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VAPESTICK Discount Code 30% Promo Reviews

Vapestick Discount Codes. Where to find them, are they worth it, is worth considering? We review the company and much more.


Electronic cigarettes becoming extremely popular. This innovative technology has revolutionized smoking and the smoking experience as well. And with a lot of smokers patronizing e-cigarettes, it is of no surprise that e-cigarette manufacturers, distributors, and resellers are everywhere. Vapestick, one of the founding members of the Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association (ECITA) in the UK, is in the forefront of the e-cigarette industry.


What are Vapestick E Cigarettes?


E-cigarettes gained their popularity because they served as an alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes but without the harmful effects brought about by tobacco. Their smokeless feature allows you to smoke them anywhere. With vapestick e-cigarettes, you get to vape with style and receive high quality products that are built to last. E-cigarettes and other products are sold online at Telephone orders are also accepted. And if you’re lucky, there’s a vapestick e-cigarette retailer near you. They guarantee fast delivery, ship anywhere in the world, and there’s no hassle when it comes to returns.

Other than selling e-cigarette products, the site also features videos, testimonials, articles, and news about the latest in e-cigarettes and from vapestick. You can also subscribe to their newsletter to get the latest updates in promos, discounts, coupons, and special offers. Here’s good news to those who have social media accounts like twitter and facebook, vapestick has online games and competitions with prizes and discount codes up for grabs.


Are Vapestick Expensive, or have discount codes?


VapeStick Discount Codes

We believe that Vapestick ARE expensive, and they have an extremely small range of products, compared to some of the better companies we have reviewed.

The flavours are also not to everyone’s taste. We actually tried the disposable Vapestick, whi

ch was very poor in taste, and vapour, and based on this, we could not really recommend them to our readers.

Those who are looking for more information about e-cigarettes will surely find a lot in, but they ARE expensive, as already mentioned. There’s a frequently asked questions page as well as a troubleshooting guide. You can also use their savings calculator to compute how much you can save using e-cigarettes versus tobacco cigarettes. And for those who are still in the process of switching to e-cigarettes, there’s a nicotine strength calculator provided to help you determine which nicotine strength will best suit your smoking preference. A great customer service experience also awaits you at

As you enjoy your smoking experience, take your V Card with you which comes with every vapestick purchase. This card is the same size as a credit card which you can easily slip into your wallet. The card includes the UK smoking ban law which you can use if ever someone questions your usage of the vapestick e-cigarette in public.


Do you recommend for E Cigs?


To put simply, no we do not recommend them, and this is mainly down to the fact that they have a small product range, and do not seem to have built the customer confidence yet. Also, you can gain higher discounts elsewhere, and on products that are expanding.

A refills subscription service can also be gained by customers. It’s simple, convenient, and rewarding. Just choose which flavoured cartridges you want and then the frequency of delivery. This will automatically qualify you a small discount on all deliveries from this subscription. And should you choose to do so, there are no fees associated with canceling your subscription. You can contact their customer service for more information about this service.

If you are looking for an alternative to Vapestick, with a company that can save you 15% direct from their prices, but still have a massive range of products, and enviable customer service then please click the following link:


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Comments (6)

I would definitely echo the words by the writer of the review about the vapestick disposables, they really were cack. I bought one from a newsagents/chemist I think it was as they were discounted so thought I woul give them a try, and the flavour tasted like off-nuts, by off, I mean out of date, and the bad flavour I could not get out of my mouth all day.

That put me off trying anything else from Vapestick. I have since gone on you try nicotine patches, but they did not work, so I am back to where I started from now, and looking for a new e cig provider, because I love the concept, just need to get thr right kit to back it up now.

I didn’t like the taste of the vapestick, and sent mine back for a refund.


I tried one of the very first vapestick products last year, and it was not very pleasant to be fair. They may have changed their flavours, but that put me off. I must admit to not having looked at the vapestick site for a while though.

ecigs in general are great though 🙂

Honestly, it’s not that great but i supposed i could say it did well for me so far. For it’s price Vapestick, I guess it’s not that bad.

Its all good for me and i would probably recomend the Vapestick. I dont think it’s the best yet but it’s just all right. Im not gonna give it a 10 out of 10. just average.

i have tried many different types of electronic cig’s, now i can only say these are by far the best, get the 1.8% or less or they can be a bit harsh at first, that aside i haven’t smoked now for over 2 months which for my 6th try using other methods is my best so far.

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