Ultimate NFL Review

Ultimate NFL is a brand new sports betting opportunity from Bet Kudos and “Richard the Ultimate NFL mastermind” that, not surprisingly, provides tips for American Football.

What does the product offer?

Unlike most Bet Kudos products, Ultimate NFL isn’t actually a tipster service as such. Instead Richard says that he will provide purchasers with a complete guide to the 32 teams in the NFL. Ultimate NFL provides reams of top information and stats and figures from the AFC and NFC (the two conferences that make up the NFL) as well as information on the Super Bowl Outright Winner, Super Bowl MVP and the finalists. Bet Kudos go on to say that they’ve looked at all this data and they believe that the info can lead to some “serious NFL profits this season”. As well as the data side of Ultimate NFL, Bet Kudos and Richard say that they will provide progress reports and also offer advice on bets and adjustments to make to get the most profit.

How does the product work?

Ultimate NFL appears to be a self selection programme which means that you will have to look at the data on hand and make selections based off this. That having been said there is some information to the contrary about this. Bet Kudos make reference to progress reports on the recommended bets which to me suggests that there may be some selections however these are likely to be season long bets.

What is the initial investment?

Because Ultimate NFL isn’t a tipster service Bet Kudos are simply charging a one off fee for everything. This means that you can get access to the betting advice as well as the data that Richard and Bet Kudos have generate for £19.95. There isn’t however any real money back guarantee in place with this as the usual Betfan approach is in place. This means that although they don’t typically offer refunds on products they will still review requests.

What is the rate of return?

Given the nature of Ultimate NFL there are no claims in terms of income and this is a fair enough standpoint to take. Ultimately the end results will be based on your selections and activity as well as the odds that you take etc.


Ultimate NFL isn’t overly upfront about what is involved but my best guess is that this is a service that will provide you with bets for winners of certain key events (for example division wines, conference winners etc.).

This isn’t necessarily a bad approach and for some bettors will actually provide a better option than betting on every other game and sinking a small fortune into recovering relatively minimal winnings. For me this sets Ultimate NFL up nicely as a recommendation for the more casual punter who perhaps wants to get the “buzz” of betting on their favourite sports but still favour an edge. That having been said I also feel that to get the most out of Ultimate NFL you should really be somewhat knowledgeable about the sport.



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From: Simon Roberts