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Ultimate Naps is a new to market tipster service which comes courtesy of the Premium Sports Tipsters stable. Selections come courtesy of the tipster Simon Gregory.

Introduction to Ultimate Naps

When it comes to betting there are a lot of things that different people are looking for. Some people want profit at all costs. Other people want to manage their risk and minimise the potential losses to your betting bank. There isn’t really a right or wrong way to do this. But it does mean that there are a lot of tipster services, all offering different things.

The subject of today’s review is very clearly in the latter camp, choosing to focus on nap betting. This is something that I have seen executed before now with varying degrees of success. You see, when you are betting on “naps”, then you have to win consistently and at decent odds. If you aren’t doing that, those losses can add up quickly.

Now, there is some decent promise to Ultimate Naps. Premium Sports Tipsters provide a comprehensive breakdown of what you can expect and I can say here and now that if Simon Gregory can consistently deliver on his initial promise, then this is a sure fire winner. The question that really matters though, is whether or not the service is actually capable of this long term…

What Does Ultimate Naps Offer?

Premium Sports Tipsters are relatively new as far as larger tipster stables go, however, that doesn’t mean that they are in any way unequipped to manage a service well. In fact, from their previous services that I have looked at they do a pretty reasonable job. You can always expect a certain standard, and that is a good place to start.

Each morning, selections are issued directly to Ultimate Naps subscribers. The actual time that these will land can vary, however Premium Sports Tipsters say that you will have plenty of time to get your bets on. These bets are the best that Simon Gregory has been able to identify (I’ll touch a little more on his process later). All that you have to do, we are told, is take a few minutes each day to place said bets.

Now, you won’t actually receive selections every day. Premium Sports Tipsters and Simon Gregory are quite clear about the fact that there will be no bet days if you are following Ultimate Naps. Fortunately, you can expect to receive notification of this.

Moving on to the bets themselves, as is so often the case with nap based services, everything is nice and straight forward. What this means for you as a subscriber is that all bets that Simon Gregory advises are straight win bets. There is no complication to Ultimate Naps.

These will typically be advised at a range of odds, however the nature of betting naps means that you aren’t ever going to see any massive winners. In fact, a cursory glance over Premium Sports Tipsters’ historic proofing for Ultimate Naps shows that the biggest winner that they have seen is about 4/1. You aren’t going to be backing rank outsiders with this service.

All of this is in line with what you typically see from a nap tipster service. What is a little bit interesting though is the fact that Simon Gregory can advise as many as 4 bets on a given day. It isn’t even like this is a rarity with quite a few days having 3 or more bets. Inherently, there isn’t anything wrong with this, however Ultimate Naps can get expensive.

This is mostly down to the staking plan. Now, in theory, it is all relatively straight forward. Simon Gregory favours a level staking plan which is fair enough. This is a nap based service and as such, he should be confident about every bet that is advised. With that in mind, there is little reason to vary the stakes right?

The problem that I have (at least to some degree, but I’ll pick this up a little later) is that all bets are advised to 3 point stakes. Now, this is rarely prohibitive, but when Ultimate Naps hits a losing streak, then those numbers can really add up. For example, a recent 14 loss streak would mean a 42 point loss.

I haven’t seen any recommended betting bank, but given that this is a nap service, I would expect 100 points to be perhaps overkill in terms of safety. None the less, this is what I use as a default. That means that you could potentially face a 42% drawdown on your betting bank in less than a week using those 3 point stakes.

In theory, this shouldn’t be too problematic. You would expect a very high average strike rate when backing naps, and at 43.68%, Ultimate Naps isn’t bad at all. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear to be a reflection of consistency with wins.

Whilst that 14 bet losing streak I mentioned earlier is definitely at the extreme end of what you can expect, there are stull a number of losing streaks that are more than 5 bets on the bounce. By the same token, there are winning streaks of similar proportion. So, whilst it balances out as an average, you will need some discipline and commitment to see Ultimate Naps through.

How Does Ultimate Naps Work?

I have avoided talking too much about what a nap bet is because it is a key component of how services like Ultimate Naps work. Effectively, a nap bet is a is any bet that is deemed by a tipster to be pretty much a sure thing. It is comparable to being their “best” tips. The core idea here is that by backing the best bets, you will win often.

