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Two for the Money is a relatively new to market horse racing tipster service which is offered through the Gavin Jones stable with selections coming courtesy of Premium Sports Tipsters. It is supposedly a nice straight forward service which has produced some solid looking results.

Introduction to Two for the Money

As I’m sitting at my desk to write this, I have to acknowledge that we are still very much in the throes of the Coronavirus. This is quite important for context. You see, over the last few weeks, I have seen so many tipster services coming out of the woodwork, all aiming to provide something to bet on whilst sport is cancelled. This has ranged from niche horse racing markets to esports. And frankly, it gets a bit tiresome.

As such, it was quite a nice change of pace to see an email for Two for the Money. A relatively straight forward tipster service which doesn’t appear to be succumbing to the need to provide something. This is a rare event which actually ends up working in Premium Sports Tipsters’ favour, because I can tell you now that I have looked at a lot of crap over the last few months. Mostly because people are putting things out for the sake of it.

So, you may not necessarily want to look at Two for the Money for right now. I’ll be blunt and say that with no horse racing to go on, there won’t be a lot of betting action. However, I do believe that there is potential for this once everything has settled down a little. And I can tell you with confidence, getting something decent in the future will be a better option that taking anything today.

What Does Two for the Money Offer?

Well, that was certainly a lengthy introduction. But I feel like it is very important at the moment to ensure that things are kept in the correct context. Especially because with something like Two for the Money, you may well dismiss it on the grounds that it isn’t something that you can make use of today.

Which would be a shame to do because despite being a very simplistic service, it doesn’t look to be too bad.  Now, when I simplistic, that perhaps does a bit of a disservice to Gavin Jones. There is actually just a pretty solid idea in place, however, this is also a service that lacks the flourishes that some tipsters like to use.

For example, looking at the bets, you get a very straight forward combination of win and each way bets. Generally, you will see more of the latter than the former. Which honestly, isn’t the worst thing. There is no shame in pursuing a consistent set of results rather than big wins (something that Two for the Money does well, as I will explore).

The bets do cover a range of odds, however, you will typically find that there is a leaning towards longer odds .The proofing from Premium Sports Tipsters, for example, shows that in a single week, you saw longest odds of 21.00, and lowest of 6.00. A range that is actually quite typical of what you can expect.

In terms of the volume of bets, it is all (probably not surprisingly at this point) quite straight forward. Each day you should receive two bets from Gavin Jones, although occasionally there is just one. Premium Sports Tipsters say that these are a NAP Bet, that is to say the strongest bet of the day. And an Each Way Outsider. This is a best value bet that is expected to win or place.

Logistically, this is very much what you would probably expect. Selections are sent out directly via email and all that you have to do as a subscriber, we are told, is place your bets with your online bookmaker. Unfortunately, this is the first tiny indicator of things maybe not quite being right here.

For my money, I can say that if I were following Two for the Money, I would definitely be looking at Oddschecker to see where the best odds were available. The fact of the matter is this. Gavin Jones’s tips don’t seem to win all that often. I’ll cover this in more detail a little later, but it is quite important to keep in mind.

Because you aren’t winning often, it can be very important to maximise the returns that you are able to get. For context on this, the difference in profit between the Start Price and the Best Odds Guaranteed isn’t far off 400 points. That is a massivegulf. And unfortunately, Premium Sports Tipsters’s emails just don’t contain that much detail.

Yet another, reason that this is so important is because you can typically expect your selections on the morning of racing. Sure, they do tend to land pretty early which gives you time to get bets placed. But unfortunately, Premium Sports Tipsters don’t give you a huge window for getting those more profitable early odds.

A few paragraphs ago, I started talking about how you aren’t going to win often, and I think it is very important to qualify that statement. You see, a look at the strike rate for Two for the Money shows an average of 32.59%. In and of itself, his may not be too bad. Especially, you may think, when you consider the average odds of 10.04 to BOG. However, this does seem to include each way bets, which has a massive impact on your bottom line.

You see, the staking plan that Premium Sports Tipsters and Gavin Jones recommend rather kill the wins. Typically speaking, you will be betting 2 points on each way bets and 1 point on winners. This means that when a horse places, the small profit can very easily be offset by another horse losing. This has created a sort of limbo for Two for the Money that I will talk about in detail a little later on. 

How Does Two for the Money Work?

