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Ultimate Betting Premium Profit Strategy is a new to market tipster service which is operated by The Insider Rail. It brings together various different tipping services into a comprehensive package.

Introduction to Ultimate Betting Premium Profit Strategy

In the world of betting, there are a lot of things that are perhaps generously described as enigmatic. If I’m honest, I’ve lost count of just how many tipster services that I’ve looked at that just don’t provide that much information about what you’re getting into. A lot of those have been services that I have strongly recommended avoiding, and with good reason too. But that doesn’t mean that every service that doesn’t tell you everything is suspect.

The subject of today’s review, Ultimate Betting Premium Profit Strategy, doesn’t come with a whole lot of information. The company behind the service, The Insider Rail, don’t exactly go out of their way to offer you insight into what you’re getting into. But in and of itself, that doesn’t mean that doesn’t mean that you aren’t dealing with something that is genuine. This is ultimately quite important, because genuine tipsters are few and far between if I’m honest.

Does that mean that Ultimate Betting Premium Profit Strategy is going to be a good service though? Well, that is a much more nuanced thing. There is rarely a short answer as to whether or not a tipster service is good or not. What I can say though is that I’d take a genuine tipster service with mixed results over a questionable one with huge profits any day of the week.  

What Does Ultimate Betting Premium Profit Strategy Offer?

As far as tipster services go, Ultimate Betting Premium Profit Strategy is a very interesting one. This is because in some respects, The Insider Rail aren’t just offering a single tipster service. I mentioned earlier that this is fundamentally a package and that is a very good place to start. Because Ultimate Betting Premium Profit Strategy is actually made up of “Ultimate Betting”, Stable Whispers, and Telegram Updates.

First things first, I want to talk about the Ultimate Betting element of Ultimate Betting Premium Profit Strategy. In my mind, this is the core element that you are signing up for. This is effectively where the tips that The Insider Rail issue stem from and, as such, it is the part that I think that most people are going to be interested in. But as you will see, that doesn’t mean that it’s the only element either.

Now as tipster services go, Ultimate Betting isn’t necessarily the most complex of things. But if I’m honest, that really isn’t a bad thing either. There are simply far too many tipster services out there that, in my opinion, really try to overcomplicate things. The Insider Rail avoid this trap rather deftly.

What you are getting access to are simply the best bets of the day from the The Insider Rail team. As you would expect, these are sent out to Ultimate Betting Premium Profit Strategy subscribers directly via email, typically before 12pm. All of this is roughly in line with what you’d expect from a modern tipster service. I do however think it’s worth highlighting that the rather late time of day in which tips are sent out may cause problems for some people.

What I will say though is that all of the bets advised through Ultimate Betting Premium Profit Strategy are pretty straight forward. So whilst you may not have the most time to get the best odds etc. you shouldn’t have difficulty actually placing them. Which is something. And with most days averaging just 2 or 3 bets (although you may see as many as 6 on a given day), this only adds to that.

Now, that covers the tipster element of Ultimate Betting Premium Profit Strategy, but that really is only one part of it. Because as well as the actual tips that you receive from The Insider Rail, you also get those Stable Whispers and Telegram Updates. And I want to start by looking at that former one.

As you would expect from something called Stable Whispers, Ultimate Betting Premium Profit Strategy is concerned with… Well, the whispers of stables. What you get from this are not “official recommended bets” as The Insider Rail put it. However, that doesn’t mean that there is nothing of value here either. Instead, what you are getting access to here is information that is supposedly from stables.

We are told that this can be used to “help you in your daily betting strategies”. What is helpful about this is that the information is also made available before 12pm. This means that you have a fair amount of time to actually do something with said information. Quite how you choose to use it however is a very personal thing.

For my money, I think that there is strong potential to leverage this information to seek out value bets. The fact is that what you are getting from The Insider Rail aren’t nailed on tips. But using this element of Ultimate Betting Premium Profit Strategy can show bets that are probably worth a low stakes punt. Realistically though, that is simply scratching the surface of what you can do here.

The final element of Ultimate Betting Premium Profit Strategy that I want to talk about is the Telegram Updates. For those who aren’t familiar with Telegram, it is a mobile app that purports to be the fastest messaging service in the world. Why is that important? Well, with Telegram Updates you receive information throughout the day from the The Insider Rail team.

As with Stable Whispers, these aren’t official selections or betting advice. It’s simply new information that might offer an opportunity. And not surprisingly, in order to capitalise on this you need to act quickly. Now the use case for this element of Ultimate Betting Premium Profit Strategy is a little less clear in my eyes. You have to be in a position to quickly move to take advantage of the information given, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t a welcome addition.

In actual fact, I believe that to the right kind of person, it may well be one of the more impressive tools that are available. Specifically, I’m thinking of an Ultimate Betting Premium Profit Strategy subscriber who likes to utilise a betting exchange. So long as you can move in line with the markets, there is additional potential to exploit extra and up to date information.  

How Does Ultimate Betting Premium Profit Strategy Work?

