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US Racing Experts is a relatively new horse racing tipster service which is being offered through the Betting Gods tipster platform. As the name suggests, it is concerned with US horse racing with selections coming courtesy of tipster, James.

Introduction to US Racing Experts

One of the things that I talk a lot about when it comes to building a betting portfolio is the idea of diversification. This is quite important in my eyes because of one simple reason. There are only so many tipster service/betting systems you can look at for UK horse racing and top European football before you start treading on your own toes.

As such, the smart move is to start looking at betting markets where you don’t run the risk of having the same bets from multiple sources over and over, or advice to back multiple horses in one race from different tipsters. And this is exactly where something like US Racing Experts looks like a solid option.

The fact is that there are a lot of niche sport tipster services out there, but there is a reason that horse racing is bet on so often. You can genuinely get that edge. And with Betting Gods offering US Racing Experts which won’t involve betting on something that you already have adequate coverage of, whilst also, utilising (theoretically) tried and tested approaches that work for UK and Irish horse racing. Well, it looks like a pretty attractive proposition, right? 

What Does US Racing Experts Offer?

One of the things that I really like about US Racing Experts is the lack of complexity. This is very much a straightforward tipster service and I don’t think that this is by any means a bad thing (although it does come with some pitfalls as I will explore). Especially when it is combined with the sort of no nonsense management that Betting Gods typically bring to their tipsters.

So, what can you expect from US Racing Experts? One of the things that jumps out at me rather immediately is the fact that this just isn’t going to be a daily affair. This seems to be down to a number of different factors. One element is that there simply days when there just aren’t that many races in the US. But more than this, it seems that James is actually very selective about what he bets on. Another positive in my book.

This does of course mean that Betting Gods won’t be bombarding you with emails. In fact, there are periods of as many as 5 days between bets on some occasions. However, when there are bets available, you get the usual strong standard that you expect.

Selections are made available a number of ways. As mentioned, they are of course sent out by email. These will typically land between 7am and 9am making US Racing Experts pretty accessible for most people. Alternatively, they are uploaded to a member’s area, as well as being put out through the Betting Gods app (probably the best option in my opinion). This is available on iOS and Android and allows push notifications through as the bets are made available.

In terms of the bets themselves, as you would expect, a selective approach means that you are getting a relatively low volume service. On average there are just 64 bets per month (around 2 per day), however this isn’t necessarily the full story.

The fact is that you may well be placing quite a large number of bets in a given day. But this doesn’t mean that you are backing a large number of horses. In actuality, the nature of US Racing Experts means that of 8 bets on a given day, 6 of these may be spread across 2 horses (3 bets on each).

This brings me to the bet types that are involved. As you would probably expect, the bulk of James’ selections are win bets. This is typical for most horse racing tipsters. However the US betting market opens up a few other bet types. These include place bets, as well as a show bet. A type of bet where you are backing a horse to finish 1st, 2nd or 3rd.

This type of bet, as well as the place bets, are something that is not typically made available through bookies. As such, whilst you could use bookmakers for the win bets, probably the best advice for US Racing Experts is to bet exclusively through Betfair. Especially as you don’t typically get decent early odds with US horse racing here in the UK. 

Now, you might well think that given what I have described so far, you wouldn’t see high odds with US Racing Experts. But you would be very much wrong. Whilst Betting Gods point out that the average odds are some 7.60, you will quite frequently see bets with odds that are into double figures. An element that is actually pretty integral to how the service works.

Finally, there are a few other points that are worth talking about. First of all, there is the staking plan. I talked about the lack of complexity back at the start of this and this is very much something that is on display with what James advises you stake if following US Racing Experts.

The majority of bets are simple level stakes of 1 point per bet. There are also occasional bets which are advised to slightly higher stakes, but never exceeding 5 points on a bet. This means that the 100 point betting bank that James and Betting Gods recommend for US Racing Experts should be more than robust enough to take any losing streaks.

And these losing streaks are something that you should expect. With a strike rate of 20.02%, US Racing Experts isn’t something that will work for those who want win after win. Furthermore, it is not uncommon to see losing streaks of 10 or more bets, sometimes in just one day (which to be fair to James is down to the approach for US Racing Experts).

