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Vidneos Review

Vidneos is an application created by Benjamin Murray, Todd Gross and Abhi Dwivedi that helps users to tank their YouTube videos by looking at what the competition is doing.

What does the product offer?

Videneos is marketed as a complete solution for video marketing with a view to helping marketers get ranked on Google and YouTube. Most of this seems to be aimed at using YouTube videos to rank on search engines as Todd Gross spends a considerable amount of time in a sales video talking about how Google own YouTube and so their videos get priority. As a piece of software Vidneos comes with a few different features to help you achieve this such as a comprehensive key wo5rd search function (something I shall look at in greater detail below) and a somewhat crude looking video creator. You can also use Vidneos to follow viral trends and incorporate them into your marketing as well as tools for back linking your videos.

How does the product work?

Fundamentally Vidneos works by allowing you to reverse engineer existing key word searches and apply the findings to your own videos. It also analyses results showing you what kind of exposure a niche has. This includes looking at how many competitors you will have, how established they are in their niche etc. As mentioned Vidneos also allows you to carry out a key word search for the last 24 hours to a week and see what specifically is coming up for that key word (e.g. a search for cats may reveal a trend of searching for cat illneses). By doing this you can create video content aimed directly at this viral trend.

What is the initial investment?

At the time of writing there are two different licenses available for Vidneos. There is a single user license which allows you to install the software on just one computer or alternatively you can opt for a developers license which allows you to install the software on unlimited computers as well as your assistants. Both of these options come with a 30 day money back guarantee and sell for $37 and $67 respectively. It is worth noting that the team behind Vidneos do say that this price will go up soon.

What is the rate of return?

There are no claims made in terms of income potential by Benjamin Murray, Todd Gross and Abhi Dwivedi. That having been said they also push the notion that Vidneos will help you in  getting ranked in a niche on the Google front page which if you can achieve this, should produce a definite increase in your sales.


By all accounts Vidneos is a nifty little bit of kit and from what I have seen, as an analysis tool for YouTube, it is definitely up there. With that having been said, Vidneos is also the kind of product that is best suited if you already have some idea about video marketing. Despite how easy Benjamin Murray, Todd Gross and Abhi Dwivedi make it seem, there is a lot more goes into video marketing than simply understanding the competition. Whilst Vidneos can help you identify weaker niches that you can exploit, you have to know how to exploit a niche in the first place. Vidneos is not a must have product however if you are looking to expand in terms of what areas you cover and you have some experience, it may prove a valuable tool.



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From: Simon Roberts