Ultimate Football Trading Review Ben Michaels

Ultimate Football Trading is a product which comes from Ben Michaels, a name that is relatively well known in the sports betting community. Supposedly, you can expect to see some very strong profits.

Introduction to Ultimate Football Trading

I’ve always maintained that I would rather have a good betting system than a decent tipster service. Whilst tipsters definitely have their place, the fact is that a betting system empowers you to make money yourself. Honestly, I’ve lost count of the number of tipsters that I’ve seen who have started strongly, only to lose their form. But more importantly, I’ve also lost count of the number who simply haven’t come back from this.

With a betting system, you are your own master. You aren’t reliant on somebody who, for all intents and purposes, could be just picking out names from The Racing Post. Naturally, not all tipsters are like this. But there are enough. Now this brings me to Ultimate Football Trading. A product which contains a number of different betting systems that you can leverage for (not at all surprisingly) football betting.

Now whilst betting systems are (in my opinion) better than a tipster, they are still only as good as the person behind them. And Ben Michaels has a decent pedigree. All of which actually makes Ultimate Football Trading a pretty exciting prospect. And it is with that in mind that I want to get right down to brass tacks, and see if this is actually any good or not.

What Does Ultimate Football Trading Offer?

What exactly does Ultimate Football Trading offer? It’s a question with a very long answer. However, I think that it is quite interesting to note that Ben Michaels does a rather handy job of summarising everything in the headline for his product. We are told that this is “The BIGGEST Football Trading Video Course EVER Made….”.

How can you not be intrigued by this? Of course, it is very important to keep in mind that size isn’t everything (just ask my other half). Jokes aside though, I have looked at a lot of products before now that are seemingly jam packed full of information, systems, advice, and not an iota of it was of value.

Bigger can be good, but bigger doesn’t inherently mean better. And that, I think, is a pretty good jumping off point to look at what Ultimate Football Trading entails in some detail. Now, I can say right off the bat that quality doesn’t really seem to be a big problem here. As much as I’ve talked that element up, Ben Michaels really seems well positioned to deliver.

And with 8 different betting strategies included within Ultimate Football Trading, then there is a hell of a lot to deliver on. Now obviously, all of these are based around football, however, there is a huge amount of variety in terms of what each strategy entails. Something that I find to be very welcome, as it means that ultimately there should be something for everyone.

Now, it is worth taking a minute here to talk about one of the biggest positives about Ultimate Football Trading. As you would expect given that this involves trading, everything happens on the Betfair exchange. This means that there is no risk of your income being impacted by unfair bookmaker practices such as account closures and restrictions.

Before I start looking at the strategies involved, I want to talk about how Ultimate Football Trading is presented exactly. Because for my money, this is a very important thing. Now, first things first, Ben Michaels takes a video based approach to teaching you his strategies (something that I very much welcome).  This means that you can follow along with some of the more complex elements as they play out.

Secondly, it also means that you can easily go back and simply re-watch the parts that you may have struggled with. Something that one hopes shouldn’t be too big of an issue, because Ben Michaels has put together some quality content for Ultimate Football Trading. The videos include trades in real time, slideshows, and notes. All of which provides a number of ways of showing you the methods.

And finally, on the note of presentation. All of these videos are online in a special member’s area which means that so long as you have an internet connection, Ultimate Football Trading will be at your finger tips. Honestly, I wasn’t too keen on this at first, but actually it is a really good thing meaning you can refresh your memory on your phone whilst your trade at your computer.

