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UK Property Alerts Review

UK Property Alerts is a newsletter by known property management expert Iain Maitland. In this he looks specifically at property investment opportunities within the UK.

What does the product offer?

UK Property Alerts provides people with information and advice on property investment across he UK. Iain Maitland is a well-known and well respected name in this field, a fact that is reflected in the opportunities that he presents to subscribers. The newsletter is sent out daily which will typically cover a few different opportunities from a number of developers as well as general advice and insight into operating as a successful property trader.

How does the product work?

Iain Maitland carries out a lot of the work for you with UK Property Alerts. This means that investment opportunities that he presents are well researched and generally represent a fair investment opportunity. Given the fact that Iain Maitland has over 20 years of experience in property investment it also draws heavily on his personal knowledge and experiences. Ultimately profit from investing in property in the UK may be undertaken with the intention of letting out or reselling (or a combination of the two).

What is the initial investment?

Signing up for UK Property Alerts is free as Iain Maitland appears to make his money by essentially acting as an agent between his clientele and developers.

What is the rate of return?

Any rate of return on property is a difficult one to assess, particularly because of the somewhat volatile nature of the property market. This would ultimately depend on your initial investment, how you intend to make money off the property etc.


If you are interested in UK property investment then UK Property Alerts is definitely worth looking at. Given that this is a free service there definitely doesn’t seem to be any reason not to. Probably my biggest “concern” with UK Property Alerts lies in the fact that you do need a significant amount of initial investment capital, something that not everybody has access to. That aside, Iain Maitland knows his stuff and the contents of UK Property Alerts are informative and ultimately beneficial. Although be aware, that any marketing will be using Iain’s name as a tool, so read everything with an open mind, and NOT just because somebody from the TV is associated with it.



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From: Simon Roberts