Value Seeker Review

Value Seeker is a horse racing tipster service offered by Anthony Gibson.

What does the product offer?

Value Seeker is the brainchild of Anthony Gibson who according to the sales page has always been a horse racing fanatic. This has allegedly resulted in him becoming a serial writer of betting systems. Following a stint experimenting with Forex trading Anthony Gibson is now back in horse racing with the Value Seeker system.

How does the product work?

Outside of the fact that Anthony Gibson is a horse racing fanatic there is no effort made to explain any aspects of how the product works.

What is the initial investment?

Value Seeker system is available for £25 per month but Anthony Gibson is looking to raise that price to £65 in the immediate future. There is no money back guarantee mentioned so it seems likely that there isn’t one available.

What is the rate of return?

This is the one area where Value Seeker is very forthcoming. Based on £100 bets Anthony Gibson claims that Value Seeker has made £33,400 between July and the end of September.


Unfortunately this review is a tad on the short side and this is down to the lack of information that Anthony Gibson provides. The little information available tells you nothing about the system itself but instead seems intent on selling you profits. The proofing results are available but only for a selected period which makes me very suspicious about the overall results for Value Seeker.

The fact is that anybody can have a winning run and claim that they are typical results and whilst that may not be the case with Value Seeker, it isn’t exactly reassuring. Personally I would look to avoid this for a more reputable tipster service that is able to provide you with some legitimate insight into the product before you buy.



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From: Simon Roberts