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Triple Filtered Tips is a new to market horse racing tipster service which is being offered through the Betfan stable of tipsters. They claim some very strong and consistent profits.

Introduction to Triple Filtered Tips

When something new comes from the Betfan team, I won’t lie. I instantly find myself asking “what’s the catch?”. Not in so much as they necessarily do anything wrong in terms of management etc. Truth be told, the fact that they are as big as they are is a testament to how they actually run tipster services.

But there is usually something that makes the results perhaps look a little better than they may realistically be. For example, they might shout about making 1,000 points off of one bet (well, technically multiple bets in the form of an acca), only to realise that there is only one win per year. As such, it is always worth delving into these things.

However, with today’s subject, Triple Filtered Tips, a cursory glance at the results seems to show that this is actually the real deal. There is a consistency to the results that is definitely to be commended. But my gut tells me that this isn’t likely to be the full story. So, with that in mind, let’s have a deeper look at Triple Filtered Tips, and see if Betfan can really deliver all that they claim.

What Does Triple Filtered Tips Offer?

In some respects, Triple Filtered Tips is a fairly typical horse racing tipster service. And in many ways, it isn’t. Honestly, there is quite a lot to cover here so I want to start by focusing on the elements that are perhaps more familiar. Realistically, a lot of these come down to the way that Betfan manage all of their tipster services. With that said, a strong logistical base is no bad thing.

So, what exactly do you get? By and large, Triple Filtered Tips is a near daily horse racing tipster service. Typically speaking, this means that just the odd days is missed, however looking at the historic proofing that Betfan provided, this isn’t entirely the case here. In fact, there are relatively frequent periods where there are a good few days between selections.  

With that said, when bets are available, you can expect a very strong service from Betfan. As you would expect, subscribers are notified of the availability of tips directly via email (which is standard for the industry). However, Triple Filtered Tips also comes with its own online member’s area, as well as having the option to receive them through Betfan’s own app (available on iOS and Android).

Now, the bets themselves are a hugely varied affair in terms of volume of bets, bet types, and even the odds that you aim to get. But I want to start by talking about the number of bets you will be expected to place. Some days will produce just one bet, however it is also not uncommon to see as many as seven or eight bets advised through Triple Filtered Tips .Naturally, this can start to add up over a week.

This is all relatively uninteresting (if important) information. But what really jumps out at me when you talk about the bets element of Triple Filtered Tips is the huge variety of bets that you are placing. Of course, there are single bets, but you will also look at a number of different accumulators. These range from simple doubles, to Trixie bets, and even Yankee and Lucky 15 bets.

Naturally, this has a massive impact on a number of things. First of all, there is the odds that you will be betting on. Whilst there are occasional high odds singles, most of Betfan’s proofing for Triple Filtered Tips shows much lower odds. However, those accumulators go a long way to bumping up the results with huge wins when everything comes in.

Another thing that is clearly used to bump up the results is the staking plan for Triple Filtered Tips. You see, whilst some of the bets are advised at just 1 or 2 points per bet, this is very much a minority. In fact, the majority of what you will be staking according to Betfan’s own proofing are 4 and 5 points per bet. On some of the larger accas, this can end up at 11 or 15 points per bet.

When all of this is combined with the somewhat high volume of Triple Filtered Tips, this really does start to add up. Especially if you happen to hit a particularly bad losing streak (something that has happened before). It is worth noting that this is all somewhat offset by the larger wins though, and as I will explore a little later, there is some kind of balance going on here. 

Finally, I want to talk about the strike rate for Triple Filtered Tips, or if I’m honest, the lack thereof. Betfan make no real claims about how often you can expect to win. I have however taken the liberty of carrying out some rough calculations over the last few months and this shows a strike rate of some 29%.

In many respects, this is better than I was expecting, however, I feel that it is quite important to keep in mind that not all of these wins are going to be biggies. In fact, by and large, a lot of Triple Filtered Tips’s strike rate seems to be made up of those smaller wins that you might expect to hit this kind of strike rate anyway

How Does Triple Filtered Tips Work?

So far, I will admit that in many respects, Triple Filtered Tips seems to be shaping up to be a pretty OK tipster service. Is it something that would necessarily suit everybody? That’s a bit of a different question. However, if there is one massive criticism that I would look to level at Betfan for this, it is the lack of information on what the selection process entails.

Don’t get me wrong, the sales material does a great job of making it seem like you are being fed information. Select quotes such as “because the man in the know, is a minefield of red hot information” and “The bookies just can’t beat the skills of a sly old racing enthusiast”, but that doesn’t actually tell you anything that is in anyway useful or pertinent.

