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USA Racing Gold is a new to market horse racing tipster service which is being offered through WAP Bets. The selections themselves come courtesy of tipster Michael Harris.

Introduction to USA Racing Gold

One of the things that I think is really quite interesting about Covid-19 and the Coronavirus pandemic that you won’t hear discussed (frankly, because it’s so niche) is how it changed betting habits. Before everything happened, I can’t think of many services that tended to look “outside the box”. Sure, you might see a very occasional tipster that looked at esports. There may have been a few looking at more American sports like the NFL or basketball. But it was a rarity. Now though, the world seems to be a much more open betting market.

Now, USA Racing Gold wasn’t a service that popped up as a response to the terrible pandemic. In actual fact, the proofing that WAP Bets supply goes all the way back to December 2019. This is by far and away one of the more reassuring things about this. Because it means that Michael Harris isn’t one of the many experts who suddenly started appearing in these sports that were available. Instead, he seemingly has a genuine track record and at least some understanding of the sport. And honestly, the profits aren’t too bad either.

Of course, all of this has to be incredibly tempered. There are some absolutely huge gulfs that exist within USA Racing Gold. And whilst I don’t necessarily want to paint them as being this massive “make or break” thing, it is a reason for concern. As are, in some respects, those aforementioned profits. The fact of the matter is that Michael Harris presents a lot to consider, so, with that in mind let’s get straight into it.

What Does USA Racing Gold Offer?

It is always easier for me in this line of work when a tipster stable like WAP Bets is involved. There are a few reasons for this, but one of the most important is that there is generally a consistency to their management. And USA Racing Gold isn’t any different. Don’t get me wrong, because of what he is betting on, Michael Harris does have to do some things that are contrary to the norm, but this is out of necessity for the betting market involved.  

Now one of these key differences is the time frames in which you will be betting with USA Racing Gold. With 3 time zones across the US and tracks on both coasts and a host in between, you will be betting on races that take place deep into the night. This isn’t a bad thing though. As WAP Bets (and I often do myself) highlight, betting on UK horse racing doesn’t work if you work a 9-5.

As you would probably anticipate, that does mean that you will receive selections in the evening. And you can also expect them most evenings of the week, however, WAP Bets do say that Michael Harris doesn’t send bets out for the sake of it and if there is no value. This is very welcome for USA Racing Gold and is better than most services.

Another thing that is welcome is the fact that you don’t just receive tips via email. Whilst you can expect that, USA Racing Gold also has a Telegram group managed by WAP Bets. This is an app on your phone, and in my experience, it means that there is less chance of missing bets in your email inbox. It is also supposedly the fastest way to receive and send messages too which I suppose can help you get the best possible value.

This is something that you will probably want to do if you are following USA Racing Gold. Whilst the average odds of 5.65 seem reasonable, it is not an entirely accurate reflection of what you are getting here. In actual fact, Michael Harris is a combination of quite low odds, and quite high odds. There isn’t much here that I would say counts as “an average”. As such, using an odds comparison site is a pretty smart move.

Honestly, it is something that is attainable as well. Whilst I don’t think that USA Racing Gold is necessarily a low volume betting service, nor is it particularly high. In actual fact, I would be inclined to say that it is all very moderate. Even on the busiest days, you will only be placing about 3 bets.

Whilst we’re on the topic of bets, one thing that I can definitely respect about USA Racing Gold is that Michael Harris isn’t afraid to use different betting markets where appropriate. Now, this is ultimately horse racing, so you are very limited. But it is nice to see that longer shots are backed on an each way basis. Something that with a decent strike rate, can help keep your betting bank afloat during less profitable runs.

This each way betting also has something of a knock on effect with USA Racing Gold as bets are generally all backed to level stakes of 2 points. With that said, there are the odd bets that are just 1 point, and in cases where Michael Harris is particularly confident, WAP Bets say that you might be staking as much as 5 points on a bet.

Whilst that might sound intimidating, it is worth noting that this doesn’t seem to have happened yet. Furthermore, WAP Bets generally recommend a reasonable enough betting bank. This should theoretically cover your drawdown, but that will all depend on what kind of value you are able to get (a point that will become salient a little later on).

As a final aside, I just want to mention the strike rate for USA Racing Gold. This stands at 27.99% which doesn’t look too bad given those average odds. But I am not necessarily convinced that it is something that ends up actually working out. In no small part down to that fact that the odds aren’t reflected in that average.

How Does USA Racing Gold Work?

