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Value Favs is a relatively long standing horse racing tipster service which is operated through the Tipster Street stable of tipsters. The focus appears to be on consistent profit.

Introduction to Value Favs

I am reasonably familiar with Tipster Street and they are a stable of tipsters who do not necessarily like to blow their own trumpet too much. In fact, I consider their lack of BS to be a very positive thing. So when they claim that the tipster behind Value Favs is “recognised as a top racing tipster with many glowing endorsements and reviews”, my ears rather pricked up.

In fact, I am slightly surprised that Value Favs hasn’t been put in front of me before now. The important thing is that we are looking at it now, and there is a potentially decent amount of money to be made here. With this in mind, let’s see whether or not Tipster Street’s position on Value Favs is justified or not.

What Does Value Favs Offer?

In terms of what you are getting, Value Favs is a near daily horse racing tipster service. And, as you would expect, in many regards it operates very much as you would expect. Each day Tipster Street issue the selections directly to subscribers via email, typically between 9am and 11am each morning.

All that you have to do from here is simply place the relevant bets with a bookmaker. One thing that I will say is that whilst tipsters from Tipster Street don’t usually give details of which bookmaker to use etc. they will give a price for odds. These are typically in line with a number of large bookmakers which means that you shouldn’t have any trouble getting them.

Moving onto the bets themselves, Value Favs simply employs straight win bets. I also want to refer back to the fact that Value Favs is based predominantly on consistent profit. This is because the average odds for Value Favs are just 2.93.

Here are the claimed month profits:

value-favs-review-growthThis is a very reasonable average as well with odds occasionally getting higher than 6.0, but even then very rarely. In spite of this, there are an average of 62 bets per month with Value Favs offering substantially more bets some days than others.

This approach to betting requires a rather robust staking plan in order to maintain profitability. In the case of Value Favs, this means a level staking scheme of 2 points on all bets. This is reasonable enough at a glance and with a 100 point betting bank recommended by Tipster Street, you would hope that this will be more than enough to keep things steady.

I haven’t really talked about the strike rate for Value Favs before now however it is definitely one of the stronger aspects of the service. Over 2 years, the average strike rate has been maintained to 42.05%. Combine this with the average odds mentioned earlier and you can see how Tipster Street are apparently right to back the service.

On top of this, Value Favs comes with full proofing for the period which means that you know that it is all above board.

How Does Value Favs Work?

There isn’t really a whole lot of detail covered when it comes to how Value Favs works.

We are told by Tipster Street that the tipster behind the service “concentrates on shorter priced horses at the head of the market”. We are also told that he aims to find value in this and that a horse will only be advised “if still classed as over priced although favourite or 2nd/3rd favourite”. This gives a fair overview of what to expect when you are buying into Value Favs and honestly, you can’t ask for much more than this.

With that having been said, I would have liked to have perhaps understood a little more about how value is measured by Value Favs. The truth is that there are a lot of different ways of calculating value and some are clearly superior to others.

What is the Initial Investment?

There are three options if you want to subscribe to Value Favs. The first of these is a monthly subscription. This is priced at £19.95 and is charged every 30 days. Alternatively, you can sign up for Value Favs on a quarterly basis. This costs just £39.95 and is charged per quarter. Now I want to point out at this point that both of these options come with a 30 day trial which costs just £4.99. Once this has elapsed, the full price kicks in.

value-favs-pricesWhilst these two options do cover Value Favs, there is also a third option which is to sign up to the Tipster Street VIP club. This is priced at £59.95 per month which is pretty steep. What you get for this however is access to Value Favs as well as all other tipster services offered through Tipster Street (22 at the time of writing).

Payment for all options is handled directly via PayPal.

What is the Rate of Return?

The profit for Value Favs is advertised as 13.18 points per month. Over the two years that Value Favs has been operational, this means an overall profit of 387.79 points of profit. The ROI is a little more impressive at just shy of 11%. With all of this having been said, there are a few other factors to consider.

Key amongst these is the fact that all of these results have been based on 2 point stakes. This means that your 13 points per month can effectively be cut in half which does minimise this in a big way.

Conclusion to Value Favs by Tipster Street

Value Favs is a pretty strong offering from at a glance. The monthly results are reasonable enough. I don’t know many people who would necessarily turn their nose up at an ROI of 11%. 13.18 points to £25 per point is a very respectable £329.50. Furthermore, this is well within the realm of possibility for a lot of bettors.

The fact that all of this is based around 2 point stakes does however mean that you would be looking at £50 per bet. That is a very different kettle of fish, especially on the busier days.

It is very much a question of affordability here for me. If you are comfortable with the staking plan and the volume of bets, then Value Favs is one of the better looking services I have seen for some time. Especially if you are just looking to make that second income. Value Favs is very affordable, the profits are reasonable and the results have been very consistent to date.

Services like Value Favs are not for everybody. There are some very strong pros and cons, but if you are looking for a consistent income at a low price. But frankly, you can do a lot worse. In terms of value for money, I have to be completely honest and say that Value Favs is one of the best packages I have looked at for some time.

I do however feel the need to qualify this by referring back to the staking. If you are comfortable with this, then this is definitely worth your consideration and time.


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From: Simon Roberts