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USA Racing Club is a new horse racing tipster service operated by the Winning Information Network arm of the Betfan group. Actual selections for the service come from a tipster known only as Jimmy Welsh.

What does the product offer?

It would be ignorant of me to say that I have never been aware of American horse racing, however I have always reserved a little disdain for our cousins over the pond. Perhaps it simply boils down to the fact that UK horse racing is on when I’m up and about. More likely than not however, it is probably just that I don’t know a lot about the horse racing scene outside of what I’ve seen in a few Hollywood films.

Elsewhere, Betfan have continued to grow their range of products from the norm and this latest offering fits the trend. As the name suggests, it is a horse racing tipster service that focuses exclusively on US horse racing. Although the tipster behind the service, Jimmy Welsh has worked with Betfan before on Shrewd Tipster (for almost 7 years now), USA Racing Club is a very different beast logistically.

Selections are focussed around the weekend with bets running for any combination of days, Friday through to Monday. Bets themselves are however very straight forward with USA Racing Club only advising that bets are backed as straight win bets. These cover a massive variety of different odds ranging from close to evens, all the way up to 3/1. It is very early days for USA Racing Club too so I would expect that there are going to be better odds available in the future.

In terms of the numbers, Jimmy Welsh uses a staking plan for USA Racing Club not dissimilar to the one typically used by Betfan. Rather than simply betting 5 points per bet, every bet, USA Racing Club instead staggers staking from 2 points, all the way up to the maximum of 5 points. Generally speaking you will be asked to stake the top end of this range however so there is still a strong possibility that betting costs for USA Racing Club will start to add up. Unfortunately, Winning Information Network have not published a strike rate for USA Racing Club, however I would estimate that based off results to date, it is at best around 30%.

How does the product work?

When it comes to USA Racing Club, Jimmy Welsh rather unfortunately doesn’t really go into any detail on what his selection process entails. I do however find it interesting that Winning Information Network appear to present Jimmy Welsh as a new tipster that they have been fortunate to tie down like this. This is a somewhat unscrupulous move on their behalf. Especially as I would consider a 7 year working relationship more appealing than being told that USA Racing Club is simply operated by a “Master Stateside Tipster” (I do concede that this may be somebody new, but I am rather familiar with Betfan and how they reuse tipsters so I am definitely doubtful of this).

So whilst USA Racing Club doesn’t go into any detail in terms of the selection process, Jimmy Welsh’s other service with the Betfan group does. There was a strong focus on identifying betting opportunities that have a potential for profit. There are loads of different things that Jimmy Welsh suggested that he loked into with Shrewd Tipster. Ranging from things like the relationship between jockey and horse to whether there were proven front runners in the race and even things like are their any biases for a certain track.

I have very little doubt that this kind of methodical and thorough approach is also applied to USA Racing Club, the difference is that it focusrs on much fewer races in the long term.

What is the initial investment?

There are numerous different options available for those who wish to subscriber to USA Racing Club however the main two are a monthly and a quarterly subscription. The monthly subscription runs for 28 days and is available for £33 (plus VAT) per month. The quarterly subscription runs for 90 days and costs £66 (plus VAT). This isn’t everything however, and at the time of writing, both subscriptions for the service are available for the first 14 days on a trial basis for just £1.

As Winning Information Network are a part of the Betfan group, this does mean that there is unfortunately no real money back guarantee in place. The team do however say that whilst they don’t typically offer refunds on their products, they will review any requests. If they believe it is reasonable to do so, Betfan may look to provide a refund.

What is the rate of return?

At the time of writing this, we are still pretty early into February and so the results for USA Racing Club may not reflect the longer term. The service was launched off the back of profits of 85.88 points in a single month. Since then, Jimmy Welsh has guided USA Racing Club to a loss of 27 points so far for the month. This is far from monumental, but it still represents a pretty significant downturn in profitability.


It’s a complete cop out to say that it is early days for a service and that you should wait and see, but in the case of USA Racing Club, I simply don’t see what other advice to give. There are a number of factors at work when I consider this and I wish to explain my reasoning and help to demonstrate that there is a strong balance of probability at play here.

First of all, there is USA Racing Club as it exists. US based horse racing tipster services are almost unheard of here in the UK, and if I am frank, I haven’t really seen too many on the other side of the pond either. This seems to be in a large part down to the rather draconian laws that America has on horse racing and bookmakers. There is also the small factor that gambling was somewhat demonised in America for a long time and whilst there is a shift underway, it is a long way from the organisation of betting in the UK.

So with all of that in mind, it is actually a bit of a wonder that a tipster has emerged who is claiming to be able to consistently identify winners in US horse racing. There is however a minor problem with this in and of itself which is that horse breeders in the US often breed their horses to win a certain type of race and by some accounts, err dangerously close to crooked which can make identifying genuine patterns difficult.

If anybody can find these however, it is Jimmy Welsh and this combined with a strong first month of profits (don’t forget that these have come from simply betting on races over the weekend), there is some hope for USA Racing Club. A big factor is that it isn’t too badly priced and there is also the fact that it is a difficult thing to find a new angle on betting, something that I believe that USA Racing Club offers.

Ultimately, I would say I am cautiously optimistic about Winning Information Network’s newest offering. That having been said, I wouldn’t give this the all clear at this moment in time. This is one that definitely needs a good few months to let itself run, and only then will the results really tell us anything.


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