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Underground Binary Profits Review

Underground Binary Profits is a piece of binary options trading software created by Jacob Garrison.

What does the product offer?

Underground Binary Profits claims to a profitable income with very little investment of your time and effort. Jacob Garrison says that Underground Binary Profits is an automated piece of software and the only time he has to check it is to see how much money he has made in a day. He also claims that his software alters the odds of correctly predicting binary options from a 50/50 chance to 90% or higher.

How does the product work?

Jacob Garrison says that he had the idea for Underground Binary Profits whilst a trader on the foreign exchange (which I find rather confusing as although there are similarities, binary options trading differs greatly from Forex trading). In terms of details about how the software works there aren’t really any.

What is the initial investment?

Underground Binary Profits is a free product but in order to obtain it you do have to open an account with Sycamore Options as it is the only broker that Jacob Garrison allegedly feels is worthwhile.

What is the rate of return?

Underground Binary Profits claims to produce results of between $100 and $1500 per day in profit. Further to this Jacob Garrison shows emails from his broker advising him of profits of between $400 and $600 per trade (which is usually over about 10 minutes).


There doesn’t seem to be anything really different about Underground Binary Profits. In fact it appears to be nothing more than another version of a growing number of other binary options trading systems that offer a free product in order to get people in through the doors only to redirect them to their chosen broker, the only one that they would trust with your money.

What seems more likely is that they are the broker who offers the highest commissions. There are an increasing number of so called Gurus (although Jacob Garrison claims not to be a Guru) offering this kind of service and I struggle to believe that any of them hold weight and Underground Binary Profits seems to be just another example of this.

One of the biggest issues with Underground Binary Profits is that there is no information on Jacob Garrison’s software. This means that you are left putting your trust (and money) in a fundamentally untested program. As the minimum deposit for Sycamore Options is $250 this means that your free program may end up costing you a not inconsiderable amount of money.



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From: Simon Roberts