This is a problem for me as I genuinely believe that it makes it very hard for punters to make an informed decision about what they are getting themselves into. The fact of the matter is that there have been some very substantial losing streaks historically with Triple Filtered Tips, and whilst they may have ultimately balanced themselves out, it would be a big ask to blindly continue following tips in the face of those losses.

The fact that Betfan do provide comprehensive proofing does somewhat mitigate this situation. You can at least look at the proofing and get some idea of what to expect, but that isn’t quite enough for me with something like Triple Filtered Tips. I don’t want a detailed breakdown here, just enough to know whether or not this service might be for me. 

What is the Initial Investment?

There are four different options that are available when it comes to Triple Filtered Tips, each of which comes with wildly differing outlay and value. First of all, there is a weekly subscription. At £10 (plus VAT) per week, this doesn’t cost a lot but it does become the most expensive option very quickly.

Alternatively, you can sign up to Triple Filtered Tips on a “monthly” subscription. As seems to be the case with all products from Betfan, this isn’t actually monthly and is instead billed every 28 days. This means that you will pay the subscription fee of £30 (plus VAT) thirteen times over the course of the year.

Offering slightly better value is a quarterly subscription which is priced at £84.50 (plus VAT) every 90 days. The best value comes with the longest commitment which is a 6 month subscription. This also has the highest outlay at a cost of £143 (plus VAT).

It is worth noting that as is the case with all products from within the Betfan group, there is no real money back guarantee provided. The team say that they will review refund requests, however, these are not typically given.

What is the Rate of Return?

Since launching September of this year, Triple Filtered Tips has produced an overall profit that stands at 293.13 points at the time of writing. That is a very substantial result for less than 5 months of betting. However, I believe that there are is one important caveat to this result which is the large stakes that are involved. With that said, this isn’t a service that you can easily revise the number down to level stakes. None the less, I do think it would be substantially lower.

Interestingly, Betfan do not provide any ROI for Triple Filtered Tips which given the nature of the service would be a much more accurate reflection of how it has performed. Personally, I find this to be rather telling.

Conclusion for Triple Filtered Tips

In my mind, there are two very different polarising opinions when it comes to Triple Filtered Tips. The first of these is a very simple one. That profit that has been generated is very strong. If the service can continue in the same vein, you are potentially looking at a finish for the year of some 700 points. A number that is undoubtedly significant.

On top of that, I don’t think that this is necessarily prohibitively expensive. Even though Betfan charge it every 28 days, the subscription still works out at a quite reasonable average of £32.50 per month (before VAT). Not a lot of money given that potential profit. As such, if you have money to throw at it, Triple Filtered Tips really does look very attractive.

However, there are a lot of mitigating circumstances that ultimately end up painting this in a negative light for me, and in my opinion, you would be very naïve to overlook them. Honestly, most of this is ultimately based around the staking plan. An area that actually sits in a bit of a grey area for Triple Filtered Tips. First things first, I don’t think it would be financially viable to smaller stakes.

You see, when the accas aren’t winning, those bigger bets ultimately help to sustain the betting bank. At least, most of the time. This also has the ability to go catastrophically wrong. In fact, one losing period for Triple Filtered Tips saw a series of straight losses lose 98 points. That is a massive amount of money and if you were betting to a 100 point bank, you wouldn’t be able to afford to place the next bet.

With that said, this is also problematic in so much as whilst I can appreciate why the stakes are what they are. They do also really inflate the overall profit and loss. Honestly, I can’t see why you would be following this if you couldn’t afford the 4-5 point stakes, but if you weren’t in such a position but wanted to try this anyway, you would be looking at a substantial drop on those profits.

With all of this in mind, I don’t think that I would really look to recommend this. For my money, there is just too much risk here. And that is very much the bottom line when it comes to this.

But things aren’t all bad here. The profit is pretty respectable (if considerably scaled up by the stakes, no matter how necessary they may be). And despite the 4 weekly pricing, this still doesn’t work out at too bad value in many respects, something that I don’t find my self often when it comes products from Betfan.

But overwhelming these small positives is that thing about risk. Risk that alternatives on the market don’t carry. I know I’ve mentioned it already, but when a tipster almost clears out a betting bank in one streak, that just doesn’t bode well for the future. And whilst those stakes may well be necessary, they are just a bit too high for my liking.

The truth is that even if you are willing or able to sink money into Triple Filtered Tips, there are definitely better options that are available for less money.


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