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Two Percent Club is a relatively long standing tipster service which is offered through the Tipster TV arm of the Betfan group. Selections come courtesy of a tipster referred to simply as Tony.

What does the product offer?

When I first looked at Two Percent Club, what really caught my eye wasn’t the headlines, or the rather snaTipster TVy graphics, but the name of the service. Surely Tipster TV weren’t going to drag out the statistic about two percent of punters actually being profitable again? Rather pleasantly, it wasn’t, however the claim that Tony made was much more interesting. He claims to provide you with chance to join the “Elite Two Percent of Profit Masters” when you sign up for Two Percent Club. Well, with a mystery cabal of Elite Profit Masters waiting, how could you say no?

Of course, I am being slightly facetious here. It is nothing more than the usual Betfan marketing approach which at this point, I almost find affectionately amusing. None the less, the results that are used in the marketing material are very strong and there is some reasonable pricing in place for Two Percent Club to some degree. When this rears its head, I am more than happy to ignore hyperbole to get to the truth. With that in mind, I want to delve into Two Percent Club and see if it has delivered on the initial proofing.

I have already mentioned that Two Percent Club is not a new product for Tipster TV and as such, it is rife for a good look at. It probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise to learn that despite the hype, Tony is operating a very straight forward tipster service. This is by no means a bad thing however and it does open the door for simple profits (which is truly the holy grail). Selections are issued most days and are sent out via email as well as being uploaded to a member’s area on the Tipster TV website. These selections are however sometimes lacking in detail which is disappointing.

Keeping with the fact that Tony appears to be keeping things simple, Two Percent Club has exclusively tipped win bets for almost 18 months. I have to be honest and say that there is something refreshing in this consistency. One area where there are differences however is in terms of the odds that you will be backing. Picking a day at random, the shortest odds were 2.25 whilst the best were 7.0. This is quite a range and I believe that it goes some way to making Two Percent Club work long term.

The staking plan that Two Percent Club is proofed to is simple level stakes of 3 points per bet. Whilst it could be argued that there is some inflation of results going on there, I have to hold my hands up and say that it is a noticeable improvement on the usual 5 point stakes Betfan seem to favour. This has a two fold bonus for Two Percent Club. The first is that the results become much more believable, in part because they are more affordable. The second is that a stream of bad luck is much less likely to see your betting bank wiped out.

All of this only really leaves the strike rate to talk about in terms of the numbers side of things. This has averaged out at 24.98%. Now, I know that on the surface of things, this doesn’t really sound like a particularly substantial figure. There are plenty of tipsters out there who have better results. What I haven’t really seen however is results that strong over a sustained period of time. This bodes well for Two Percent Club and to me, demonstrates that Tony is doing something right.

How does the product work?

Whilst the sales material for Two Percent Club doesn’t go into too much detail in terms of what the selection process involves, Tony does say enough in my opinion. He claims t have a background in ICT which he says has helped him when it comes to developing his own ratings for horses. This is the part that is important in my opinion. Whilst I have seen a lot of tipsters talk about things that they are looking at, I have found that historically that those who try to create their own ratings perform better long term.

He also says that Two Percent Club will never bet on races for the sake of betting. This suggests a long term view of betting and a discipline that seems t be missing from a lot of tipsters. Whilst I haven’t looked at all 18 months of proofing in detail, what I have seen appears to back this up.

What is the initial investment?

Tipster TV have made three options available when it comes to Two Percent Club. The first of these is to sign up to the service on a monthly subscription. This actually runs for 28 days which means you will pay the subscription fee of £39 13 times in the year. Alternatively, you can sign up for a quarterly subscription at a cost of £78. Finally, and representing the best value is a 6 month subscription which costs £125.

As is the case with all products from within the Betfan group there is no real money back guarantee in place. The team do however say that they will review any refund requests although they are not typically offered.

What is the rate of return?

Proofing for Two Percent Club began way back in October 2016 and since then, the service has gone on to produce a profit of 581.03 points to the 3 point stakes. This isn’t too bad a result however I do feel that there are some factors to be considered. Firstly, there is the ROI. At an average of 13.31%, you can get a real feel for what kind of return you can expect. If there is one thing that does concern me about Two Percent Club, it is a run between April and August last year. This saw almost 180 points shaved off the profits Since then, Tony seems to have really turned things around which is good to see, but you will have to factor in the fact that there is the potential to lose a lot of money.


There are a lot of strong positives with Two Percent Club as far as I am concerned. It is a sensible service in terms of operations which is something that I can’t say about all Betfan products. I will explore these positives in time however I do have to highlight the capacity for Two Percent Club to go wrong as well. I have already talked about it, so I won’t dwell on it, but that period last year really stands out for me as a point of concern. There is the argument to be had that the results were turned around in just 2 weeks, but that is of no real benefit to you if you have already lost your betting bank.

With that out of the way, I can focus on the things that I think are good about the service and there are two that jump out at me. I know it has already been raised, but Two Percent Club is sensible. There are no silly 1000/1 outsiders or throwing in exotic accumulators in a bid to boost profits. There are generally just sensible bets, at sensible stakes, and this seems to be working well for Tony and Two Percent Club.

The other thing that I want to talk about is how Tony has turned the service around. I am not a fool and I accept that there are always going to be winning and losing periods for any tipster service. The important detail is in how a tipster responds. Obviously, I can’t claim to be privy to what was happening in Tony’s head during the losing streak, but since the recovery there has been a decent upward trend. This shows a lot of dedication and integrity and counts for a lot in my consideration of Two Percent Club.

So with all of this in mind, is Two Percent Club worth it? At £39 every 28 days, I am not convinced that it is unfortunately. This is more down to the pricing than a real reflection on the service however. If you opt or the longer subscription lengths then I am inclined to say that Two Percent Club does represent value or money. The fact is that the results are strong and there is a reasonable amount of consistency to results.

This doesn’t however mean that Two Percent Club is for everybody. It has been highlighted, and I believe that it is quite fair to say there is a risk. There will also be losing periods and as such, you have to be prepared to roll with the punches here. If you can afford to do this though, and snag the longer and better value subscriptions, I think that Two Percent Club represents a decent option as far as tipsters go.

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