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Victory Runners Review James Wade Tipster

Victory Runners is a new horse racing tipster service on the market from independent tipster James Wade. He claims that users can make “a fortune each month”.

What does the product offer?                        

Victory Runners is a newly launched horse racing tipster service that says that “countless punters worldwide” are making money with James Wade’s “elite betting selection service” and you can get in on this too. The service appears to be near daily with James Wade saying that Victory Runners will send out at most 5 bets on a day however this is typically around 2 or 3. Victory Runners bets are all win bets covering all types of betting with James Wade claiming that the lowest odds will be around the 3.0 mark (BSP). Stakes are recommended as level stakes with James Wade recommending £50 per bet. In terms of the strike rate, this is claimed to be 22% however given the lack of proofing I would be inclined to take this figure with a degree of scepticism.

How does the product work?

Not surprisingly there is very little in terms of information on how Victory Runners actually works. James Wade makes references to understanding horse racing stating that he has to know the “in’s and out’s of each track, race and all the runners”. He then goes on to say that it’s not just about form but the distance, going, jockey and trainer. This would suggest a statistical based approach with the odds quoted also implying that there is a focus on value betting however this isn’t explicitly stated.

What is the initial investment?

Victory Runners is currently being offered on a trial basis with James Wade selling 3 months of selections for a one time cost of £14.95. He also claims that the service would usually be £30 per month but there is no evidence to that effect. Victory Runners does come with a money back guarantee as it is sold through Clickbank which means you have a 60 day return policy if you are unhappy with Victory Runners at all.

What is the rate of return?

Between November 2014 and July 2015 Victory Runners has allegedly achieved a profit of £11,403.50 to £50 level stakes. This represents a points profit of 228.07 in this period.


There has been a huge influx of tipster services in recent months all of which bear certain similarities that I personally find to be rather concerning and Victory Runners ticks almost all of the boxes. First and foremost the service comes with no proofing whatsoever to back up the claims that James Wade makes. This is particularly concerning for me as Victory Runners has allegedly been running for a number of months with alleged considerable success. With that in mind I’d expect the author to be proudly showing off their results.

The website is also new which isn’t a problem in its own rights but may be indicative of something being off, as is the length of subscription (just long enough for an unscrupulous marketer to talk you into seeing the service out, not that this is necessarily the case with Victory Runners). More than anything though is the fact that Victory Runners is technically unproven. For the money you may be tempted to bet on paper and I can see the appeal in this but I would exercise caution.



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I tried this service. and although the strike rate was 15%, it was 38 points up after6weeks, and I was happy with service.Then the emails just stopped, so Iapplied for my money back. I WOULD HAVE LIKED A LONGER LOOK AT THE SERVICE. AS IT LOOKED QUITE PROMISING

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