Video Spin Blaster Review

Video Spin Blaster is a new product from Ali G, Vlad M and Stoica that the team claim will allow you to create speech based audio for your videos that sounds natural and human.

What does the product offer?

The sales material for Video Spin Blaster spends a lot of time trying to convince you that if you want to have somebody read a script for you, it is going to cost a lot of money. It is rather necessary to keep that approach in mind when discussing Video Spin Blaster as it is simply a text to speech program. Ali G, Vlad M and Stoica say that you can actually use it to create natural sounding audio from your script which can then be used in your own marketing.

To credit Ali G, Vlad M and Stoica (and as I will look at below, there isn’t all that much to credit), Video Spin Blaster has over 50 voices, most male and female in over 10 different languages.

When you consider that this includes things like Spanish, German, French and Italian, it does mean that you can open up your marketing material to a wider audience.

The software also includes a built in video creator, the ability to add watermarks to videos and a video spinner. This allows you to use Video Spin Blaster to supposedly unique copies of the same video. Ali G, Vlad M and Stoica say that this stops YouTube from detecting duplicate videos.

How does the product work?

Obviously, Video Spin Blaster is used for video creation with the main focus being on those videos in which you are planning on using a lot of voice work.

As I have mentioned before now, the main reason that you would want to use Video Spin Blaster instead of a real person (at least according to Ali G, Vlad M and Stoica) is that you can save yourself a rather substantial fee.

What is the initial investment?

Video Spin Blaster is being sold on a dime sale which means that the price is slowly going up as more copies are sold. At the time of writing, this cost is $45.19 which is a one time thing.

There is a 30 day money back guarantee offered, however as Ali G, Vlad M and Stoica are selling Video Spin Blaster through JVZoo, this does mean that you will need to deal with the vendors directly.

What is the rate of return?

There is very little in the sales material about how much you can expect to make with Video Spin Blaster and this is with good reason. The fact is that this isn’t a direct money making product and despite what the sales material tells you, is unlikely to really save you that much money (and even then it will be at the cost of quality).


There are examples of a lot of the different text to speech modules that Video Spin Blaster includes on the main sales page so you can give it a listen yourself. The fact is that whilst there is very little denying that it is an improvement on Microsoft Sam, to say that the voices sound human is a long way from the truth.

The other problem that I have with Video Spin Blaster is that despite Ali G, Vlad M and Stoica marketing this as a much more affordable option, Fiverr has made video script reading etc. cheaper than ever.

It is also worth noting that when the creators total up the cost of running a video marketing campaign, they are including testimonials etc., things that you simply couldn’t use Video Spin Blaster for. For me, this is just a no go and I would stick to using real people in my videos rather than Video Spin Blaster.



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From: Simon Roberts