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Underground System Review

Underground System is a piece of binary option trading software developed by Sam Holden. The system does require you use BO Capital for trading.

What does the product offer?

Sam Holden’s software is binary options trading software but there isn’t anything mentioned outside of this. In fact, this isn’t actually ever mentioned either, it’s only by doing a little digging that it’s possible to find out how Underground System is supposed to work.

How does the product work?

Aside from finding out that Underground System uses binary options trading, there isn’t much more to discuss as Sam Holden doesn’t give out any information at all about how his product works. The only hint that he gives is in his claim that the markets are currently jumpy as bankers are worried about some unspeakable (and not surprisingly unspecified) economic collapse and that his software exploits this jumpiness.

What is the initial investment?

Underground System is free but does require you to sign up with Sam Holden’s chosen binary options traders, BO Capital. Allegedly you can get set up for just a “couple of hundred dollars” with BO Capital.

What is the rate of return?

If you believe Sam Holden’s claims you can expect to make millions of dollars using his system. He shows off a great number of screenshots of his bank accounts with amounts varying from $70,000 right up to $3,279,831.89. Mr. Holden alleges that these are not doctored and represent his income from using his system.


There doesn’t seem to be anything new in terms of Underground System. It appears to be nothing more than another version of a hundred other binary options trading systems. The fact that the product is free goes some way to redemption but when you bear in mind that Sam Holden likely earns money by referring users to BO Capital this raises another point of contention.

Sam Holden says that he provides Underground System to users to free so that they too can make it through the aforementioned economic ruin that he claims to be anticipating. The fact that there is very little evidence of this being the economic future doesn’t stop Mr. Holden from using the idea of a dystopian future to bully and cajole people into signing up to his system, in turn probably earning him commission from BO Capital.

The fact that he obfuscates his link with BO Capital just casts the whole set up in a questionable light and it is when looking at a lot of these systems in this light you begin to see where they fall apart, it is simply that Underground System isn’t good enough, even at no cost.



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