USA Profit Club Review

USA Profit Club is a horse racing tipster service which is operated by Simon Pettit. As the name of the service suggests, he claims that he is able to produce a profit through US racing.

Introduction to USA Profit Club

I don’t think that there has been a better time to be a tipster on American horse racing than right now. Given everything that is going on, by which of course I mean the Coronavirus, it has become one of the biggest betting markets here in the UK. And honestly, I really wouldn’t be surprised to learn that this newfound popularity will keep some fans coming back to it once everything settles down as well.

And with that increased interest comes a wealth of tipsters, such as Simon Pettit, who all of a sudden are an expert on the US market. Or at least, according to USA Profit Club, he has been an expert for considerably longer. This is very interesting to me because whilst there have been a lot of tipsters suddenly popping up talking about how they’ve turned their attention across the pond and cracked the code, few claim longevity.

This means that if USA Profit Club is all above board, and Simon Pettit is genuinely able to deliver on the results, it is a tipster service in a very strong position right now. Unfortunately, there remain some questions about the results. In fact, there are a few questions about the wider service. I will of course try to keep an open mind, but let’s dive straight in and see if this really works.  

What Does USA Profit Club Offer?

One of the things that stands out to me about USA Profit Club is just how simple the service is. Honestly, in many respects, there isn’t a single element of this that I would consider to be overly original or different (there is one huge exception to this). Not that this has to be a bad thing. In actual fact, in my experience a lot of tipsters start to go wrong when they overcomplicate a situation.

Now the simplicity of USA Profit Club runs through pretty much every element of the service so there isn’t really an “obvious” jumping off point. Because of this, I think it’s pretty reasonable to start with the logistics of following Simon Pettit’s advice.

First things first, this is a daily tipster service. Now usually, I make this statement and then talk about how there may be the odd no bet day. However, from what I have seen of USA Profit Club, I simply don’t believe that this will be the case. A fact that is in no small part down to the sheer volume of bets involved, a point I will be exploring in detail.

As you would expect from any modern tipster service, Simon Pettit’s selections are sent out directly via email. These are usually sent out in the afternoon, any time between 12pm and 3pm. With racing generally starting in the US around 5pm, this doesn’t leave a huge window to get the bets for USA Profit Club placed.

On top of this, the quality of said emails is a little bit lacking. Don’t get me wrong, there is clear information on which horse you should be backing etc. but that is about all that you get. Because of this lack of information and the late time tips are sent, an odds comparison website becomes quite an important thing.

Especially because the horses that are being advised are all pretty low to middling odds. This means that not just are your profits per bet potentially a bit mediocre, but you also have very little time to see where the best value is to be had. You certainly shouldn’t expect anything from Simon Pettit in this regard.  

Moving on to the topic of the bets, everything is a straight win bet. This definitely goes a long way to establishing the ease of use. It also means that by and large, you shouldn’t find too much in the way of restrictions when pursuing those best possible odds.

Now earlier on, I mentioned that there is an exception to how unexceptional USA Profit Club is and it is time to address that. Namely, the volume of bets. According to Simon Pettit’s own evidence, in 16 days 67 bets were placed. Elsewhere, we are told to expect between 1 and 6 bets on a given day.

In and of itself, that doesn’t sound like a massive amount I suppose. It is definitely higher volume than I believe most tipsters would be comfortable with, but it isn’t too out there. That is, until you consider the fact that Simon Pettit also says that you just need a betting bank of 50 points.

Even though USA Profit Club utilises a pretty simple level staking plan of 1 point per bet, this still means that using the sample period provided, you have bet some 130% of your betting bank in a little over a fortnight. All it takes is a bit of a bad run at that volume to bankrupt you, and that is something that concerns me greatly.

Especially because the claimed strike rate is also pretty far from exceptional. The average is pretty close to 25% which means that mathematically, you need to be winning consistently at an average of 3/1, just in order to maintain everything.

Now, Simon Pettit’s “proofing” shows this happening, but that is entirely unsubstantiated. Furthermore,  my experience suggests that you will be dealing with much lower odds that are actually available, compared to the kind of thing that you can supposedly get.

How Does USA Profit Club Work?

Another huge issue when it comes to USA Profit Club is the fact that there isn’t actually any information on what the selection process actually entails. Truthfully, the whole gimmick of the service just seems to be the fact that you are betting on racing in the US. That just really isn’t good enough in my opinion.

Honestly, the whole focus here seems to be on proving that things work mathematically. For example, Simon Pettit talks about you mane make such and such an amount of profit because the average monthly points profit is blah blah blah. It’s all crap and given the fact that USA Profit Club seems to be mostly working with his numbers that are provided with no real evidence backing them up, this means even less in terms of the big picture.

