Unity Racing Investments Review

Unity Racing Investments is a horse racing tipster operated by Betfan and a tipster referred to only as Matt that aims to provide long term profits to subscribers.

What does the product offer?

The approach that Matt has taken with Unity Racing Investments is rather interesting when laid down next to most Betfan products. Rather than focussing on a 3 month burst of profits which are strongly suggested to be the norm, Unity Racing Investments has a much more measured look. This may in part be down to just how long the service has been proofed for (something that I will get to later) or the fact that Matt seems to be pretty genuine when he talks about horse racing, but either way my first impressions are positive.

In terms of the service, Unity Racing Investments doesn’t do too much that immediately jumps out at you, that is to say that it is a daily tipster service with selections sent out via email.

The volume of bets is in line with what I would expect from this kind of service (Unity Racing Investments usually offers around 3 bets per day although this can be somewhat higher). Where Unity Racing Investments does  stand out is in the types of bets that you will be placing.

Whilst the majority are singles and each way, Matt likes to advise of the occasional each way Trixie.

In terms of the numbers side of things, Unity Racing Investments does deviate from the standard Betfan approach of staking 5 points per bet in favour of 1 point level stakes (with Trixie’s staked at 0.2 points per bet meaning an overall stake of 1.6 points).

Given the kind of odds that Matt advises, this is a good thing as Unity Racing Investments tends to err towards selections where there is value to be had. This means that you can expect some losing streaks (there is an 11 loss streak on display this month alone).

This is something that is reflected in the strike rate which over the last 6 months has averaged just 17.2%.

How does the product work?

Matt says that he was introduced to horse racing at a young age and that he has grown up surrounded by the sport with both his father and grandfather being involved to some degree or another.

Drawing on this and his claimed upbringing in areas famous for horse racing, Matt says that he has gone on to build up “several key contacts” in horse racing.

He was then introduced to “a fellow horse player” and poker expert which is where the concept for Unity Racing Investments started to develop.

The methods behind selections for Unity Racing Investments weren’t developed to be used for a tipster service however with a desire to help others, Matt says that there was an organic process.

In terms of the actual system behind Unity Racing Investments, it is claimed to be predominantly be based on a piece of software developed by Matt and his unnamed partner.

This software looks at things like speed ratings as well as a proprietary handicap rating. This is combined with inside knowledge and personal judgement. If a horse passes all of this, then it will be issued as a selection to Unity Racing Investments subscribers.

What is the initial investment?

Betfan offer two subscription offers for Unity Racing Investments which are a monthly subscription (actually 28 days) and a quarterly subscription (actually 90 days). These are priced at £39 and £58.50 which means that it does represent a substantial saving (working out at just £19.50 per month).

As is typical for products from the Betfan Group, there is no real money back guarantee in place. This is unfortunate; however, it is in line with most tipster services. The team do actually say that they will review any requests for a refund, however this is conditioned with the addendum that they are not typically given.

What is the rate of return?

Over the 3 years that it has been proofed, Unity Racing Investments has managed to achieve a very respectable 1224.7 points. This initially sounds great even (averaging around 400 points per year), however a look at the year to date paints a slightly different picture.

In actuality, over the course of this year, Unity Racing Investments has made a profit of 122.55 points which is a very small percentage of the result.

This isn’t a bad result and there are those who would say that a win is a win, but it is worth factoring in that for the year you would have had to pay a minimum of £234 for the service for 12 months.


It is clear from looking at the broader historical data that Unity Racing Investments has at some point been a strong performing tipster service. This does provide me with some hope for the future, however I feel that it is more important to look at the current form, especially when it has demonstrated such a consistent trend.

The fact that Matt has guided Unity Racing Investments to a profit is noteworthy and the fact that he has done so to 1 point stakes is also admirable (some Betfan services that utilise their 5 point staking system would report profits of more than 600 points).

The question that stands for me is whether or not Unity Racing Investments represents value for money, something that cannot necessarily be simply broken down.

