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We were approached by an individual who was interested in asking us to promote his Betfair System. We get many such requests, but we have been testing this one for 2 days, and so far the results have been 17 wins and 2 losses. But more interestingly, on the 2 days we tested the system so far, a 23%+ increase in bank was achieved on BOTH days.

You might want to bookmark this thread, because so far we have been very surprised at the strike rate, and opportunity this Betfair method may produce.

As many of you will know, we only promote products that work, and have been proven to generate revenue. Not just gambling/trading products, but any opportunity that we think our members will benefit from.

Many of you have already purchased, and have had great success with another method we promoted, Making £50 per day from Betfair, which can be found by clicking here, and as we get offered systems all the time, we will ONLY offer what has proven to generate for members.

This new system we are trialling:

As already mentioned we were contacted by a gentleman who started to claim figures that he was achieving together with an extraordinary strike rate, which obviously gained our attention. Therefore we started trialling this system 2 days ago, and the results so far have been as follows.

The results so far with a £10 Bank, and trading 20% each race, which is £2:

Saturday 22nd March 2014:

7 wins out of 7 trades = £2.35 Won which is a 23.5% increase of betting bank

Sunday 23rd March 2014:

11 wins out of 13 trades = £2.38 Won which is a 23.3% increase of betting bank

Obviously if the betting bank was £100, instead of the testing £10, we would have won £47.30, which is a 47.3% increase on the betting bank in only 2 days so far – And now you know why this has gained our attention!

As we are testing this, we did not add yesterday’s profits to today’s, so the percentage of trades has not increased, although if we HAD done this, then the overall profits, and percentages would have been higher.

Monday 24th March 2014: £100 Betting bank With 20% stakes.

17 wins out of 18 trades = £21.00 Won which is a 21% increase of betting bank.

Overall strike rate (win rate) after 3 days testing is: 94.83%

Overall bank increase rate after 3 days testing has been: 22.76% increase per day.

Overall after 3 days testing, there have been 34 winning trades out of 37 races.

Very interesting results indeed, as you can see. As mentioned we started today with a live £100 Betfair bank, and made £21 (minus 5% commissions from Betfair, which you have to take on the chin). But, that is still a 21% increase.

If the betting bank was £500, then £105 would have been made today.

If the betting bank was £1,000, then £210 would have been made today.

So far though, we are mightily impressed with these results, and they are definitely in line with what the gentleman advised we would receive when he contacted us.

It is standard in the industry, that if your betting bank is increasing 3-5% per day, that is considered very good, although so far, our testing has been far exceeding that, with 20+% everyday (at time of writing). It seems so far that if the betting bank had been compounded per day, and the previous days profits added, then the more trades that are completed, the higher the percentage of betting bank, which is a sure fire way of knowing that this system could be applied to every race, every day.

We are also sure, that so far, this would work for people who just wanted to trade at weekends, if they were lacking time during the day.

Tuesday 25th March:

Today there were also 13 winning trades out of 14 races today.

We will continue to monitor, as time permits.

Wednesday 26th March:

So far today 11 winning trades, out of 11 trades.

We took this screenshot earlier to give you an idea of the profit and loss so far for today, after 7 races, and remember that this is after Betfair have taken their 5% commission. This is on a £100 betting bank, and the bank has made well over 20%, (£20+) before the day has finished.

Friday 28th March:

Today 14 Winning trades, out of 14 trades.

We didn’t do any trading yesterday, due to time and the fact that we wanted another member of staff to try it themselves to see how they would do. The staff member started with a £10 betting bank to gain confidence, although halfway through the day they switched to a £100 betting bank, as you can see on the screenshot below, easily making well over 30% profit on the bank, and don’t forget that is after Betfair’s 5% commission:

Saturday 29th March:

Today 6 Winning trades, out of 6 trades

We could not do much trading today, but completed 6, and won 6 trades. That makes the last 31 trades over the last 3 days all winning trades, with not a single loss. 15% increase to the betting bank, although as mentioned, we only managed to complete 6 trades due to time restraints.



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Hi MMF, that does seem a phenomenal strike rate for 2 days trading. I have never achieved anywhere near that. Can you please let me know how much it will cost for the system of how to trade this way. I would be very, very interested in learning more about this, and how these results are obtained. Just jotting up quickly that is over a 90% strike rate, are they all odds on, or are you placing (each way)? Like I said I am extremely interested to see how this is done, and the cost involved for the info.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Hi Simon,

I’ve been experimenting a lot recently with Betfair trading on the horses with some success.
I if you look at the results on Betfair you will see that most runners trade a few points lower than their Betfair starting prices at some time in the race. This is more pronounced at the start of the race.
I think it’s what they call emotional betting where as soon as the race starts the horse who gets to the front first trades lower.
I use Jetbet and place a ‘back bet’ on the horse I think will lead at the off. As soon as the race starts, if my horse does in fact lead, his price drops a few points and I green up having scalped a few points.
This is all well and good if my horse leads but if it doesn’t I have to get out quick sometimes at a small loss.
I hope this may give you some ideas and maybe we can discuss.
Best regards

i would also be interested in this


Me too!


