Vidlify Review

Vidlify is a piece of software created by Neil Napier and Radu Hahaianu that helps users to curate videos from various sources and compile them in an SEO friendly way.

What does the product offer?

Vidlify is a piece of software that has been designed to streamline not just the curation of video content for a website, but also to create a website that allows you to display the content in a fashion that best presents it. Neil Napier and Radu Hahaianu say that Vidlify can help you to find hundreds of relevant videos “that Google loves”. Vidlify also comes with built in SEO to get your new video authority site ranked as well as an opt in system to help you to build an email list. Vidlify has also been designed to work inside of Facebook so you can also use it for marketing through the social media site.

How does the product work?

Video curation is all about taking other peoples video content and using it in your own website. Vidlify takes this basic concept and according to Neil Napier and Radu Hahaianu will help you to develop your new site into an authority site on a given topic. Furthermore, they go on to say that because your content is video based people are more likely to stick around and pay attention. Once your site is established as an authority site in your chosen niche you can then use it as a platform for monetisation through ad revenue or various internet marketing techniques.

What is the initial investment?

Neil Napier and Radu Hahaianu are selling Vidlify for a discounted rate of $19.99 at the time of writing however this does end in January. That having been said the usual cost is only $27 so this is hardly a deal breaking amount. Vidlify does come with a money back guarantee which is in place for 30 days and is likely vendor backed as it is sold through JVZoo.

What is the rate of return?

There aren’t really any claims about the income potential of employing Vidlify. Realistically though this will depend on how you go about monetising your website once it is established. With affiliate marketing and the right niche there is definitely some profit potential however ad revenue is likely to produce a much smaller income.


From everything that I have seen Vidlify doe what it advertises and it does this pretty well. I have some doubts about how well the SEO will work, especially in a competitive niche but that isn’t why you would purchase this. As Neil Napier and Radu Hahaianu point out, video marketing is becoming a much bigger part of online marketing as more and more people turn to how to videos and the like in order to learn new things. This does mean that Vidlify will probably work better in some niches than others but you could just as easily use it to collate reviews on products and the like. Really, if you are willing to put in the work for SEO and getting a website ranked then there is potential in Vidlify to create some relatively easy passive income however it is unlikely that this will be substantial unless you are willing to put in some major hours.



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From: Simon Roberts