Trivu Review

Trivu is a new product from a new vendor, Han Fan that the creators say will allow you to generate viral traffic that will ultimately build your list.

What does the product offer?

I am not often impressed by the concept of something however Trivu is one of those. The big question that remains however, is whether or not the execution can meet this potential. In terms of what you actually get with Trivu, it is a piece of cloud based software that allows you to create your own websites and quiHan Fanes (all of which are “mobile responsive).  

Once you have generated your website and quiz (all of which is hosted via Han Fan), Trivu then connects with Facebook to generate traffic to your new found quiz. Trivu also comes with SEO supposedly built in (although this isn’t explored in any real detail).

As I have come to expect from things like Trivu, the software comes with a huge number of bonus products. This includes a number of different products that have previously marketed by Han Fan and their associates.

None of them really have any bearing on Trivu as a product. There are also even more (again unrelated) bonuses if you opt to sign up for the pro package.

How does the product work?

There are three main things that you get out of Trivu. The first is that you can build your list easily as the software allows you to “lock” a quiz unless somebody provides you with their email address.

The second is the ability to monetise your website/quiz by having ads in between questions. Finally, you can opt to have Trivu redirect users to an affiliate link of your choosing if they choose a certain answer.

What is the initial investment?

The initial offering for Trivu is a 25 site license which is rather limited and comes in at a price of $46.97.

If you choose to upgrade to the pro version of Trivu which comes with a number of additional features as well as an unlimited site license, this figure goes up $67.67. Both options appear to come with a full 30 day money back guarantee.

What is the rate of return?

The sales material for Trivu doesn’t really have much to say in terms of the income potential of the software however there is an example cited of making more than $1,200 – supposedly in just one week.


The concept for Trivu is definitely a strong one and it is clear that there is definitely some potential to the method. The big question mark that hangs over Trivu for me, is whether or not it is the best delivery method for this new idea.

The fact is that the software isn’t terrible however as execution of the core concept, I can’t help but feel that Trivu fals wel short. Using quiHan Fanes is something that I have looked at maybe once or twice before in more than 3 years and I don’t recall either option really nailing it.

Unfortunately, I don’t see Trivu as the piece of software to do this and I certainly don’t at the costs involved.


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From: Simon Roberts