So far, I will admit that Ultimate Betting Premium Profit Strategy sounds very good. But as is the case all too often, the good things must come to an end. Because one of the most frustrating thins about what The Insider Rail are doing here is a lack of information on how things work. Because whilst there is plenty of sales patter, there isn’t a huge amount of genuine insight.

Ultimately, we are told that Ultimate Betting Premium Profit Strategy is the result of “three of the best Racing brains in the business”. We are also told that they have all “been making a living in the industry for the past 20+ years”. Honestly, I’d have liked to have seen some information that is a bit more open.

This creates a situation where you’re coming into Ultimate Betting Premium Profit Strategy a bit blind really. I can appreciate that The Insider Rail have given some information, but it isn’t nearly enough for you to say that you’re making a truly informed decision. In my eyes, that is problematic. In fact, the only thing that I would consider to be close to definitive relates to the contacts that the team have with people in stables (which is of course where the whole Stable Whispers part comes from).

On top of that, a lack of proofing adds to the frustration as you really are just taking The Insider Rail’s word on it that Ultimate Betting Premium Profit Strategy has some solid foundations. What makes this lack of proofing particularly frustrating in my eyes is that the sales material actually makes reference to an “amazing 3 month proofing period”. So, the information is… Well, it’s somewhere. We just don’t get to see it.

What is the Initial Investment?

At the time of writing, The Insider Rail are offering a number of quite generous options for Ultimate Betting Premium Profit Strategy. First things first, there is a monthly subscription. Now, we are told that the actual value for this should be £75 per month. However, this has been cut in half and is currently priced at just £37.50 per month. It also comes with a free 30 day trial (which you can cancel by emailing The Insider Rail).

Alternatively, you can get much better value for money by signing up for Ultimate Betting Premium Profit Strategy on an annual basis. We are told that this would typically cost you £900 for the year. At the time of writing though, The Insider Rail are asking just £275 for the year which works out at an effective monthly cost of just shy of £23.

What is the Rate of Return?

The results for Ultimate Betting Premium Profit Strategy are incredibly strong, at least, according to The Insider Rail. Referring back to that 3 month proofing period mentioned before, we are told that a profit in excess of 150 points was made based on the daily bets alone. It is then claimed that since Ultimate Betting Premium Profit Strategy launched properly, the profits have climbed to more than 200 points. That is an impressive number.

Furthermore, we are told, there is even more potential to make money. Because those results don’t include the additional information that Stable Whispers and Telegram Updates include, although, that is a much more difficult area to calculate profit potential in.  

Conclusion for Ultimate Betting Premium Profit Strategy

Ultimate Betting Premium Profit Strategy is a very good looking service. I’ll even hold my hands up and say that as far as t his kind of thing goes, it represents a very substantial and interesting looking package. The fact is that there just aren’t many people out there who are willing to offer tips, insight, and up to the minute information on the days racing.

Furthermore, whilst I do have some doubts about the claimed profit (especially in light of the fact that there is very little context for any of it), they look very good. 150 points in 3 months is easily twice what I would expect a decent tipster to be making. Presuming of course that The Insider Rail can be trusted on this number…

If I’m honest, I don’t really have too many nagging doubts in this regard. If you look at their other services, they explore clearly what the approach is. They talk in a knowledgeable fashion about the betting industry, horse racing, and other sports (although we’re mostly concerned here with that horse racing part).  

This means that whilst I’m not personally overly familiar with The Insider Rail, they certainly know more than most of the BS “tipsters” that I look at. The fact is that I’ll almost always say that I’d like to know more about a service. At the end of the day, I am a strong advocate for consumer rights and knowledge and I believe a big part of that is being able to make an informed decision.

So really, whether or not Ultimate Betting Premium Profit Strategy is possibly worth a punt in my book comes down to a question of value for money. Do I believe that what The Insider Rail have put together might be worth £37.50 per month? Maybe. That’s slightly less than what I’d expect to pay for a tipster service. Throw in those extras, and it looks pretty good. But is it worth £75 per month? Absolutely not.

That is a good 50% more than most tipsters would charge, but more importantly, you could build yourself a decent little betting portfolio for that. You could spend slightly more than you would in a month on a decent betting system that will last you forever. With that in mind, Ultimate Betting Premium Profit Strategy does undoubtedly look like a much less attractive proposition.

The bottom line for me is this. Even in the best light, Ultimate Betting Premium Profit Strategy isn’t going to be for everybody. Whilst you are getting a seemingly reasonable tipster service, a big part of the appeal is the extra information in my opinion. That is where The Insider Rail differentiate themselves from the competition and it is also where I believe the value here can be unlocked. It’s all just a question of how much you will use this, and how much you are willing to pay for it.

If you are at (for want of a better word) an intermediate level, then Ultimate Betting Premium Profit Strategy is probably worth a punt, so long as you can lock in that lower monthly cost. You can try it on paper for a month and simply cancel if it isn’t for you. And for that, you can see if the inside information and the telegram information warrants the time you have to put into it.

If on the other hand you are simply looking for something where you follow simple instructions. I can’t help but feel that you might be paying a premium with Ultimate Betting Premium Profit Strategy for features that you don’t really want or need.


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