Now, one of the things that Premium Sports Tipsters and Simon Gregory don’t really talk a lot about is the selection process. This is a bit of a problem for me if I’m honest. I believe you should know what you are getting yourself into. Without this, you can’t ever really be certain.

 We are told some things though. For example, we are told that Simon Gregory “is someone who has been there and done it all in the betting industry”, but that is about it. Unfortunately, this is also a bit of a vague statement that both says nothing, and also manages to have nothing really backing it up.

There is another element to Ultimate Naps that is slightly more informative and that is about how Simon Gregory approaches which selections make it to subscribers. We are told that he finds his “top nap” at each meeting every day, and that the strongest ones are the ones that are sent out. Again, no information on what makes a “top nap” or how the strongest of these is identified.

There is something of a mitigating factor in so much as Premium Sports Tipsters provide full proofing. Now I will admit that this doesn’t necessarily give you any additional insight into that selection process.  What it does do however is allow you to get a pretty good idea of what to expect in the future.

What is the Initial Investment?

There are a number of different options available if you want to subscribe to Ultimate Naps with massively differing value. The lowest outlay option is the monthly subscription which is priced at £47. You will however be paying this every 28 days which means you will pay this 13 times over the course of a year.

Representing slightly better value for money is the quarterly subscription which is priced at £94 every 3 months. The option that I feel Premium Sports Tipsters clearly want you to opt for though is the 6 month subscription. At a cost of £107, this is by far and away the best value, despite having the biggest outlay.

It is worth noting that there is no money back guarantee offered on Ultimate Naps. This does mean that going in for those longer subscriptions comes with some risk in so much as you are committed to that if the service isn’t for you.

What is the Rate of Return?

Finally, we come to the profit potential of Ultimate Naps. With 305.73 points of profit in 5 months (at the time of writing), Simon Gregory has done a very good job. Especially when you factor in that in the first 3 months of this, 290 of those points were generated. That is a significant amount with 114.12 points made in July alone.

With that said, that means over the last 2 months, there have been just 15 points of profit since August. Furthermore, you should also factor in that these results are based around those 3 point stakes. As such, you should also factor in the context that these results could be seen to be scaled up.  

Conclusion for Ultimate Naps

I feel like there is a fair old amount to unpack with Ultimate Naps. There are some very interesting and arguably quite strong elements to the service. By the same token, I feel like there are aspects that Premium Sports Tipsters have (intentionally or not) kind of made life difficult for themselves.

Nowhere is this more evidence than the results. Now, I know I have literally just been talking about this, but it is worth exploring in a bit more detail. Because it is very easy to get carried away by the fact that Simon Gregory has produced 100 point months. This is something that is theoretically possible, but is very difficult.

Now the first place to start in dissecting Ultimate Naps is by scaling those numbers down in my opinion. There is little point leveraging level stakes if those stakes are simply going to be an arbitrary number. Like 3 points per bet. AS such, I don’t think it is unreasonable to take that 305 points and say that actually, you could just as easily see this as 102 points.

This also makes that 114 point month a 38 point month. Don’t be misconstrued, that is still one hell of a result to have produced over a month. However, that is just 1 month. The more recent results for Ultimate Naps suggest that you can probably expect much more modest results in the long term.

 All of this leads me to one of the biggest points when it comes to Ultimate Naps which is the value for money. Or potentially, the lack thereof. If Simon Gregory was showing similar results to the first 3 months consistently, then even that £47 every 28 days might look pretty reasonable, but he hasn’t. As such, I just think if you are looking at this shorter subscription, this is just expensive.

Naturally, there is much better value to be had the longer that you subscribe for, but given that there is no money back guarantee in place, and the results are a bit mixed… Well, I can’t speak for everybody, but I don’t know how comfortable I’d feel dropping over £100 on a tipster service for 6 months. Especially given that the results aren’t exactly proven.

As such, I don’t think that I would necessarily recommend Ultimate Naps at this time. It is clear to me that there is potential here. I will admit that I don’t necessarily like when results are enhanced using higher level stakes, but as said, even 38 points in a month is a strong result. And if Simon Gregory can do this once, then he should be able to do that again.

What I would personally do with Ultimate Naps is to put it on the back burner for now. It could be that in a few months, you have a much better picture of what to expect for the future. And those results may look better. But as it stands right now, they just don’t warrant the costs involved.  


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