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Turbo5 Betting System Review

Turbo5 Betting System is a new betting system which comes from the Flaming Torch Betting Systems website. It supposedly allows you to make a substantial profit from Betfair’s Turbo Hi-Lo.

Introduction to the Turbo5 Betting System 

I look at a lot of betting services in my time, however recently, there has been a strong focus on tipster services. There isn’t necessarily anything inherently wrong with this. There are a number of tipster services that can make people a decent second income, but one of the biggest problems lies in the fact that you are tied to the tipsters schedule.

For example, somebody who sends out tips around 11am. Using that example, if you work 9-5, you may miss an opportunity to place those bets. Football betting tends to weigh the volume of bets towards the weekend where you end up staking hundreds of pounds.

Turbo5_Betting_System_ReviewWhat I would love to see is something that I can do in my own time and that is where Turbo5 Betting System has got my attention. Flaming Torch Betting Systems claim that this is a “super-easy system” that “wins easily and REPEATEDLY any time 24/7”.  

What Does Turbo5 Betting System Offer?

So what do you actually get from Turbo5 Betting System? The long and short of it is that it is a betting system for Betfair’s Turbo Hi-Lo.

This isn’t something that I was particularly familiar with before now, but it is something that I will get to. Now “betting system” is a vague description and almost anything can come to be counted under this category, however Flaming Torch Betting Systems are suggesting that Turbo5 Betting System is something that is quite different to most of what is on the market and to some degree, I am inclined to agree, if only because of how niche the service is.

In terms of what you actually get, there are effectively three different elements. The first of these is the actual Turbo5 Betting System user manual. This is really the core of what you are paying Flaming Torch Betting Systems for and honestly, this alone is enough to get started with the betting system.

From what I have seen, everything appears to be pretty well written which I would expect. There is a decent amount of information and everything is well laid out. As a piece of writing, the manual for Turbo5 Betting System is a pretty solid example.

As well as the manual that comes with Turbo5 Betting System, you also get the second key element which are a series of videos that tie in well with the main manual. These run for some 55 minutes and include demonstrations of principles laid out in said manual.

Flaming Torch Betting Systems’s production quality is adequate and whilst the videos can seem a touch dull, this is about par for the course when it comes to products like Turbo5 Betting System. The fact of the matter is that there is no real way to make explaining a betting system seem exciting without being blatantly artificial.

Together, these two things are what you are really paying for with Turbo5 Betting System. That doesn’t however mean that it is the end of the package. Flaming Torch Betting Systems actually provide a number of additional bonus products to complement the main system. These a re a live video which shows bets being placed in real time, two sets of betting charts that complement the system, and finally, an FAQ for Turbo5 Betting System.  

How Does Turbo5 Betting System Work?

In terms of the inner workings of Turbo5 Betting System, I can only say so much. The fact of the matter is that I don’t believe it is reasonable for me to provide the details of Flaming Torch Betting Systems’s system for free when they have overheads to cover. What I can still do is provide some insight into what you can expect.

As we have established, this is a very niche product. It will work exclusively with Betfair Turbo Hi-Lo. This is an interesting betting game on Betfair’s Exchange Games which is a fast paced game that is probably best described as being similar to Play Your Cards Right.

Turbo5 Betting System is based around placing smaller bets before the start of a game. From here, you then bet based off what happens following along with a betting chart. The whole process is relatively simple and you shouldn’t have too much trouble.

One of the bigger issues however can come about from the speed that you have to place bets as Turbo Hi-Lo is a very rapidly paced game (Flaming Torch Betting Systems actively talk about how they had to develop something entirely new in order to identify a winning system).

This does however mean that you can use Turbo5 Betting System multiple times a day, something that is strongly recommended if you wish to generate any real profit.

What is the Initial Investment?

Flaming Torch Betting Systems say that the actual value of Turbo5 Betting System stands at £159.99 which is a massive amount to ask for any betting system. At the time of writing this though, we are told that the service stands at £79.99 which is of course better value, however I do have some doubts about this “real value”. It is worth noting that Flaming Torch Betting Systems are selling Turbo5 Betting System directly through Paypal and there is no money back guarantee in place.  

What is the Rate of Return?

The core idea behind Turbo5 Betting System is that you will make £5 for every session, hence the name (although the actual figure stands at £5.82). Whilst this doesn’t sound like a lot of money Flaming Torch Betting Systems do provide some “proofing” for Turbo5 Betting System which shows three 10 hour sessions in which they employ the methods that the system uses.

