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Ultimate Amazon Automated Sales System – Streetwise Publications

Ultimate Amazon Automated Sales System is a new product which is currently being heavily marketed by Streetwise Publications. The actual service is operated by one Ben Lee, a supposedly successful Amazon retailer.

Introduction to the Ultimate Amazon Automated Sales System

I know that I normally talk about betting here, but there was a time when it wasn’t my focus. Instead, I covered a wide variety of different business opportunities. There were a number of reasons for choosing to ignore this market, most of which were down to the sheer volume of rubbish that you had to filter through in order to see something that cold potentially work.

Every man and his dog had “laser focused” “one click solution” that was guaranteed to make you money. Recently, Streetwise Publications, arguably the largest information product publishers in the UK sent me an email about one Ben Lee and his product Ultimate Amazon Automated Sales System.

Ultimate-Amazon-Automated-Sales-SystemOut of curiosity, I decided to have a little look to see whether or not anything had changed. Especially since Ultimate Amazon Automated Sales System was being actively promoted by a reputable company in the form of Streetwise Publications. With this in mind, let’s break the mould a little and see whether Ben Lee is offering a genuine opportunity or not.

What Does Ultimate Amazon Automated Sales System Offer?

As is clear from the name, Ultimate Amazon Automated Sales System is all about selling products on Amazon.

More specifically, it is a comprehensive training guide based of the experience of Ben Lee. He claims that he used to work for his parents as a chef in their takeaway and that he was obsessed with bizopps, however he always came back to selling on Amazon and eBay. After “years of trial and error” however, he says that he cracked how to sell products and generate an income this way.

This information is the core of Ultimate Amazon Automated Sales System.

In terms of what you are actually getting, Ultimate Amazon Automated Sales System covers a hell of a lot of ground. Everything is presented in a variety of different medium ranging from onscreen tutorials, to step by step instructions (and checklists to go with them), Ben Lee even provides video training. Over the course of all this, he covers a number of topics which I believe can be broken down into two distinct categories.

First of all, I want to talk about selling on Amazon. Ultimate Amazon Automated Sales System covers this topic in a number of ways and shows you everything that you need to know in order to sell.

This includes things like setting up with Amazon, creating the right types of product listings, and even how to build you business based on any initial success. The second aspect of Ultimate Amazon Automated Sales System is about sourcing products. This shows you things like where to look online or products, what kinds of products you should aim to looben-leek for, as well as how to brand your products.

As well as the main training, Ultimate Amazon Automated Sales System comes with a number of additional services. This includes a member’s webinar every three months. Here Ben Lee shows you different ways of improving the efficiency of your business. You also get access to a member’s only Facebook group.

Here you an discuss your new Amazon business with other Ultimate Amazon Automated Sales System users. Finally, Ben Lee says that he also offers additional one to one support and mentorship This means that even if you are struggling with Ultimate Amazon Automated Sales System, in theory, you won’t have to for long.

How Does Ultimate Amazon Automated Sales System Work?

Essentially, Ultimate Amazon Automated Sales System looks to take full advantage of Fulfilment by Amazon. What this essentially means is that rather than having to deal with your own shipping, handling etc. you simply arrange for your stock to be sent to Amazon’s distribution centres.

From here, they store your stock, take care of sales and payment, handle customer service, and pack and deliver items for you.

Ben Lee says that in doing all of this, you are able to urn your business in a very hands off fashion, and that all you really need to do is find the items that you want to sell. This is a bit of a gross over simplification of everything, however I do believe that it gives you a pretty good idea of what it is you are getting into with Ultimate Amazon Automated Sales System.

What is the Initial Investment?

At the time of writing, Ben Lee is asking a one time payment of £299.99 plus VAT in order to get access to Ultimate Amazon Automated Sales System. This is a hell of a lot of money to pay upfront for something in my book, especially something like Ultimate Amazon Automated Sales System.

Interestingly, despite being heavily promoted by Streetwise Publications, payment for Ultimate Amazon Automated Sales System is actually through Canonbury Publishing. It is worth noting that there is a 30 day money back guarantee in place for the service, however this is provided entirely by the vendor directly.

What is the Rate of Return?

Whilst Ultimate Amazon Automated Sales System isn’t a Streetwise Publications product, the marketing for the service reads exactly like one of theirs. This means that when it comes to the income potential of a product, you can expect little in the way of direct results.

