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Triple Profit Winner Review

Triple Profit Winner is a piece of Forex trading software by Karl Dittman that uses 3 different indicators to produce “triple sized profits”.

What does the product offer?

Triple Profit Winner is a Forex trading system that utilises multiple indicators in order to produce trade signals. The creator of the system Karl Dittman says that Triple Profit Winner is capable of forecasting market trends with a great degree of accuracy (an alleged 99%). The system is fully compatible with Meta Trader 4 and because of its alleged simplicity, it is ideal for newbies to Forex trading.

How does the product work?

As touched on before, Triple Profit Winner uses three different indicators to produce these accurate results. The reality though is that Karl Dittman doesn’t really express anything about how Triple Profit Winner works. What can be extrapolated from the information is that Triple Profit Winner uses “multiple highly advanced complex trading strategies” and that it can make use of any time frame and currency pair and that there is no trading knowledge required.

What is the initial investment?

Triple Profit Winner sells for a one off cost of $87. As it is sold through ClickBank there is also a 60 day money back guarantee in place should you be unhappy with the product.

What is the rate of return?

According to Karl Dittman you can expect to generate 200 pips “or even more” each day following the trades that Triple Profit Winner highlights.


I am always wary of Forex trading programs as I believe that Forex trading is one of those things that can’t really be condensed down to a simple profitable pattern and I don’t consider Triple Profit Winner to be any different. What little evidence is provided seems to have been added after the actual trades which obviously doesn’t show a true reflection.

Being completely honest Triple Profit Winner doesn’t seem to offer anything really substantial to the extent where one of the FAQs is about the creator clarifying that this is different to his other products and not the same at all. I am going to consider this a warning sign and recommend steering clear of Triple Profit Winner.



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From: Simon Roberts