This shows an average income per hour of a shade over £8.70. It is important to keep in mind however that this is based off a very small sample size and as such, I wouldn’t consider this to necessarily be reflective of any longer term ability.  

Conclusion on the Turbo5 Betting System 

In principle, I love Turbo5 Betting System. I am a firm believer that there should be much more out there than the usual tipster services. If only because I see a diverse portfolio as the best way to consistent profit.

The idea of having something that you can do yourself, in your own time is a definite winner to me, especially if it talks about guaranteeing profit which Flaming Torch Betting Systems strongly imply is the case with reference to Turbo5 Betting System being “a very LOW RISK system”.

With all of that having been said, I think that you have to be very aware of what any manual selection betting system can deliver (which is ultimately what I see Turbo5 Betting System as). The unfortunate reality is that whilst Flaming Torch Betting Systems have demonstrated a particularly profitable period, I must refer back to the point of this being just 3 days of data.

This just isn’t a particularly substantial amount of evidence that something works. This brings me to my biggest problem with not just Turbo5 Betting System, but a lot of self selection systems.

I don’t think that there is necessarily a lot that you can do wrong with Turbo5 Betting System in theory. The manuals for these services always do a great job of making their process seemed like a nailed down, guaranteed way of making money. The thing about theory is it is very easy to make almost anything sound good on paper, however that doesn’t always transfer into anything that is tangible.

As far as anything related to an online game of chance goes, I don’t actually think that Turbo5 Betting System is the worst option that I have seen. At least Turbo Exchange Hi Lo is a game that is arguably as fair as you can get in so much as the behaviour of the AI is well detailed for you (although this is hardly difficult as there isn’t a lot of nuance involved). What I will say however is that having had the game open and running for a considerable amount of time, there is always an element of luck.

The problem that I have with Turbo5 Betting System is that based off Flaming Torch Betting Systems’s results (which I genuinely believe are a best case scenario), you aren’t really earning that much more than minimum wage. So yes, you could make £50 in a day, but that amounts to some 6 hours of work.

A lot of the reason that people are looking for these kinds of products is because they want a second income. 6 hours a day may as well be a job. Whilst I can appreciate the idea that there is a fixed amount of risk with Turbo5 Betting System etc., I do feel that the bottom line is everything here.

With all of this in mind, I wouldn’t really recommend this service. There are some good quality self selection betting systems out there that ultimately have the potential to make you substantially more than Turbo5 Betting System.

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Comments (1)

Hi Curtis, many thanks for a well written review.

I used to make a lot of money 10 years ago from Betfair Exchange Games but when the profits dried up and I did some research I found more enough circumstantial evidence to confirm that they were rigged and walked away. Since lockdown though I’ve been looking for other options and acquired a different Exchange Hi/Lo system which although was flawed made start investigating them again. I saw the Flaming Torch option and here I am doing some research.

First, in their three 10 hour sessions they provide excel screenshots for they actually busted out all three times! Yes I know they don’t recommend using it that way but where their aim was £5 per session and single losses were sometimes in excess of £40 then it struck me as needing to be an impossibly high strike rate to make any money from it.

Second, though all systems can be quickly and easily back tested using either XFeeder or UltraXTrader no one who sells these things ever show you their results from those pieces of software. If you go on either of those two product sites too then you see how little activity there’s been for the last 7 years or so and therefore how little chance there is that anyone has ever found a long term winning method from Betfair Exchange Games.

Finally look at the the Betfair Exchange Games rewards an loyalty schemes. They have The Showdown, The Grand Prix and The Bull Market and they’re in exactly the same format as from when I was playing regularly 10 years ago. If you follow the leaderboards every now and then over a few months you’ll see it’s exactly the same people winning the top amounts every time. Some might say they’re the ones who have found a way to beat the games but others might say they’re more likely to be Betfair accounts from the team of bot managers they use in Malta.

Anyway, I’ve got UltraXtrader, I bought a 12 month licence for £50 last month and so far it’s been the best £50 I’ve ever spent because I must have tried 40 plus stratagies on it so far and they’ve all failed horribly without me risking a single penny! If you get any more come up give me a shout and I’ll back test it for you!

Many thanks once again


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From: Simon Roberts