Value Wins Review

Value Wins is one of the newer services offered through Tipster TV (a part of the Betfan group) on behalf of the tipster, John. It is claimed that the service can make substantial profits, all through betting the night before the racing.

What does the product offer?

Given that Value Wins is ultimately a Betfan product I have some reservations vis a vie the marketing which I will get to. What I can say however is that John seems to be quite transparent about his service which is a massive positive. In fact, I would go as far as to say that this is probably one of the more exciting horse racing services that I have seen from Tipster TV or any other member of the Betfan stable for some time.

Naturally, there is exaggerative copy that you have to wade through. For example ins the headlines for Value Wins, you are asked “Can YOU Imagine Taking Thousands of Pounds From The Bookies Month After Month?”. This is followed up by a crude call to action “STOP Thinking About It… Let’s Do It!!!”. Of course I think it is quite reasonable to be cynical about this given the number of Betfan products I have looked at in the past that are now no longer available.

Cutting through all of this polish, what are you really getting with Value Wins? The answer seems to be a pretty decent horse racing tipster service that so far, has produced some strong results. Logistically, Value Wins is very much what you would expect with one main difference which I have already touched on. A big part of the service is the fact that selections are always sent the night before racing. Tipster TV send these out directly via email as well as being uploaded to a member’s area on the website.

The bets themselves are a combination of win and each way bets with the majority being the latter. Historically, there have also been a number of smaller accumulators This is by no means a bad thing as the odds that Value Wins advises are rarely lower than 5.0 and are often into double figures. The volume of bets is something that can differ massively from day to day with some days offering as many as 8 bets.

In terms of the numbers, there is a staking plan in place for Value Wins and technically it eschews the typical Betfan model of 5 points per bet. Unfortunately, it doesn’t deviate too far from this with the vast majority still advising these high stakes. This appears to be mostly to boost the profits that can be used in advertising as I will explore below.

Given the nature of Value Wins, you could be easily forgiven for thinking that the strike rate would be abysmal. This is actually pretty far from the case though. John has actually averaged a strike rate of 24.97%, a number which I actually think is reasonably respectable. Especially when you factor in the odds that Value Wins involves.

How does the product work?

As the name clearly suggests, Value Wins is ultimately based around value. This doesn’t appear to be the only factor however and John talks about his 4 decades experience horse racing including learning to read form. The actual methodology behind Value Wins is however a “closely guarded secret strategy”. It is rather unfortunate that this isn’t expanded on to be frank. That having been said, John is quite open about encountering losing runs and talks about taking a longer view to profit and loss.

What is the initial investment?

There are three options available if you want to receive John’s selections through Value Wins. These are a weekly subscription which is priced at £14 for 7 days. There is also a monthly subscription for Value Wins at a cost of £48 which runs for 28 days. Finally you can subscribe to Value Wins on a quarterly basis which represents the best value at £90 for 90 days of selections.

Because Value Wins is sold through Tipster TV and is ultimately a part of the Betfan group, this does mean that there is no money back guarantee in place unfortunately. The team say in their terms and conditions that they will review refund requests however these aren’t typically offered.

What is the rate of return?

Value Wins falls under the Betfan banner which means that you can expect some substantial profits in no small part due to their staking plan. None the less, it is hard to ignore that Value Wins has generated 884.2 points of profit using BOG since the end of April (at the time of writing). This represents an average monthly profit of around 100 points per month (with the rest spread out across April and January). The return on investment is also a strong figure with 19.67% averaged since the service launched.


There are a few things that it is important to consider with Value Wins. The first is that value is key here and as such, you need to get onto bets as soon as you receive them if you want to do well out of Value Wins. This is evidenced by looking at how Value Wins would have performed to the starting price, namely a 204 point loss. With that in mind, I can equivocally say that if you aren’t able to bet at night, Value Wins won’t be right for you.

Moving on from this, there is the inevitable question of losing streaks. At its very worst, Value Wins lost over 100 points in just a few weeks with several 9 loss runs followed up by a 16 loss streak (one of which was a horse falling). This means that if you do want to follow Value Wins you will also need to be highly disciplined and have very deep pockets.

This only really leaves the question of value for money and if I am honest, this is one of the most difficult things to consider. The fact is that Value Wins is not exactly cheap although it doesn’t reach some of the heady heights I have seen from within the Betfan group before. The fact that there is an option to receive selections for just a week is one that I like, even if it does offer the worst value. The fact is that it opens up Value Wins to a more casual type of punter who is perhaps looking for some big wins during a week of work for example.

For me the verdict is currently out on Value Wins. There are some incredibly strong results here however as is often the case with any value based service you may have to wait a while for them. For the reasons that I have already explained above, I am going to take the rather interesting route of recommending Value Wins as a decent weekly option if you are looking for a bit of fun. As a long term service, I am a little bit less sold.

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