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Victor Value Racing Review

Victor Value Racing is a horse racing tipster service created by “Victor Value”. Tips are sent out via email with typically 15-20 selections per week.

What does the product offer?

Victor Value Racing on the surface appears to be a pretty standard tipping service at first glance but there is a little more to this than meets the eye. Much of what is on offer is as already stated typical tipster fare although creator Victor Value (a nom de plume) does claim that his odds are typically higher than normal with them generally being 6/1 or above. What is really impressive about Victor Value Racing is that tips come with an explanation of why selections are made, something that I think anybody who wants to take their understanding of horse racing to the next level will find invaluable.

How does the product work?

According to the eponymous Victor Value, Victor Value Racing draws heavily on a number of contacts that he has built up within the industry. Further to this it is clear from looking at the “example” tips provided that Victor Value Racing also has one foot deeply steeped in analysis.

What is the initial investment?

There are 3 main subscriptions available to Victor Value Racing. The first is monthly which will cost you £27, the second is half yearly which costs £147 and finally an annual subscription at £270. There is no mention of any refund policy so it seems likely that there is nothing like this in place however there is a one week trial which is available for just £2.

What is the rate of return?

Victor Value Racing claims to have produced a minimum of 200 points profit per year since 2011 with 2014 said to be at 74 points at the time of writing.


Victor Value Racing isn’t necessarily going to create a fortune overnight and I am sceptical about Victor Value’s claim that he was able to quit his day job to make a living based off the results so far unless there are £100 stakes in place. What Victor Value Racing delivers though seems to be consistency.

The results are a more miss than hit so I wouldn’t expect a great strike rate but the winners that do come in appear to have very decent odds. What I like most about Victor Value Racing though is that selections are explained, something that I often feel is missing from most services.



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From: Simon Roberts