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Value Racer (Joe’s Expert Betting Club) Review

Value Racer (or Joe’s Expert Betting Club) is a new horse racing tipster service that is provided under the Winning Information Network umbrella of Betfan with selections courtesy of Joe Macintyre.

What does the product offer?

Value Racer (which also appears to go by the name “Joe’s Expert Betting Club”) is a near daily horse racing tipster service that according to Joe Macintyre provides only the best value selections for races around the UK. These take advantage of a massive range of bets with a cursory glance showing not just singles and each way bets but trixies and Yankees as well. Staking follows the usual Betfan approach of up to 5 points per bet however as Value Racer is not a high volume service this has less of an impact than on some. In terms of how the service has performed, the strike rate so far for 2015 stands at 22.39% which is about where I would expect a service of this nature to be.

How does the product work?

According to Joe Macintyre, his selections for Value Racer are based around his own top secret ratings which are based around form and statistical analysis. These, he claims have been honed over a period of time . He looks at the days races and sees which horses represent value for money before drawing on an alleged list of contacts that he says “enhance” his knowledge. Furthermore he also goes on to rather bizarrely claim that he is one of the few people in racing who knows “exactly what to look for when studying a race horse”.

What is the initial investment?

Winning Information Network are currently offering a 14 day trial to Value Racer at a cost of just £7 (plus VAT). Once this has elapsed there is a monthly offering as well as a quarterly one. These come in at respective prices of £38 and £78 per period (again, there is VAT on top of these). There is no real money back guarantee in place as Winning Information Network adhere to the Betfan policy which states that whilst they will review refund requests, they do not typically offer them.

What is the rate of return?

Since the start of 2015, Value Racer has made a total points profit of 197.24 points which works out at around 33 points per month. This seems like an OK figure however it is worth keeping in mind that Value Racer has had 2 losing months in 6.


Value Racer really starts to fall apart when you compare it to other Betfan services which realistically is the bench mark. Whilst it is slightly cheaper than some of their £50 per month efforts, this is only by a slim margin and the fact is that I have seen some tipster services make twice what Value Racer has in half the time. As always, I think that any tipster service through Betfan is a risky affair however if you are adamant that you want to get one, I would look at others besides Value Racer.



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From: Simon Roberts