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Video Auto Click Review

Video Auto Click is a piece of software created by Brett Rutecky that allows users to create marketing videos that can be uploaded to Facebook and will automatically redirect viewers.

What does the product offer?

Video Auto Click is a web based application that has been creator Brett Rutecky says allows you to start making money as an affiliate marketer without any real costs involved. It is able to do this by taking advantage of Facebook and YouTube to allow you to post videos “directly to where the traffic is” which Brett Rutecky says is the many Facebook fan pages that exist for a huge number of niches although Video Auto Click can also post your video to your Facebook wall or even that of a friend. The details surrounding the video can be customised with Video Auto Click providing you with the option to add a link and video description which should help you to draw in potential customers. You can also set a custom upload graphic to “brand” your videos. When a viewer has finished watching your video, Video Auto Click will then redirect them to a link of your choice. Video Auto Click also comes with a re-targeting option that allows you to add your own custom re-targeting code.

How does the product work?

Brett Rutecky recommends using Video Auto Click as a method of affiliate marketing. The core principal is that you make video reviews for products and post the video in the relevant niches fan page (with your affiliate link attached). From here, you should be able to start generating a passive affiliate income.

What is the initial investment?

Video Auto Click sells for a one off cost of $97 which provides you with an unlimited use license. Outside of this there shouldn’t really be any other substantial costs as Video Auto Click is based on using free resources. Unfortunately this doesn’t come with any money back guarantee so it is worth making sure that Video Auto Click is something that you will get use of before purchasing.

What is the rate of return?

Brett Rutecky doesn’t really make any specific claims about how much you can expect to make by using Video Auto Click however there are several screenshots showing income into the thousands of dollars in affiliate income. To me this suggests that this is the kind of income that you can expect to earn however I am not convinced by this.


Video Auto Click isn’t a bad product in many regards. There is definitely some potential and what Brett Rutecky says is fundamentally sound. What is worth keeping in mind however is that whilst Video Auto Click makes the marketing side of things relatively simple, there is still a lot of work that needs to go on in the background. To ensure that you aren’t breaching any Terms of Service you will have to realistically create video content for yourself and this is something that really, you need to have nailed down. One of the problems with video content is that it needs to be engaging and if you can’t do this you simply aren’t going to get sales because nobody is going to stay around long enough for Video Auto Click to open your affiliate link.

The other big issue is that once someone clicks the play button on your fancy video graphic, they are instantly shown the YouTube video. This makes me question the value in paying for this when you can embed directly from YouTube for free.



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