Video Motion Pro Review

Video Motion Pro is a piece of video creation software offered by Josh Ratta that is claimed to allow you to create highly profitable videos and info products quickly and easily.

What does the product offer?

Video Motion Pro is a downloadable piece of software that has been designed to allow you to make the very best possible videos for marketing and product content. Josh Ratta claims that Video Motion Pro is not just easy to use but will ultimately help you to increase sales through video marketing. Video Motion Pro comes with a number of different features depending on the package you opt to buy including green screen editing, a premium image library and a video outro slide creator. The core product of Video Motion Pro however will always come with twenty audio tracks for video intros, thirty five logo animations as well as thirty “lower third” animations (these allow you to have your information at the bottom of the screen). Josh Raffa has also built in the ability to automatically upload your videos directly to YouTube.

How does Video Motion Pro work?

Josh Raffa says that he wanted to make Video Motion Pro cheaper and simpler than mainstream alternatives. Whilst I’ll look at pricing shortly, Video Motion Pro is definitely simple to use taking advantage of a simple timeline based interface. This means that you are simply dragging and dropping video content on and mixing it there. In terms of monetising this, as well as creating your own information products Josh Raffa says that using video marketing can massively increase sales and conversion.

What is the initial investment?

Video Motion Pro is sold on 3 different licenses. They all essentially do the same thing with only minor additions to each package. The starter license at $47 is the most basic allowing you to only make videos for yourself. An Agency license is $57 and allows you to make videos for others as well. Finally you can get a Premium license which comes with green screen editing and an image library as well as the option to install Video Motion Pro on 2 computers and this is $67. All offers come with a 30 day money back guarantee.

What is the rate of return?

There isn’t any advertised rate of return for Video Motion Pro and realistically it would very much depend n how you chose to implement it. Personally I would view Video Motion Pro as a tool and judge it based on its ability to carry out a task rather than how much money it can make.

Conclusion on Video Motion Pro

There have been a massive number of video creation products coming through the ranks recently and Video Motion Pro seems to be one of the better options available. Everything is easy enough to use and the videos that it puts out are generally of a decent standard. Don’t get me wrong, there is a degree of limitation to what Video Motion Pro can do when compared to (much) more expensive professional suites but for most marketers this shouldn’t be a problem. This only leaves the question of whether Video Motion Pro is for you. If you already have something in place then I find it unlikely that Video Motion Pro will do anything new however if you are wanting to get started with video marketing then Video Motion Pro is a decent option.



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From: Simon Roberts