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Product Validation



All Products offered by that contain the validation approval stamp, have been fully researched, and tested for the sole purpose of ensuring that our members are accessing information, products and services that work, and have been tested to work by our researchers in controlled conditions.

Where a product, or service has been advertised as generating income, or making savings, this means that the validation stamp will assure members that out testing team has placed great emphasis on making sure that what is advertised follows through, and produces the results as described.

Where generating income is concerned, our members have stressed that they would like the products, and services checked by us, and this is what we do; therefore if a work from home offer is presented, and contains the validation stamp, you will know that the information is genuine, and the claims can be achieved

Where savings are advertised, or savings codes, and vouchers offered, these have also been fully tested to ensure validity.

As a website, we have a team of researchers who are constantly checking what is available, and pushing the boundaries for our members, which enables you to receive the very best service, where generating income, or saving money is concerned.

Therefore, where you see the validation stamp, you can be 100% sure that the results advertised can be achieved, and have been checked by our research and development team.

MakeMoneyForum Team