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Value Football Betting Review

Value Football Betting is a sports betting system created by Kevin Laverick that not surprisingly given the name is based around football.

What does the product offer?

Value Football Betting is a downloadable piece of software that allows users to identify the best possible value bets that are currently in place on Betfair. Because of this using a Betfair account seems to be recommended to get the most out of Value Football Betting however it does say that you can use any bookie. Kevin Laverick says that Value Football Betting covers a massive 24 leagues around the world and that the software also has access to a massive database of stats going back for a considerable amount of time. Value Football Betting will identify a number of different bet types from home team to win to both teams to score to over/under markets as well as a percentage chance that that particular bet will the outcome. The strike rates for the different betting strategies differ massively ranging from around the 25% mark all the way up to around the 50% mark (note that these strike rates are approximations based off my calculations). There is also full trading advice offered by Kevin Laverick as well as selections being uploaded to a members area.

How does the product work?

As Kevin Laverick is keen to point out, Value Football Betting is fundamentally about identifying bets that carry value. How Value Football Betting does this is it uses the statistics database mentioned earlier to come up with its own odds for a game/outcome. If Betfair is currently offering better than this it will highlight this for you to place a bet.

What is the initial investment?

Accessing Value Football Betting is a subscription based affair which will cost you £37 per month. There is no mention of any money back guarantee and I would take this to mean that there is nothing like this in place. This is however rather typical for most betting systems.

What is the rate of return?

Results for Value Football Betting are rather varied ranging from 16.35 points of profit since the start of March with the most profitable method having made 39.16 points. Neither of these is prolific however Kevin Laverick says that most bettors would consider 0.3% per day a good amount of profit.


To date Value Football Betting has performed pretty well really. The profits are not huge but then Kevin Laverick is very firm about managing expectations in this regard. The methods that Value Football Betting are based on are reasonably sound and have a degree of merit, particularly in so much as identifying value bets. This leaves the question of value of Value Football Betting as a product. The fact is that it can produce a lot of bets and losing streaks can be pretty substantial with only small wins to break things up. This means that ultimately, Value Football Betting requires a degree of dedication and quite a substantial betting bank. Personally, I don’t believe that Value Football Betting is for me however there is some potential for the betting systems market.



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From: Simon Roberts