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UK Wholesale Hijack Review

UK Wholesale Hijack is a product that the creator, Oliver Goehler, claims will give you access to top secret UK based wholesalers.

What does the product offer?

Based off the little factual information that is available UK Wholesale Hijack is a video based training program of sorts that teaches users about setting up an eBay and Amazon business selling products you purchased wholesale. The training by Oliver Goehler seems to offer advice on not just obtaining your products for sale but also on marketing them on eBay. According to Oliver Goehler he went to extreme lengths to get the information that he provides on the various different wholesalers. He alleges that he was able to (with the help of a friend) to obtain the information that is passed on in UK Wholesale Hijack through a number of arguably questionable methods.

How does the product work?

Fundamentally UK Wholesale Hijack teaches you to set up the most basic business model on the planet, i.e. buying low and selling high. Oliver Goehler claims that he information supplied in UK Wholesale Hijack makes this a much simpler and more streamlined process as you have access to products that are currently selling on eBay etc.

What is the initial investment?

UK Wholesale Hijack is supposedly available for a one off payment of £499 but the only option is to agree to provide Oliver Goehler with a testimonial in order to receive a discount. This discount brings the price of UK Wholesale Hijack down to £277. There is a 60 day money back guarantee in place but this doesn’t seem to be backed up by a company (such as the setup ClickBank have in place).

What is the rate of return?

Although not explicitly discussed, Oliver Goehler does discuss how successful eBay traders can expect to make between £5,000 and £10,000 per month  -although this was when eBay was a lot easier to manipulate – it is nowhere as easy to make money on eBay now.


The main focus of UK Wholesale Hijack is on the notion of UK based wholesalers somehow being intrinsically better than others from across the world. This aside the real focus is on the fact that there aren’t any import taxes etc. to pay on anything you purchase. This is great if you’re a UK marketer but not so much if you operate outside of the UK. As a product I think that UK Wholesale Hijack is a tad on the simplistic side and whilst there may possibly be some information of merit in the contents I simply don’t see how any information on wholesalers can be worth £277.



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