless the price is significantly cheaper, I personally just don’t see Trendsignal being a decent option.



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Comments (5)

Why would anyone pay £3600 for information that can be got free on the internet?

Fadgewicke Bunkingthorpe- Smythe

Trendsignal, just another, near (defamation removed), company staying just on the legal side of the fence.

To illustrate one of their basic scams just try to unsubscribe from their mailing list ?

A clear indicator of their level of ethics. . .

I honestly don’t think it is a scam, you get software which signals the trades and webinars 2-3 times a week and a helpline too, HOWEVER we have been doing it live since March ( having paper traded for 2 months prior) and we are currently down on our initial pot by nearly £600. We are committed to this project but you need to know it takes quite a bit of learning and it is not as simple as they suggest

I think brokers offer huge bonuses because its easy to lose in the market, it doesn’t cost them anything to offer this extra money on the platform and invariably make it back when the trader loses the rest.

Trendsignal sales team promised a reliable system that can be used for shares, indicies, commodities and FX pairs.

However, system only allows a limited amount of indicies, Commodities and FX pairs.

Recommended open positions required constant monitoring of adjusting stop loss levels to obtain high trade success rate that Trendsignal was advertising.

Trendsignal recommended trades to open with take profit and stop loss levels for passive investors. However, the success of this method is extremely low and is reiterated by the Trendsignal tutors that active management of stop loss levels is crucial for majority of trades to be successful. Hence Trendsignal’s claim of 20 minutes per day is bogus.

Also be aware that the 14 day cooling off period is from date of enrolling and not date of first tutorial.

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From: Simon Roberts