Now we come to the big guns. The strategies themselves. As I have already touched on, there are in fact 8 different examples. For the sake of ease, I am going list off each one below and include a brief description:

  • The Fireball is a relatively low risk strategy that is based around the over/under 1.5 goals markets. Ben Michaels claims that the strike rate for this method stands at a very impressive 80%.
  • Fireball Reloaded carries a little more risk than its namesake. This is a much more volatile strategy that looks at the under/over 2.5 goals markets. It is important to note however that whilst there is increased risk, the profit potential is substantially more with aimed returns of 150% of your stake.
  • The Snowball is a relatively straight forward football trading system. The focus is on the under 2.5 goals markets with a 40 minute long video guiding you.
  • Snowball Reloaded is a jacked up version of the original strategy. Rather than looking at under 2.5 goals markets, it looks at under 3.5 goals markets instead. It also has the potential for big wins in a short space of time.
  • The Reback is a strategy that looks to take advantage of the match odds markets. This is a particularly interesting strategy as it shows you how to get extra value in games where a team is a strong favourite.
  • Reback Reloaded uses similar principles to The Reback. The difference here is that Ben Michaels shows you what you can do to capitalise when a game doesn’t work out as expected.
  • The Relay is again focused on match odds. This is a much more aggressive strategy however that involves looking at teams that are “the underdog”.
  • Relay Reloaded is the final strategy. This is also a bit of a modification on an existing strategy, however in this case, it carries significant profit potential. Ben Michaels says that you can see average returns of 100% to 200%.

As well as all of this, Ultimate Football Trading comes with some other additional videos. These are something of a “supporting cast”, however, they do focus on the fundamentals of trading. This makes them an invaluable tool for those who are perhaps coming into this with little existing knowledge of Betfair and trading.  

How Does Ultimate Football Trading Work?

Talking about how Ultimate Football Trading works is a bit of an interesting thing. As is the case with so man products that aim to teach you how to do something, there will be a lot of variance from one user to the next. With that said, ultimately, that is exactly what it is all about. Teaching you how to do something, in this case, successfully trade on football markets.

What I do think is that this provides a good chance to talk about Ben Michaels. Ultimately, this is because he is the man who is sharing his trading knowledge. As such, I think that it is very important to examine his own credentials in order to ascertain if they are “good enough” (a term that I mean no offense with, but I can’t tell you how many crappy betting systems are put out by people with no experience).

Now, Ben Michaels says that he is a sports trading expert who has been trading on both Betfair and Betdaq, full time, for over 10 years. The focus over this time was supposedly football trading which I think makes for a pretty decent pedigree for Ultimate Football Trading.

But I hear you ask, how do you know whether or not to believe Ben Michaels? Well, I would refer you to sportstradinglife.com, his website in which he blogs about how to trade successfully. Whilst there is inevitably a lot of self promotion on the site, I think it is quite clear that it demonstrates that Ben Michaels is an intelligent guy who knows his way around a betting exchange.

What is the Initial Investment?

With all of that out of the way, we can talk about one of the more interesting elements of Ultimate Football Trading. You see, how much access will cost you ultimately depends. And this is because Ben Michaels operates a waiting list for the service. If you want access, you have to register your interest and… Well, you have to wait.

Then, if, you get an invite, the cost is decided. Ben Michaels says that the price for Ultimate Football Trading will depend on the demand on the waiting list and a few other factors. With that said, I have seen some numbers touted about that start at £400 and go quite a lot higher than this. It is worth keeping in mind however that these numbers don’t come from Ben Michaels directly.

I believe this could be a scarcity marketing ploy, because no marketer is going to limit their income with ‘real’ waiting lists, it just does not work like that.

What is the Rate of Return?

As is the case with any product that teaches you how to do a thing, how much you can get out of it is massively dependent on how much you are willing to put into it. Testimonials for Ultimate Football Trading showing profits locking in at £58, making £206.30 in a day, and profits of £764.05 over an unspecified period of time. These are however all based on wildly varying stakes.

What I do believe is that there is definitely real potential to make money with Ultimate Football Trading. I genuinely believe that the testimonials are real and that Ben Michaels is above board, but online reviews are littered with ‘yes, and no’ from some customers.

