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Tube Cash Code Review

Tube Cash Code is a program offered by Corey Gates that claims to be able to make users up to $90,815 per day.

What does the product offer?

Tube Cash Code is a piece of software that was allegedly developed by “6 PhDs” based on a system devised by Corey Gates. It utilises YouTube marketing to sell Clickbank products.

How does the product work?

The product supplies step by step training spread over 7 modules. Each module is made up of a series of short videos that provide tuition on how to use Tube Cash Code. The money making aspect is essentially affiliate marketing through Clickbank with you promoting their products and using them to generate sales.

What is the initial investment?

The program is supposedly provided free of charge although research indicates that there are a few upsells. That having been said it is supplied with a 60 day money back guarantee.

What is the rate of return?

The rate of return is advertised at various amounts but the one put forward by Mr. Gates is “up to $90, 815 per day”.


Research on Tube Cash Code has unveiled a product that many claim to love and that works as advertised, but I find this very difficult to buy into. Given how easy it is to knock together a website with “independent” reviews that praise your product whilst lambasting the competition, I am forced to take some these with a small pinch of salt.

The actual sales pitch video lasted way into the half hour mark of very slick production and a series of sob stories. Corey Gates spends most of the video visiting people, sharing his product and turning their lives around instantly. Even when he tells about “discovering” the system he alludes to a secretive gathering of internet gurus. When it reached the point of an alleged voicemail offering to purchase his company for $45,000,000 my disbelief could be suspended no more.

The whole thing was simply too scripted, too Hollywood. Yes, this is a free product and there is absolutely no harm in trying something that is free. In fact, you literally have nothing to lose, but for me this promises so much it extends far beyond the realm of reality. Maybe my cynicism is making me overlook an amazing product but something that seems too good to be true usually is.



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From: Simon Roberts