How Does US Racing Experts Work?

As is the case with anything from the Betting Gods team, it is rather disappointing that there is no real information provide on what the selection process for US Racing Experts entails. This is something that is definitely disappointing to me. I have long said that as a punter, you should be able to understand a little bit about what you are getting yourself into when you sign up for a tipster service.

With that said, there are a few things to consider here. First of all, it seems quite apparent to me that a big part of James’ approach is based around getting value on a bet, as well as that selectivity. I don’t believe that this is a tipster service that is in any way based around throwing it at the wall and seeing what sticks.

None the less, this is all just speculation on my behalf. The truth is that I would liked to have seen just a little bit of information here. Mostly for two reasons. Firstly, because US Racing Experts is ultimately a niche product, I don’t think it is unreasonable to want to know a bit about what you are getting into. Secondly, there is no ignoring the fact that those losing streaks can be intimidating. It is difficult to justify blindly following a tipster when they have had 2 winners from 43 bets.

With all of that said, there is some mitigation in the fact that Betting Gods provide very comprehensive proofing that goes all the way back to June. This means some 7 months of evidence so you can at least get a good idea of what to expect from US Racing Experts.

What is the Initial Investment?

There are two different options that are available if you want to subscribe to US Racing Experts. The first one that Betting Gods offer is a monthly subscription. This is priced at £29 (plus VAT) per month which is honestly, pretty reasonable. Alternatively, you can sign up for the whole year for a cost of £279 (plus VAT) which represents a 15% saving.

On top of this, both options for US Racing Experts come with a one week trial which will cost you just £1. They also come with a full 30 day money back guarantee should you find that the service isn’t really for you. This is something that I know that Betting Gods are very good at honouring.

What is the Rate of Return?

Since proofing with Betting Gods began in June, US Racing Experts has seen a profit of 199.3 points. This is a very strong result for the time period and the selective nature. This means an average monthly profit of 24.9 points which is also very strong. This does include a few losing months though (totaling some 39 points) so this isn’t entirely consistent.

What really shines when it comes to US Racing Experts in my opinion though is the ROI. This stands at a very impressive 37.18% at the time of writing. This demonstrates how there is strong potential here for sustained long term profits.

Conclusion for US Racing Experts

I can say with considerable confidence that there is a lot to like about US Racing Experts. A lot of the time when it comes to the more niche side of betting, you find yourself in a position whereby you are clearly looking at something that is good, but also isn’t necessarily good enough to stand alone. But what James is doing here just about qualifies here though.

What I mean by this is that in something of a rarity, US Racing Experts isn’t just the kind of tipster service I would implore you to think about if you were already betting on the more popular disciplines (especially UK horse racing and European football). I would go as far as to say that it could feasibly be recommended instead of them.

Now this isn’t necessarily because I believe that US Racing Experts is really that much better than tipsters offering tips on those more popular disciplines. Because it isn’t. But it is roughly on par with them, but at significantly less money, whilst also not carrying the caveat of needing multiple bookmaker accounts etc. Don’t forget, this whole thing can be done entirely through Betfair.

So, there are some very clear positives already, simply from the concept of US Racing Experts. Factor in the pricing (which is bloody reasonable compared to a lot of services on the market) and the profits and you really do have something that is very attractive, however you aim to use it.

For my money, I will say that I do still think that this would be best utilised as part of a wider portfolio. Simply because whilst the performance is on par with what you typically see form more mainstream tipster services, I do think that there is very much an element of putting all your eggs in one basket when you go all in on something a bit niche.

Other than that, though, this really seems like a very viable option for those who want something a little bit different to their betting. Is it an absolute game changer? Absolutely not. And will you win month on month? Demonstrably no.

However, what I have seen from US Racing Experts so far is a tipster service that has the potential to steadily produce profits over the long term. Furthermore, it is able to do so without affecting any of your other betting (at least for most people. I’m sure there will always be the odds one). This makes it a very solid option that is really worth a deeper look.


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