Conclusion for Ultimate Football Trading

I want to be upfront about this. Ultimate Football Trading looks good on the surface. I believe that there is ‘potential’ to make good money from this, and I think that Ben Michaels probably knows his stuff. I don’t doubt that, but does it work as advertised? There are differing views online regarding Ben’s training.

Examining it in a vacuum (as it were), this looks to be a decent product. Unfortunately, there is a pretty bloody big however coming. And that all relates to the price and the availability.

Here’s the thing. I understand why Ben Michaels has set Ultimate Football Trading up the way that he has. Offering help and support with a betting system can be a time consuming thing. As such, managing the number of people who have access, and that you need to help, makes a lot of sense. Especially when those people have paid a very high premium for access.

Which does tie into the point about price. How much you will pay for Ultimate Football Trading is very much an unknown (many have mentioned that they paid £400). Using that figure of £400, are you getting value for money there? It’s a bit of a tough one to answer. In theory, you are paying £50 per betting system which isn’t bad. But then, a lot of them are very similar. So you get closer to £100 per betting system. And that is a lot of money.

The fact of the matter is that there are a lot of betting systems on the market. Some of them are very good. And they don’t cost nearly as much as I anticipate Ultimate Football Trading will. In fact, even on this website, the best betting systems I have seen are listed. None of them cost more than £100. And they are proven ways to make money.

And even outside of those systems that are recommended, I can think of other betting systems that also work, that aren’t as expensive. And that for me makes it difficult to argue that there is value for money in Ultimate Football Trading.

Do I think it will work? Possibly – But it just doesn’t represent enough enough value for money that I would say that it is worth that significant investment.

Far too expensive really, for a training course, and all this ‘waiting list’ and the scarcity marketing tactics? I don’t buy into that one bit – that is off-putting.

Have you used Ultimate Football Trading? Place a comment below in the comments section.


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Absolute r*p off, run by a c*n man. AVOID!!!

Hi Frank,

That is quite a statement, I think it would help readers if you could elabourate on that, without any defamation, which we cannot allow for legal reasons.


Personally I would stay away,

I’ve bought numerous products from him and although the UTF course is somewhat decent in which you can learn from. It’s far to over priced and you can find better value in buying something like Goal Profits, You will get a deeper understanding from Goal Profits as well.

Ben says he trades football, Which I do not believe for 1 second. He pushes products and uses the waiting list and the scarcity marketing tactics to make it something you shouldn’t miss out on. He Promoted other products and sold them through him, Like Goal Machine after reading the course this was made out as some sort of “Passive Income” in which you could use this strategy on many many games, This was debunked very quickly. He also promoted a product by Glen Kirkham called Lion, In short it was sold to us that it was a self learning filter having a high strike rate. For the few months I was in this it didn’t achieve anything near that. Ben said he tested this, I asked him to provide proof that he did test this, He’s yet to reply, If he trades football he should be able to provide a spreadsheet. With “Lion” upon launch Glen released a video not showing much other than results, Lion was sold to us as a learning piece of software in which we never actually saw the software in action, I get that he might want to hide some stuff and not reveal anything, So I asked Ben did he actually see the software and he said “No”. He said he was in the Telegram group and reviewed results.

Another thing about Ben, When he gets critics he doesn’t answer them. When things were getting hot in his UTF chat room he simply shut it down effectively cancelling out people from each other so they wouldn’t be able to talk. This is a common theme, If you say anything bad on his Facebook page he’ll ban you or he disabling commenting on the post.

I hope this prevents someone investing money into Ben’s products. If I knew how I would report him for misleading/mis selling products. No one knows who he is. It’s been said that he also pays for people to make good comments on his pages, I have no proof of that though.

Agree, to above comments. When I firts bought it, first thing I noticed which didn’t make sense was he was saying basically we put bets later on in them match so the odds are better? C’mon mate odds are better because the chance is worse than before for event to happen. Basic math.

However on other side it’s good course for newbies which has no clue what it is and want to get into that. However then the price is way over..

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