Usborne Children’s Books Franchise Review

Usborne Children’s Books are one of the fastest growing children’s publishers in the world. They also offer opportunities to start your own business selling their products.

The Company

Usborne Children’s Books have been publishing high quality children’s books since 1973, and they’ve been helping people to make money from this for 30 years. At present Usborne Children’s Books have over 2000 different titles in circulation, all of which you have an opportunity to promote and sell as an “organiser” for Usborne Books at Home, the home sales division of Usborne Children’s Books. On top of the existing catalogue, Usborne Children’s Books intend to bring another 200 books onto the market each year.

A Little Background

Usborne Children’s Books organisers are given fully flexible terms when signing up. There are no sales targets or time constraints which mean that you can work selling Usborne Children’s Books around your current schedule. Training appears to be provided through a support network of other organisers and Usborne Children’s Books Team Leaders, as well as online resources and business tools.


Signing up to Usborne Children’s Books costs just £38 with the only further stipulation being that you must place an order for at least £100 every 12 months. On top of this you can pay £48 per year in order to purchase a “company website” in order to promote the books you have for sale.

Earning Potential

Usborne Children’s Books pay 24% on the pound which means that you can expect to receive £1 commission on every £4 worth of books that you sell. If you sell books in schools, this commission rate drops to 20% on the pound.

If you are a motivated person and you have the drive, Usborne Children’s Books is an easy way to get going with your own business. Much of the sales material advocates women starting up in this particular franchise and that makes a lot of sense. I don’t see Usborne Children’s Books as a “business” in its own rights, but there is definite earnings potential and for anybody who wants to earn something on the side, that is built around their lives, Usborne Children’s Books is a very good prospect.



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From: Simon Roberts