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Ultimate Traffic Monster Review Naidy Phoon

Ultimate Traffic Monster is a product by Naidy Phoon that shows you how to generate converting traffic from an untapped source.

What does the product offer?

Naidy Phoon says that Ultimate Traffic Monster will help you to generate traffic for a product or affiliate link through a relatively unknown traffic source. He says that if you have tried things like SEO, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter then you will probably have struggled because these are oversaturated markets with too many people trying to draw traffic from them. Ultimate Traffic Monster comes as a downloadable PDF document that details not just the traffic source, but also how to extract the most from it. Naidy Phoon also provides a number of bonuses with Ultimate Traffic Monster of which the most useful is probably a guide to identifying the right niche for you.

How does the product work?

The traffic source behind Ultimate Traffic Monster is a big part of the product and as such it wouldn’t really be fair to disclose it. That having been said there are enough hints that you should be able to put it together given that Naidy Phoon says that it is used by celebrities and Fortune 500 companies. The traffic source definitely has some potential for generating traffic and again, there is some potential in terms of conversion however Ultimate Traffic Monster does make it sound easier than it really is. There are certain niches that will work much better with the traffic source that Ultimate Traffic Monster uses with health and wellbeing being the main ones.

What is the initial investment?

At the time of writing Ultimate Traffic Monster is being sold for a one time cost of $9.95 although it is worth noting that there are additional upsells involved. One of the high points of Ultimate Traffic Monster is the money back guarantee that Naidy Phoon offers whereby he says that you have 90 days to claim a full refund and furthermore, if you show that you have tried to implement what Ultimate Traffic Monster teaches unsuccessfully, then you will also get the cost of the book back on top of your refund,.

What is the rate of return?

Ultimate Traffic Monster is advertised as having returns of $610.81 per day however this is based on somewhat exceptional circumstances with Naidy Phoon saying the post that generated this result was particularly successful. Realistically I wouldn’t expect massive increases however given the fact that the traffic source doesn’t cost anything any result is profit.


To say that Ultimate Traffic Monster is something entirely new isn’t quite right however there is definitely something to it. The traffic source does have potential however as I’ve touched upon it is better suited to certain niches than others. The fact is that for less than $10 there is a fair amount on offer and whilst it definitely isn’t a business in its own rights, chances are that you’ll pick something up. The fact is that with the money back guarantee in place, Ultimate Traffic Monster is worth a look in and should pay for itself without too much difficulty.



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