For example, if one were to use £10 stakes, so far this year you could have made around £1,000 profit which isn’t too bad for the year, and yet to do this, some months would see you bet well in excess of £1,000 which means that the actual return on investment simply isn’t that great.

I would like to think that Unity Racing Investments can be taken back to its previously high profits however it hard to overlook the fact that the lesser profits demonstrated over the last 11 months aren’t going anywhere.

Would I personally want to buy into Unity Racing Investments? I think given the other options that are available, I would have to say no, however it is a service that may be worth keeping on your radar for the future.



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Comments (3)


I would just like to have a chance to thank you for your review. I am pleased that you put focus on our characters. I am glad that some of the things we have done haven’t fallen on deaf ears. We take pride in being honest. This for us is all about giving back and the satisfaction of knowing that our clients who go through the motions every day never doubting and never missing a bet. Can make good profits.

I hate using points to justify everything i think RETURN ON INVESTMENT is key.

Now there are just a few parts that i feel are not correct and i would like to share our views if that’s ok?

– On the day that this review was posted Unity was up 184 points for the year which was gained over two days prior. I guess your review stopped before that.

If you go back 1 whole year from today our ROI is 19.57 % while our all time ROI stands at 19.53 % hardly any difference between them. I am sure there are not that many tipsters that have that level of consistency over as many bets as we have had.
This is simply because the good times as you say back in 2014 we had just got going and had a really nice summer but at the time we were betting to 5 point stakes to keep up with the other tipsters around us.

It was a whirlwind in terms of points on the board and we quickly gained tons of clients. Then we hit a losing month and most of these clients left us simply because of when they joined. Then it hit me we had shed around 150 points from our gains which means for clients that joined at that peak could have been down 150 points in cash terms it has the potential to harm. That is not what we wanted from our service there are vulnerable people out there.

For us it was important to start staking less. At this time we were well off our top numbers which meant we would have to gain those back with smaller stakes. It was probably the hardest thing imagine being 150 points in a hole and now staking 1 point a bet to get out of it! We did that for our clients to really prove our edge although the move was wasted on the majority and also to ensure we give every one the best chance of success.

If we didn’t care, we could have kept proofing 5 points and we would be the top performer on Betfan in points terms or very close to it and gain more clients. Yet we simply had to do the right thing.

We are looking for clients who wish to grow accounts not just flat stake £10 it may start off that way but for the same monthly fee you have the chance to grow your money that will then generate more money yet you make even more as our fees stay the same If you grew to £50 bets over time then the fees would then be very reasonable as would the gains and from there if you grew slowly to £100 bets you would then be earning 15k plus a year for only around £300. Also to help people get going Betfan have just offered a full year for my service for £8 per month £96 per year. Its not about the money.

You say there are other services that are more profitable which may well be true. Yet 200 points in a full year backwards is a pretty good result over all especially with 1 point level stakes. It takes into account all rule 4s as well and i think we had only 3 losing months. 2 of which were under 5 points. Just think if we stakes 5 points we would have 1000 points this year and that would put us top of the betfan tree.

I hope this reply doesn’t offend you i just think you under estimate how difficult this game is to make money. Many tipsters post unrealistic odds i have never had a message to say my clients cant get a price and i even adjust the odds advised if i feel the price has gone while i send them out. that alone probably costs me!

All the best Matt Unity Racing Investments

MakeMoneyForum Admin

Hello Matt,

Thank you for your reply, and your input does not offend us at all.

It is always good to hear the from vendors, and their responses to our reviews are always respected, and appreciated.

We have no doubt on your sincerity regarding your product/service; our review reflected that, and we wish you good luck with it.



Well just an update form us at Unity we completed our 4th year in a row of profits! It was a difficult year all in all yet we were still able to produce 8.5% return on investment and 80+ points to 1 point level stakes. Not our best performance but we have already started to generate a profit this year. With many lessons learned over the last 4 years we are hoping for our best year ever !

Kind regards Matt

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