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Uncover Six Figure Niches Review

Uncover Six Figure Niches is a training program by Rod Cortez on how to find the most profitable niches and use them to your advantage.

What does the product offer?

Uncover Six Figure Niches provides users with advice and insight into not just identifying a profitable niche but also generating an income from it. Rod Cortez has broken down Uncover Six Figure Niches into two modules, How to Generate an Endless Stream of Niche Ideas and How to Analyse a Niche for Profit Potential. These cover the majority of information that you would need to help you identify if your niche is marketable.

How does the product work?

Rod Cortez seems to rely heavily on his own knowledge and experience for Uncover Six Figure Niches. This is all about helping you get a foothold in your chosen marketing field by helping you find an audience. Realistically you would need an approximate marketing plan before embarking in Uncover Six Figure Niches.

What is the initial investment?

At the time of writing Uncover Six Figure Niches is available through the Warrior Forums for $9.10. Rod Cortez also provides users Uncover Six Figure Niches users with a 30 day money back guarantee.

What is the rate of return?

As this isn’t a direct money making opportunity it is difficult to say how much you can make and Rod Cortez doesn’t make any claims about this. Realistically though Uncover Six Figure Niches could make you a reasonable income with the right marketing plan.


Uncover Six Figure Niches seems to be a pretty well put together product and the comments on the Warrior Forums are pretty reassuring. I feel that Uncover Six Figure Niches would be best used by somebody who is looking to expand their online business by moving into new niches. I think that there is some value in this for new users too although I can’t help but feel Uncover Six Figure Niches may be a little overwhelming if you’re new to internet marketing.



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From: Simon Roberts