Rather unfortunately, there isn’t really any information provided in terms of how Gavin Jones actually finds his bets. In fact, all that we are really told are two pieces of information. Firstly, he is a professional gambler and the bets advise are the same one that he is placing. Secondly, that he has “all the best contacts around the racing world”.

Now that second statement could arguably provide some insight, but for my money, it just doesn’t. It seems to be purposefully vague with a view to getting on board those who believe that the only way to make money from horse racing is to have a man in the know.

All of this is a shame because the structure of Two for the Money suggests that there is some potentially intelligent work going on in the background. And this is the problem when tipsters don’t share their strategies. I don’t expect a step by step breakdown of what Gavin Jones does, but what Premium Sports Tipsters provide simply doesn’t allow you to make an informed decision. That is a huge problem for me.

Sure, there is an argument to be made that the rather comprehensive proofing from Premium Sports Tipsters goes some way to providing that insight, but it just isn’t enough. The fact of the matter is that all this really shows you is the ebb and flow of results, and based off the more recent examples, it would make Two for the Money a bit of a no go. With an explanation of things though, you can decide if it is worth sticking through the harder times to cash in at a later date. 

What is the Initial Investment?

If you want to sign up to Two for the Money, there are a few different options that are available. The first of these is a monthly subscription which is priced at £40 per month. Alternatively, and representing somewhat better value is a quarterly subscription. This is £45 for your first quarter and then £90 for each subsequent one.

Finally, and clearly the option that Premium Sports Tipsters want you to take, is the 6 month membership. This is by far and away the best value at a none recurring cost of £97. It is however also the largest initial outlay by a considerable margin.

It is worth keeping mind that Premium Sports Tipsters don’t offer money back guarantees or refunds on any of their services and Two for the Money isn’t actually any different. On top of his, PayPal process the payment and don’t offer much in the way of support with products of this nature. As such, you should makes sure you are quite sure before putting down any money.

What is the Rate of Return?

The income potential for Two for the Money is a rather polarising thing and in my opinion, there are a few ways that you have to look at it. Firstly, I want to talk about BOG profits. Since August 2019, these are sitting at 414.31 points by the time racing (and proofing) was halted. That is a pretty solid result.

However, Gavin Jones started January at 399.95 points. Over the period between then and March though, things have stagnated a little. There have been periods of being slightly in the black and the red, but ultimately, this means that over 3 months, Two for the Money has made 14.36 points, which is a disappointing number to say the least.

And the final consideration is probably the most important. You see, if you aren’t getting BOG, then this just won’t prove nearly as profitable to you. If you were betting to BSP you would be on 131.32 points at the time of writing (with a high of 163.18) and to SP it would be just 27.83 points. As such, getting the most possible out of winning bets is a must here. 

Conclusion for Two for the Money

So, would I recommend Two for the Money? Unfortunately, I don’t think I would, but that is only by the narrowest of margins. A statement that I feel like I should probably try and qualify a little bit, so please stick with me on this.

First things first, Two for the Money is quite expensive. £40 per month is within the range of what I consider to be reasonable for a tipster service, but it is definitely at the top end. And in order to get value, you have to really tie yourself down for a very long time, or risk forgetting your subscription and shelling out £90.

The fact of the matter is that the tipster industry is a competitive one and if you want big money then you have to be able to deliver on this. Which Gavin Jones has done to some degree. Between August and January, the service saw 399.95 points of profit. That’s over a 6 month period that included a scintillating 182.4 points month and a 98.1 point month (to BOG).

There is clear potential here for there to be very big winning months. However, the more recent form shows a lack of real profit potential, and when there are tipsters out there who are making money here and now, it is difficult to say that you should be spending your money on a tipster who isn’t.

Honestly, none of this is helped by the lack of information surrounding the service. In my mind, it is quite apparent that there is something good happening in the background. And maybe if Premium Sports Tipsters and Gavin Jones were a bit more open about this, I’d be on the other side of the fence.

Because again, I have to point to those stonking months. But there has to be some evidence that they can be repeated. And as it stands, there isn’t. In actual fact, what you are actually looking at are two losing months on the bounce. Sure, they may be smallish amounts, but a loss is still a loss.

The fact of the matter is that as it currently stands, Two for the Money isn’t good enough. I wouldn’t necessarily dismiss it out of hand mind you. This is potentially something that is worth checking in on month by month. I see no reason why Gavin Jones can’t produce big results again in the future. But sinking your time and money into a service whilst you wait for it to turn around just isn’t the right way to do things. 


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