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Ultra Gold is the newest service to be launched by the Betfan group. It claims to have produced a massive amount of profit using a simple compounding plan.

Introduction to Ultra Gold

There were two main things that made Ultra Gold jump out at me and both of these are income related. I will cover them in detail, but honestly, it represents a mouth watering proposition if it can deliver. What I can say, is that Betfan are referring to it as “The Ultimate Horse Racing Investment Strategy” and that it “Gives You The Power To Build A Substantial New Betting Income From Just One Simple To Place Bet Each Day”.

Combine these kinds of headlines with the profits that Betfan are claiming for Ultra Gold and you have a service that I believe would pique the interest of anybody who is interested in making money online. With me practically frothing at the mouth with excitement, let’s see whether or not Ultra Gold can deliver on these very bold claims.

What Does Ultra Gold Offer?

Fundamentally, Ultra Gold is a tipster service and a relatively straight forward one at that although it does do things diferrently to most Betfan products. As you would expect, all selections are delivered to subscribers on a daily basis via email as well as being uploaded to a special member’s area. One of the first differences however is that subscribers simply have to place the bets through Betfair, to the starting price.

There is no denying that this is simple however it also goes without saying that this means that you do need an account with the betting exchange in order to make Ultra Gold work.

Another one of these differences is that Betfan exclusively advise bets for Ultra Gold to be backed as a place bet on Betfair. Off the top of my head, I believe that this makes the service one of only a small handful of services within the Betfan group to exclusively use betting exchanges.

As you have probably pieced together, the fact that you are betting to SP as well as place bets makes it rather difficult to get an accurate picture on odds. For example, simply looking at the results for Ultra Gold that I have open at the moment shows odds ranging from 2.72 points all the way up to 11.5 points. Because these are backed as place bets however these fall drastically.

There are two staking plans in place for Ultra Gold as it were. In theory, you could stick to the level stakes staking plan that Betfan use in their proofing (and mention as a viable option in the sales material). This involves staking 3 points on each bet which of course limits your liability on a pounds and pence basis. Alternatively, there is a staking plan which allows you to massively increase your profits. Naturally this involves compounding and is quite an aggressive strategy.

Given that you are betting on a horse to place, you would expect a high strike rate. In the case of Ultra Gold, you would be absolutely right with a strike rate of 74.73% maintained over 5 months. Combine this with some of the higher odds and it is arguably an even more impressive results from the Betfan team.

How Does Ultra Gold Work?

The Betfan group don’t historically provide a lot of information in terms of how their services make selections. In many respects, this is demonstrated with Ultra Gold. We are told that there is a piece of software which ultimately is behind the selections. This software is supposedly bespoke and analyses every UK race and “1,000’s of probabilities”.

Honestly, this is rather vague and I don’t think it is unreasonable to be frustrated by that. On the flip side of this, 5 months of solid results suggest that there must be something to Ultra Gold.

What is the Initial Investment?

There are two options available for Ultra Gold, none of which are what I would consider to be close inexpensive. The first option is a monthly subscription which is priced at £67 per month. One of the major problems with this is that Betfan’s monthly option runs for 28 days which means that you will actually be paying 13 times in the year for Ultra Gold.

Alternatively, there is a quarterly subscription which is priced at £147 every 90 days representing much better value over the course of the year.

What is the Rate of Return?

If you were following Ultra Gold to the level stakes discussed before, the profits would stand at 136.97 points. In and of itself, it is fair to say that this result is not necessarily brilliant on paper. It does however represent an ROI of 50.17%. Much more impressive is the compounded staking plan which would have turned £1,000 into £166,907.56.

This represents an increase on capital of 15,000% which is frankly, incredible. These larger numbers are based off a very aggressive strategy however.

Conclusion on Ultra Gold by Betfan

There is a huge amount to unpack with Ultra Gold. This is in no small part down to the fact that this is possibly one of the best, and almost certainly one of the most original services to come out of the Betfan group for some time. Now I also believe that it is fair to see that there are a few different ways of looking at Ultra Gold and depending on which point of view you take up, it will massively impact your final thoughts on the service.

Taking simple level stakes and betting to place, Ultra Gold does not look great. 137 points of profit over 5 months is not a massive amount of money to be made, but it is respectable enough. Of course this is based on 3 point stakes and can be scaled down which makes it even less impressive. Of course all of this is in many ways irrelevant as this isn’t what Ultra Gold is all about, however it is important to talk about it as Betfan present it as an option.

The real money spinner for Ultra Gold is of course the compounding which can undoubtedly generate massive income. The numbers that are claimed are however subject to terms that I don’t believe will suit everybody.

There are a number of reasons for this however the main one is that in order to get to the numbers required, you essentially cannot take any money out of your betting bank. It also involves very aggressive staking. Of course, nobody will realistically expect to carry this out and expecting to make six figures in 5 months seems very unreasonable. These numbers can however be scaled down and still be impressive.

This brings me to the costs which, as I have mentioned, are not cheap. Of course, if you are investing enough then they will not seem so prohibitive but this isn’t going to suit everybody. In spite of this though, I do still think that there is value to be had here. Ultimately, this is dependent on your bank, discipline etc. but if you are willing to pay what Betfan are asking for Ultra Gold, I can’t see this being a problem.

If you are that sort of person, then Ultra Gold will probably suit you very well but those who are looking for something a little more instantly gratifying would be better suited to a different tipster service.

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Can you contact ultra gold direct or do you have to go through betfan? If you can do you have a link to cantact then?

I joined Ultra Gold a month ago based on your glowing review above, in that month there has been 23 bets 13 have one which is a win rate of 56.52%, the prices of the 13 winners have been extremely skinny at an average of 1.43, I didn’t start with £ 1,000 bank but a £ 200 bank so initially £ 20 bets, after one winner the stake went to £ 21 followed by 4 losers on the trot followed by an inconsistent win lose pattern, I now sit with half my £ 200 bank gone and based on the win odds I will need to have 12 winners on the trot just to get my bank back to £ 200.

Considering all the above and the fact that they are charging £ 80 every 4 weeks for this service unless there is a remarkable recovery in the next 4 weeks I do not think I will be continuing my subscription of Ultra Gold


I can second that to an extent. I have been with the service for about 7 weeks now (joined before the review here, so can’t blaim MMF 🙂

In that period I’ve seen a strike rate of 63% and a total loss of 3,5% but it could have been worse had I not doubted (and, hence, rejected to place them) a few selections. All in all, I had extremely high hopes for this service based on the Betfan marketing campaign, more than I have usually actually, but just like pretty much all the other times I try out a “fantastic” tipster service, the end result is negative and certainly extremely far from the “promises” made in the promotion for the service.

I bought a 6 month subscription so will have to stay with them for a while, but unless we suddenly experience a delivery closely matching the “proofed” historic results, I am not going to renew it. What a disappointment.

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