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Turf Profits System Review

Turf Profits System is a horse racing betting system provided by Jim Dunn that focuses on identifying bets in flat turf racing.

What does the product offer?

Turf Profits System comes in the form of a downloadable PDF over the course of which Jim Dunn says that he will show you the same selection method that has shown considerable profits over the last two years. As the name hugely implies, Turf Profits System is based around flat turf racing which means that it is limited in so much as there are seasons meaning that this can’t be used year round. The methods that Jim Dunn employs will generate a large number of selections with 843 horses picked out during the 2014 season.

This does lead to rather long losing streaks with Turf Profits System showing multiple examples of 15+ losses on the bounce. This means that you will want a large betting bank in place when you get started. Whilst there is no strike rate offered, Jim Dunn says that his selections have just one losing month in eight. Turf Profits System also comes with an additional option to upgrade to a tipster service should you find that you don’t want to spend time identifying your own selections.

How does the product work?

Without going into detail, Turf Profits System is based around big wins coming in to offset the losses incurred and there is no mistaking that there will be losses. That having been said the average odds for Turf Profits System are according to Jim Dunn a rather substantial 11.26 point win bet to BSP.

What is the initial investment?

At the time of writing Turf Profits System is selling for £7.95 however this is claimed to be a limited time price which runs over the Easter Bank Holiday. This combined with Jim Dunn’s claim that he will only sell Turf Profits System to 100 customers suggests that this might just be a crude marketing ploy however. Either way, Turf Profits System is sold through Clickbank and so it comes with their usual 60 day money back guarantee.

What is the rate of return?

In the 2014 flat season Jim Dunn claims that Turf Profits System made him a profit of 382 points to Betfair SP. In 2013 he paper traded the method that Turf Profits System uses and came up with “similar if not quite as good return”.


There are a number of positives about Turf Profits System such as the profits involved and the odds that you are betting on, however I personally feel that these are hugely overshadowed by a number of negatives such as the losing streaks and the fact that without a huge betting bank, you could very easily lose it. Frankly, I personally see Turf Profits System as something of a risk. There is some merit in the selection process however I am not entirely sold that this will generate quite the same results that Jim Dunn claims to have achieved. With that in mind I’d probably defer Turf Profits System as being a bit of a risk however there is always Clickbank’s money back guarantee.



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From: Simon Roberts