One of the things that I like about USA Racing Gold is that we are given at least some insight into Michael Harris’s process. Now, WAP Bets don’t tend to make their tipsters go into great amounts of detail, and I tend to think that is fair enough. But there is usually at least something. Here, we are given some insight into the tipsters past and how that has impacted his betting.

Effectively, it boils down to the fact that he spent around ten years in the US, where his interest in the USA racing scene “really peaked and he started to develop his techniques”. Honestly, I have little reason to doubt this narrative. I fully believe that he probably did spend that time in the US, and if I were living over there, I’d probably end up following that scene more than that here in the UK.

The bit that bothers me a little is that reference to developing “techniques”. I would have liked to have seen some insight into what the difference in approach entails. Especially because, as WAP Bets point out themselves, horse racing in the US is a bit of a different creature to the UK with a focus on fast paced shorter races.

Of course, it is worth mentioning the point that WAP Bets do also provide a good years worth of proofing for USA Racing Gold. This means that at the very least, you can get some kind of idea about what results you may see. It isn’t a replacement for that insight in terms of making an informed decision, but it is still welcome data.

What is the Initial Investment?

At the time of writing this, there are three different subscriptions available for USA Racing Gold. Now what is interesting about these is that WAP Bets say that they are all limited offerings and that the costs may increase in the future. However, there is no reference to what these prices may actually go up to. So that is definitely something to keep in mind.

The cheapest option if you sign up to USA Racing Gold is the monthly subscription. This is priced at £37 and to be fair, it is actually monthly. It is also a relatively inexpensive cost for a tipster service. If you are looking for slightly better value, you can sign up on a quarterly subscription. This is priced at £74 per quarter.

By far and away the best value comes from signing up for 6 months. For this, WAP Bets and Michael Harris are asking just £97 for USA Racing Gold. This works out at just £16.16 per month, however, that does come with the caveat that you have that significant initial outlay. Adding to this is the fact that they don’t offer any money back guarantee on their services. As such, if you want to extract that maximum possible value you need to really be committed.

What is the Rate of Return?

At the start of this review, I talked about a gulf that exists within USA Racing Gold. And it is now time to address exactly what I mean by this. So, at the time of writing, Michael Harris has produced a profit of around 371 points. Over the course of coming on 18 months, that is a very respectable number in my opinion. However, that result has been attained using BOG. If you look at the industry start price, over the same period of time, that drops to just over 12 points. That is a difference in excess of 350 points.  

Coming back to that result for BOG though, there are a few things that are noteworthy. Firstly, by the end of June last year, USA Racing Gold was at a profit of 346.12. This dipped and then peaked at 405.98 points. We have seen 5 losing months in the last 10. And because of that, those 10 months equate to an overall profit in the period of about 25 points. A disappointing figure however you want to dress it up.  

Conclusion for USA Racing Gold

I can honestly say that I came into USA Racing Gold really wanting to find a quality tipster service here. And to some small degree, that is what I have found. The fact of the matter is that ultimately, Michael Harris has produced a profit. And overall, it is a pretty bloody good one. However, the nature of those results are very much a cause for concern in my eyes.

And I am once again back at an argument I find myself having over and over when looking at tipster services. Namely, the balance between form and wider results. If you were to ask me if I’d be happy to be 370 points up in a bit over a year, I definitely would be. But that isn’t a wholly accurate portrayal of the results. It’s a complicated affair.

Here’s how I’m going to judge this. Ignoring March for a minute (which is currently about 22 points down, but we’re only half way through the month), the last 6 months have seen a profit of almost 90 points to BOG.  That isn’t bad for something that would have cost you £97 really.

But the key factor there is BOG. The bottom line of USA Racing Gold in my mind is this. If for any reason at all you aren’t going to be able to get those best odds, this just isn’t something that is really worth pursuing. In that same 6 month period, Michael Harris’s tips produced a loss of almost 50 points to SP. That is a drastic 140 point difference between the two, further highlighting that gulf.

Now the question of whether or not USA Racing Gold is something that warrants a recommendation… Well, that is a very tough question to answer if I’m honest. I think that it’s fair to say that there is clear merit to the service. The results do rather speak for themselves, even if actually getting there has been… Well, a bit shaky. The fact that it operates in a different niche to most horse racing tipsters makes it great as part of a portfolio. And the costs aren’t bad either. £37 per month isn’t a lot.

Unfortunately, for any of it to be worthwhile, you really need to be in a position to take advantage of certain bookies and earlier odds. Something that won’t work for everybody. As such, USA Racing Gold is a highly conditional tipster service. For those for whom it will work, this is a solid looking option. But for a lot of people, it probably isn’t necessarily the ideal.


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