Ultimate Golf Tips Review

Ultimate Golf Tips is a brand new golfing tipster service. It is operated through the Tipsters Empire stable of tipsters and has shown a lot of initial promise.

Introduction Ultimate Golf Tips

Apparently decent golf tipster services are like buses. There is nothing for ages and then two come along at the same time. I recently looked at SJP Golf Tips and was very impressed with the well established service. In Ultimate Golf Tips, things are looking almost equally as impressive, albeit for different reasons.

Whilst SJP Golf Tips has been around the block a bit, so to speak, Tipster Empire are offering an opportunity to get onboard with a new service from the ground up. This isn’t usually something to be excited about but Ultimate Golf Tips also comes with some fantastic pricing options and could very possibly pay for itself several times over in a short space of time. This is a tantalising proposition, and with this in mind, I want to take a good look at Ultimate Golf Tips and what is on offer here.

What Does Ultimate Golf Tips Offer?

First things first, when considering Ultimate Golf Tips you have to keep in mind that it is a golfing tipster service. What tis means is that unlike the vast majority of horse racing and football tipsters, everything is a much slower pace.

Much like the game itself. What this means in the case of Ultimate Golf Tips is that you will typically have to wait for as long as 10 days before you receive a tip however they are typically issued on the Tuesday or Wednesday for a big tournament. There are also selections advised throughout. Selections are uploaded to a special member’s area with Tipster Empire sending out an email link as well as a text message link.

When there are tips available, you can typically expect rather a lot of them. To put this into context, there have been as many as 17 bets advised at once when there are a number of tournaments. This means that a robust betting bank is advised with Tipster Empire recommending 100 points. As is the case with so many golf tipster services, Ultimate Golf Tips looks a lot at much longer odds and a massive variety of bet types (far too many to consider listing here).

Bets for Ultimate Golf Tips can ultimately be broken down into two types however. These are win and each way bets. For win bets it is generally advised that you stake 1 point, although there are the occasional 2 point win bets. All each way bets however are advised to 1 point each way. This can mean that Ultimate Golf Tips gets expensive, especially during the busier periods.

For example, in April there were 15 bets backed to 2 points, all of which lost. This was of course offset by a winner, but it does highlight that there is a fine line here.

All of this leads me rather nicely onto the strike rate. As you would probably expect, this is a long way from the highest. In fact, in the short time that Ultimate Golf Tips has been operational Ultimate Golf Tips has achieved a strike rate of 15.38%. When you factor in the fact that this number is based off both each way and win bets, it does paint a pretty good picture of what you can expect from Ultimate Golf Tips in the longer term.

How Does Ultimate Golf Tips Work?

Tipster Empire provide a written statement from the tipster behind Ultimate Golf Tips and he is actually quite open about what his process entails which is nice to see. He has supposedly been betting on golf for nearly 30 years and on a professional basis for almost half of that. In the past, he also claims to have worked with bookmakers and odds compilers as well as making connections on both the European Tour and the PGA Tour in America.

Drawing on this experience, Ultimate Golf Tips is ultimately based on the tipsters own prices. He says that the way he develops them is a more consistent way of finding winners than the way odds compilers and exchange players do. This means that ultimately (and I would personally like to iterate, in theory), you are given an edge over the current markets. Given that Ultimate Golf Tips has a long term approach, you should ultimately profit.

What is the Initial Investment?

There are a lot of different options available if you want to sign up for Ultimate Golf Tips. There is a monthly subscription which is priced at £34.99. There is also a quarterly subscription which is priced at £87.50 (a 16.7% discount). Next there is a 6 month subscription which costs £157.50 (a 25% discount) and finally, there is a 12 month subscription. This is priced at £279.99 and provides a 33% discount on the monthly costs.

What really stands out however is an offer which currently provides 90 days of access to Ultimate Golf Tips for just £30. This is likely to be a limited time offer however and is only open to new customers.

What is the Rate of Return?

Proofing for Ultimate Golf Tips through Tipster Empire began back in April and since then, the service as produced a profit of 147.2 points which is a phenomenal result. It goes without saying that this is off the back of a few particularly strong results and should by no means be considered “standard”, especially at this early point. The ROI for the service also stands at 74.36% however I feel the need to point out that it is early days for Ultimate Golf Tips and this could well drop in the future.

Conclusion to Ultimate Golf Tips

What has really stood out about Ultimate Golf Tips for me is one thing and one thing only. That is the ability of the service to put itself in the black for the long term. If you had been in a position to sign up for Ultimate Golf Tips on the 90 day trial basis in April, you would have effectively paid for the next 5 years of selections by the end of it.

Obviously, this is unlikely to be the norm, however it is something that is worth considering. The fact of the matter is that even if the results aren’t quite as strong over the next 3 months, if you can get on board with Ultimate Golf Tips on the trial basis at the moment, I can’t see you losing too much money by the end of it.

If I were looking at Ultimate Golf Tips solely on the grounds of the above, it would be a complete no brainer but I am not. Looking at the bigger picture, Ultimate Golf Tips is not really any more or less expensive than the competition which is a positive. There are of course questions to be raised about the longer term results but my gut feeling is that if the tipster behind Ultimate Golf Tips can make this kind of profit once, they can do it again. Furthermore, the nature of golf betting is long term and ups and downs are to be expected in terms of results.

If you are willing to think long term and are specifically looking for a golf tipster, then I think that Ultimate Golf Tips is worth some very serious consideration. I am going to refer back to SJP Golf Tips here because there is one main difference that I can see between them, although it does highlight multiple points. That is the time the service has been running for.

Ultimate Golf Tips is new and as such, it is something of a gamble on long term sustainability being a thing. That having been said, SJP Golf Tips has been a little flat over recent months whereas Ultimate Golf Tips has produced some strong initial results.

Putting aside those comparisons for a minute though, Ultimate Golf Tips is a very decent prospect for those looking for a golf tipster. If you can get in on the trial rates, you are almost definitely onto a winner. Even if you can’t, Ultimate Golf Tips is worth as much of a punt as any other golf tipster, if not more.


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