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Video Profit System by Alex Jeffreys Review

Video Profit System is a product from Alex Jeffreys in which he shows users the methods that he claims to use to make money through video based products.

What does the product offer?

Video Profit System is a multi module training guide that claims to be able to show users how to utilise “cash generating videos FAST” using free online software. Claimed to be newbie friendly, Video Profit System is a method of making money online that can be used anywhere and requires minimal input according to Alex Jeffreys. Furthermore, Video Profit System  has been created in such a way that you do not have to feature in your videos. Video Profit System is actually broken down into 4 different modules, each of which covers a different aspect of the system. These cover a massive variety of topics from a look at Alex Jeffreys own business to generating “free automatic traffic” as well as looking at sales funnels and scaling up your income potential. Also included are 6 “bonus” products, all of which tie in with the core Video Profit System product.

How does the product work?

Essentially, Video Profit System teaches you about how to create your own video products. The idea here is that as you create your own products you are then able to sell them online to other users (much as Alex Jeffreys is doing with Video Profit System). The information taught throughout Video Profit System is claimed to be applicable to almost any niche and that you can start making money almost immediately.

What is the initial investment?

Video Profit System currently being sold for a flat price of just $7.60 which is a one time payment. This is handled through JVZoo which means that the 60 day money back guarantee which Alex Jeffreys offers is essentially vendor backed.

What is the rate of return?

According to Alex Jeffreys you he can make almost $5,000 per day through video sales and that the total amount that he has made is currently well in excess of $300,000. These results are very unlikely to be achieved by all users however and I would realistically massively downscale my expectations.


Video Profit System is cheap and that is by far and away one of the best things that it has going for it. The fact is that whilst Alex Jeffreys may well give you a piece of the puzzle through Video Profit System he misses out all the other aspects of internet marketing that he really employs in his online businesses. The fact is that whilst video based products are a way of making money online, there are tons of fundamental bits of information that you should be looking at before you even consider this kind of thing.

This is what Video Profit System misses out and frankly, it makes it feel like something of a bolt on to an existing course rather than anything that is really a stand alone product. This is rather off putting to me and unless you have already got an established online presence and have somehow got to that point without figuring out how to make videos, there is very little here worth looking at.



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