Here is one of the claims on the sales page:

Ultimate_Amazon_Automated_Sales_System_Profits Ben Lee makes a broad number of claims ranging from £685 – £1,027 per day scaling these up to £7,212 per week and £31,255 per month. Naturally, there is no real evidence to back any of this up. Elsewhere, you see an example day where Ben Lee supposedly mad £15,330 using the same methods that he teaches through Ultimate Amazon Automated Sales System.

Conclusion on the Ultimate Amazon Automated Sales System

So much of what I do is based around gambling and betting, because I genuinely believe that this is one area where money can be made. None the less, I will hold my hands up and say that some of the bigger publishing houses out there advertise products and services that are a little different to the norm and sometimes, my curiosity will get the better of me.

Given that Ultimate Amazon Automated Sales System has been marketed by Streetwise Publications, who are arguably the most well known, I felt that this might actually be worth a look.

Now, it has been some years since I have looked at a none gambling product, and I can say with not inconsiderable disappointment that very little has changed here. Whilst betting has continued to grow and develop and refine its methods (at least in some circles), looking at Ultimate Amazon Automated Sales System took me right back to a time and place where more effort and money was wasted than should have been.

The fundamental problem with Ultimate Amazon Automated Sales System and products like it, is that everybody is singing off the same hymn sheet. Surely, you might think, this is a good thing.

However when talking about things that haven’t really changed, the fact that everybody will end up looking at the same kinds of products is one thing that won’t. Whilst I can appreciate Ben Lee saying that there are enough products on the market for everybody, almost everybody is going to go for the most profitable and quickest selling examples. As such, it is almost inevitable that the same items will flood the market.

As it stands, I can quite comfortably say that I have kept away from products like Ultimate Amazon Automated Sales System for a reason. I was mistaken in allowing the link to Streetwise Publications making me believe that there is any more legitimacy to the methods than there was 3 years ago.

Do I think that Ben Lee has made a lot of money through Amazon? Yes, I can entirely believe that. Do I think that people who have paid £300 for Ultimate Amazon Automated Sales System will? Honestly, not so much.

The truth of the matter is that the investment required could actually see some very strong returns with a decent betting system in place.

As such, I can say with the utmost confidence that even when a big company like Streetwise Publications are involved, these kinds of bizopp information products are still not a great way of making a second income.

As always by Streetwise Publications though, a slick sales website!


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Comments (7)

Hello Curtis,
Thank you for this honest review.
Just wanted to say that I have recently been approached to join tha same system but now instead of the asking price of £300 it is £2997!!!!!
I kindly ask, have you heard from anyone who joined this system and made great profits?


MakeMoneyForum Admin

Hi S,

We have never recommended anything from Streetwise Publications, they simply play the numbers game and see how many refunds they can get away with.




Marketed heavily by Andrew Reynolds too, the advice is to click on links to allow the funnel to recognise your interest, wait and then see the price drop now to £199+vat. The principal of FUlfilment by Amazon(FBA) is fine and I have see clear evidence of some people making £15K per month, some more but… you need financial resource to do this to a scale. You need stick to be bought and pay Amazon fees. Also, it’s worth looking at not overpopulate niches and/or looking at an in demand range of products and get a manufacturer to adapt it slightly, colour perhaps to give you some uniqueness. Others selling more credible courses on FBA are Trent Dyrsmid who followed The Wholesale Formula. He was a rich man already so scaled it massively, quickly.

In summary, if your prepared to graft, have at least £3k to get started and can think imaginatively and research products, keywords and demand you can make decent money and hence Ben’s training would probably by the blueprint you need.

Indeed, I had the same from AR (who ‘retired’ last year) but it was
promoted as being the first time that Ben Lee had published
his system and would never be repeated.
Once again “To good to be true”.

Interesting you should say this S

I have had the same e-mail from a trusted source or so i believed I could trust their opinion as the next best thing .. thank you to S for your feedback , and to see a hike from 299 to 2,997 is a red flag to me .. as my source said only 2,997 … not going for it …though was sorely tempted

Hi , I have been sent several e-mails from Andrew Reynolds promoting Ben Lee’s Amazon system , At 199+vat plus 199 a month coaching for 24 months. One question , If Ben Lee making approx 15000 a month , Why is he willing to teach others the system for the next 2 yrs ?.

The saying goes ‘If it sounds too good to be true, then it is too good to be true!

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