Twin Attack 2 Review Ken Emery

Twin Attack 2 is a relatively new horse racing tipster service which is provided by one Ken Emery. The service is managed through tipster stable Sportsworld Publishing.

Introduction to Twin Attack 2

It isn’t very often that I tend to look at products from Sportsworld Publishing. It isn’t always that they’re necessarily bad, but I find that on the whole, you don’t get a whole lot of, well anything.

There is a brief description of a service, in the case of Twin Attack 2, there is some very limited proofing and, that’s about it unfortunately. In and of itself, I suppose that this isn’t always a problem, but sometimes, it can be.

Sometimes, claims are made that are significant enough to warrant a genuine interest, and that is where some of my questioning comes from.

This is a shame as I am inclined to believe that there is a possibility Ken Emery is onto something here.

The results that Sportsworld Publishing claim are some very strong examples with Twin Attack 2 seemingly earning in a month what some tipsters would earn in a year. So with this in mind, the big question that stands for me is whether or not signing up for Twin Attack 2 is right for you? For my money, there is a not inconsiderable risk here and the numbers don’t necessarily add up entirely. None the less, let’s have a look at what is on offer.  

What Does Twin Attack 2 Offer?

There are a few gaps in information with Sportsworld Publishing so I hope you will forgive me if there is a bit of joined up thinking here. In terms of what you are getting, from what I have seen, Twin Attack 2 is a pretty straight forward affair. Selections are issued to subscribers on a near daily basis.

These are all sent out directly via email, typically arriving with Twin Attack 2 subscribers around 10.30am. It is important to note that Ken Emery recommends placing selections as soon as possible, preferably with best odds guaranteed.

The bets that have been sent out through Twin Attack 2 have all been win bets to date, however you are not simply backing one horse per race. In fact, as I will explore, a big part of the service involves backing multiple horses per race.

Looking at the historic results in the proofing from Sportsworld Publishing, value is very much the name of the game here. One thing that does stand out is the volume of bets that can be advised. The volume of bets can become very high with the proofing for Twin Attack 2 showing one day having 27 horses on a given day.

In terms of the staking plan, it is advised that all bets for Twin Attack 2 are backed to level stakes of 1 point.

This is undoubtedly a sensible option for the service as there are clear and somewhat significant losing streaks. Losses of 10 bets on the bounce are not uncommon and in the long term, this can mean some substantial losing period. Especially if you are following the advice from Ken Emery and Sportsworld Publishing of £100 per point (the number that their profit and loss is based around).

The final thing that I want to talk about with Twin Attack 2 is the strike rate. Now again, I have to base this on the limited proofing that is provided by Ken Emery, but it would suggest that Ken Emery has a strike rate of around the 25% mark. Looking at the odds that are generally advised, this figure is roughly what I would expect from Twin Attack 2, what with the apparent focus on value.

How Does Twin Attack 2 Work?

In terms of details about what is involved with Twin Attack 2, there is very little information made available and that is definitely one of the larger problems with the service. Individually, I can generally overlook a little bit of information being missing here or there, but Ken Emery are missing swathes of this.

That is hugely problematic for a massive number of reasons. First of all, whilst I accept that tipsters don’t by and large want to give away their selection processes, it is something that I generally like to have some insight to. In the case of Twin Attack 2 however, this is very much lacking.

More lacking, and much more important, is the lack of proofing. There are literally a few months of proofing for Twin Attack 2 and that for me simply isn’t good enough. Especially when you consider that this is a tipster service which can very quickly lose money.

The losing streaks and strike rate more than demonstrate this in my opinion. As such, this lack of information ultimately serves to compound the risk taken up if you choose to buy into Twin Attack 2.

What is the Initial Investment?

Ken Emery have just one option for those who are interested in signing up for Twin Attack 2. This is a monthly subscription which is charged at a rather steep £40 per month.

This is slightly more than I would typically look to pay for any tipster service, however for me, it looks particularly bad when you factor in the lack of any information. It probably goes without saying, but I think it still warrants mentioning, Twin Attack 2 comes with no real money back guarantee.

What is the Rate of Return?

Once again, I am tethered by some very small scale results which don’t necessarily allow for a thorough picture of what to expect. Ken Emery claim on their website that between September and November, £30,072 was made through Twin Attack 2, all to £100 stakes.

We are also provided results for the same time period to Betfair SP where the overall profits are claimed to be £20,061, again to £100 stakes. This means potentially, Twin Attack 2 could make as 1,200 points per year, however I would be massively surprised to see it actually come close to this number.  

Conclusion on Twin Attack 2

In theory, I can get behind Twin Attack 2. The ideas of the service aren’t that far removed from Dutching, a well known method of making money through betting. I can really appreciate the notion of this and honestly, it does rather warm me to things straight off the bat. Rather unfortunately, this is about the best thing that I can say about Twin Attack 2, as there a large number of things that really kill the service off for me.

First of all, I want to address what is very clearly the most obvious. The results that Ken Emery have published are for a very narrow window of time, presumably, the few months in which Twin Attack 2 performed best. From a marketing standpoint, this is exactly when you want to push a service and from what I can gather, Sportsworld Publishing were quite involved with this.

This doesn’t however excuse the fact that since then there has been no update on results. Especially because for me, Twin Attack 2 demonstrates that there is a lot of potential for the service to lose a lot of money.

I could be inclined to see Twin Attack 2 as worth a punt if it were cheaper, but for £40 per month, I can tell you here and now that there are better services out there. I say better, that is somewhat subjective, but they will tell you what you can expect.

A basic courtesy that Ken Emery are lacking in my opinion. With this in mind, I don’t think that I’d be inclined to recommend Twin Attack 2.

There may be some potential here, but without any evidence to back this up, you are paying quite a lot for that risk in my opinion.

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