It isn’t even like there is anything provided in the way of proofing that you could look at and say to yourself “Yeah, I can see how this might work”. Sure, there are a string of highly questionable winning betting slips from Betfair, and there is a table that supposedly shows previous experience, but that is a long way from comprehensive and barely constitutes an overview.

And just to nail home that point again, there is no information on the selection process. Given what is said, Simon Pettit may as well be throwing darts at a board and honestly, that could well be the case. There isn’t a single thing about USA Profit Club that tells you how it works, what you can expect for the future, or even that there is any understanding of horse racing if I’m honest. All of which is greatly concerning.

What is the Initial Investment?

There are actually two options that are available if you want to sign up for USA Profit Club. The first of these is a one time fee of £30 (plus VAT). For this, Simon Pettit says that he will provide you with selections until UK horse racing resumes or a minimum of 60 days.

Alternatively, you can sign up for USA Profit Club until the end of 2020. This is also a one time charge however, it is priced at £50 (again, plus VAT). Interestingly, this is advertised as being 8 months of selections, despite launching towards the back end of April. A small distinction, but it is part of a wider number of criticisms I have.

 On the subject of said criticisms, it is very interesting to me that Simon Pettit doesn’t mention that there is a full 60 day money back guarantee in place with USA Profit Club. This is being sold by Clickbank who offer it on almost all of their products and generally are very good at honouring this. As such, it is highly suspicious to me that this isn’t mentioned.

What is the Rate of Return?

One thing that I will say about USA Profit Club is that there aren’t any particularly extravagant claims made in terms of the income potential. There is no headline saying you’ll make a five figure income or thousands of pounds per day. Instead, Simon Pettit takes a much more subtle approach to showing off some (in my opinion) incredibly high profit numbers.

First things first, there is a claimed profit of 321.76 points over the course of 2019. That is within the realm of possibility if I’m honest, however, I would also say that most genuine tipsters would consider that to be a very good year. This number doesn’t come with any proofing however.

The implication that stands out to me however is that on average, each month you will take over half of your betting bank as profit. Those kinds of returns are crazy and frankly, I don’t believe them. The fact that this conveniently attractive return is the result of a calculation based on numbers that Simon Pettit has provided for USA Profit Club with no evidence is highly concerning. It is also at odds with what I have seen so far.

Conclusion for USA Profit Club

I was quite excited when I first received word of USA Profit Club and even glanced at the sales page. As I said in my introduction, there is a lot to be said for longevity in the niches that people are betting on at the time of writing. Unfortunately, that initial excitement just doesn’t seem to have been warranted.

There are so many criticisms that I could level at USA Profit Club that I really don’t know where to start. Some of the things are quite obvious. I find the lack of proofing to be very frustrating, for example. Simon Pettit clearly knows enough to talk about his past results (and provide the list that breaks own said results), but he doesn’t actually show them.

Now it could be that there is a genuine reason for this. Or alternatively, it could well be because these historic results are simply made up to look good. And whilst there is more supporting evidence for more recent results, I can’t help but ask why we are only shown the winning bets.

Again, this could be an entirely innocent thing, but given many other elements of USA Profit Club, I don’t believe this to be the case. Honestly, the best case scenario that I can see for this is that you are looking at cherry picked results that can be brought together to show some kind of profit.

As well as this, I really don’t believe that the financial side of things adds up. A 50 point betting bank isn’t nearly as big as it sounds. And if you are averaging 4 bets per day (which Simon Pettit claims that he is) then a bad week can be half of your betting bank gone. Given the odds hat you will be dealing with, recovery can then become a problem.  

But one of the biggest issues is something that really, I don’t think most people would have picked up on. The fact that USA Profit Club comes with a full 60 day money back guarantee and Simon Pettit goes out of his way not to tell you is a huge cause for concern. Especially because in stating that he will offer selections for this period as a minimum strongly suggests that he is well aware of it.

Combine all of this and you have a service that for me, just doesn’t warrant recommending. There are just too many elements that I find to be very concerning. Elements that I have seen repeated in the numerous highly questionable tipster services I Have looked at before. And the fact that Simon Pettit doesn’t provide anything substantive in the way of evidence to allay those fears speaks volumes.

Honestly, the best thing that I can say about USA Profit Club is that it isn’t that expensive. About the worst thing that I can say is that this is appears to be a service that exists to cynically cash in on the current pandemic and the lack of sports. Is that definitively the case? Not at all. I could well be wrong. But I would be quite surprised if I were.


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