MakeMoneyForum Admin


Another good trading day today.

17 Wins out of 18 trades

With an overall profit of 21% profit on the betting bank.

Results will be posted on the page above shortly.



I don’t think there’s any need to monitor this much further. Just tell us where we can buy it!!!

MakeMoneyForum Admin

Hello Graham,

The information is still in a very raw format, and still a few variables to test to gain the best out of it, and to negotiate how it could be used by members.

We will continue to look at the options, as more testing is required also.



just a question about how this software works. Does it require constant attention to place bets on each race? Does it automatically choose a horse for you?

MakeMoneyForum Admin

Hello Mike,

This is not software, just a process in which to profit from in play betting. If anybody states that software can do this for you, it is highly unlikely.

Making any type of profit takes work, and trading on Betfair is no different. Although, we did not have to bet on each race, but obviously the more we did, the higher the profit percentages worked out.

The strike rate is staggering to be honest, but the information needs streamlining if this were to be made into a product whereby others could follow the steps, otherwise too many questions would start coming in on ‘how to do this, and that’ from complete novices to Betfair.

Anybody already familiar with trading would pick it up instantly.



Hi, any trading yesterday?


MakeMoneyForum Admin

Hello Graham,

No trading yesterday, or today, as we have been busy, although we are confident the results would have been similar. We will complete some more trading sometime this week..

Although just as a very quick test, I will make one trade right now, and see what happens, a random trade..

Plumpton 15:50: A quick £2 trade: 1 Trade = One win 5% won:

This works, but as mentioned is in a very raw state, therefore if offered, would need to be tidied up, and instructions written.



Good evening,

Any news on where you are going with this one?


I take it there has been a setback as there have been a lack of updates recently ?

MakeMoneyForum Admin

Hello Calvin,

Quite the opposite in fact.

The strike rate on this has been high 90’s consistently. We have been busy with other testing and work, although we will definitely be looking to produce something concrete on this, for sure.



Hi any updates on this method?

MakeMoneyForum Admin

Hello Ian,

Due to time restraints we have placed this on the backburner. We will come back to it when time persists, as there is definitely merit there.



seems like a great system-why on back burner? Poducing best returns on your ( or anybody’s) site-
I would be happy to do a long term trial for you…

Hi, I am new to this site and have just been browsing the articles and comments. I saw this thread and was obviously intrigued by the results and the write up. Just wondered if there has been any development on this system. It seems hard to believe that this has not been looked into further unless there have been issues regarding formatting, marketing etc. Just curious as the last post was nearly 5 months ago. Cheers and Regards, Steve.

MakeMoneyForum Admin

Hello Steve,

Yes, the details we tested definitely had merit, and the reason we have not followed up on it, yet, is mainly due to time restraints, and a system being created that could easily be followed. We could of course have just launched a product quickly based on this, but due to the fact that there was nothing concrete in place (which would take time we do not have at the moment) we felt that there would just be too many questions by members, which again due to time we could not commit to.

We are looking to take another look at this in the New Year, when hopefully we have some additional time to see if we can streamline the details into a usable format that could be followed.



any update on this?

MakeMoneyForum Admin

Hello Members,

Just to keep you in the loop on this method we started testing last year, it was placed on the back burner as we have other methods we have also been testing, but we have been testing this one again over the last 7 days, and made won 9 out of 10 trades on a £1,000 betting bank, and increased the bank by 15.7% (profit £157.09).

Results can be seen here:

We will keep monitoring it, and when time permits we will be putting something together around this method.



Really looking forward to this! I’ve bookmarked this page.

Hi Admin. Cannot you not just sell the information you have so far on this, I’d be prepared to buy it in it’s rough format if possible?

Please let me know, as that is a very high win percentage and I am sure I can do something with it.

I also like the fact that you are not trying to sell every system down our throats like other websites, and do test things properly. This gives me a lot of confidence with you.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Stuart Waring

Any further updates ?

I take this must be dead in the water now and no longer monitored?

MakeMoneyForum Admin

Hi Gedd,

This particular worked fantastical well, as you can see from the results above, these kind of winning ratios don’t suddenly stop, but we were not sure that members would be able to follow it, so it is still on the back burner, until we find the time to put it down on paper/video.

We may come back to it at some stage when time permits.



Hi, Any further progress on this method. I am successfully using the £50 a day betfair method and would be interested in adding this one to my portfolio.Kind Regards Eileen.

hi i would be very interested in purchashing the system when you put it on sale thanks jimmy

Being a new member and browsing the site for something to invest in, I have to say that if you cannot commit time and money to a system with a 90+% strike rate it does not instil confidence for the potential buyer.

Why do you not use volunteer testers? Over a 3 month period, with the results you claim – not that I am doubting you, and regardless of how difficult they are to achieve, this would surely take the betting world by storm.

Or is there another reason for the silence?

MakeMoneyForum Admin

Hello Duncan,

Who said we were ‘selling’ anything?

Reason for silience? Yes, it is called being busy.



Ant news on the system… or what it actually is?

did we ever get any info on this system??

so what is it called, are u selling it now and for how much?

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