Tube Ads Genie Review

Tube Ads Genie is a WordPress plugin by Eric Nelson, Sean Colman and Jay Vasdewani that allows you to insert your own ads into any YouTube video that you post on YouTube.

What does the product offer?

Tube Ads Genie is a simple WordPress plugin that allows you to place your own banner ads over any YouTube video that you post to your blog/website. According to the creators, Eric Nelson, Sean Colman and Jay Vasdewani, the banners that you choose to display on your YouTube video are fully customisable. The Tube Ads Genie interface is easily handled via a button that brings up a wizard allowing you to set everything up. Eric Nelson, Sean Colman and Jay Vasdewani also say that Tube Ads Genie will work with any YouTube video.

How does the product work?

There isn’t much said about how Tube Ads Genie actually does this, most likely something to do with editing the HTML code for embedding a video. In terms of how it handles what it claims to do, Tube Ads Genie actually appears to work very well although there are some questions that need to be considered that I shall explore later.

What is the initial investment?

Tube Ads Genie is actually very fairly priced at $17 for a single site license and at the moment there is a limited time offer whereby you can get an unlimited site license for $19.95. On top of this Tube Ads Genie comes with a 45 day money back guarantee.

What is the rate of return?

It is difficult to gauge how much you can make using Tube Ads Genie as this is primarily a marketing tool and not necessarily a direct money making product. That having been said I can see this offering a huge chance to boost sales.


Tube Ads Genie is a brilliant product and really seems to work as advertised. This is helped along by a fantastic pricing which ensures that this is genuinely affordable. Unlike other products I have looked at like this the ads are quite well integrated and whilst not quite a genuine Google ad, don’t look out of place.

The concern with Tube Ads Genie is the legality of using this over other peoples videos. Eric Nelson, Sean Colman and Jay Vasdewani use affiliate products as an example and you could probably get away with that, but since this can be used on anything, what is to stop you using other peoples videos to generate traffic to your entirely unrelated product, and where does this leave you?

If you have your own products or operate as an affiliate this is perfect but if you plan on building your traffic around other people’s content I would be sure to look this up before embarking.



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