Ultimate Betting Tips Review

Ultimate Betting Tips is a new tipster service from Jon Owen of Equine Investment Management Limited that offers users selections for a number of different sports as well as horse racing.

What does the product offer?

Ultimate Betting Tips is a multifaceted tipster service that claims to provide a one stop site for all of your betting needs. At the centre of the Ultimate Betting Tips service that Equine Investment Management Limited offer is the main “Ultimate Betting Tips” service which they say provides horse racing tips directly to your email inbox on a daily basis. There is more than this however as Equine Investment Management Limited are also offering a Ultimate Betting Tips Late Whispers Service which they say offers up to the minute information direct from the track. Finally there is Ultimate Betting Tips Sports Bet.


This is a sports betting service that Equine Investment Management Limited say looks at a variety of different sports ranging from football and rugby to golf and tennis and even cricket and darts. Unfortunately there is no additional information provided about staking for Ultimate Betting Tips, nor does Jon Owen offer any proofing for any of the services.


How does the product work?

Unfortunately there is very little information from Equine Investment Management Limited about how Ultimate Betting Tips works and the selection process. As touched upon the Ultimate Betting Tips Late Whispers Service does mention that they get their information directly from the track which is something.

Equine Investment Management Limited also say that any sports betting selections come courtesy of a “crack team” that is made up of sports advisors and experts however again, there isn’t anything substantial.

What is the initial investment?

It would appear at first glance that the various services that Ultimate Betting Tips provide are free with all three stating that in some form or another on their sales page. It is worth noting however that Equine Investment Management Limited refer to them as trials however so my guess is that you will end up paying at some point for access to Ultimate Betting Tips.

What is the rate of return?

There isn’t any claimed rate of return and as mentioned, unfortunately Ultimate Betting Tips comes with no proofing.


I am always wary about products that come from Equine Investment Management Limited. The fact is that Jon Owen has been putting out products under his own company as well as Greentree Consultancy for some time with generally underwhelming results. This means that based off historical data, I wouldn’t personally be expectant in terms of the income potential.

That having been said there is no ignoring the fact that Jon Owen is offering his latest product for free. With that in mind I think that if you are willing to put the time into it is probably worth signing up for now to see if it the end result works for you.

I would however keep in mind if (or more realistically when) you have to pay for Ultimate Betting Tips that you are still going in blind in a number of respects.



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From: Simon Roberts